May 22, 2008
Awards and a nosy blogger
To be very honest I don't really like all these awards flying around in blog land.. I think there is no need to sent the same picture over and over again from one blogger to the other. If you appreciated someones blog why not just tell it the person in question in a mail or in a comment on her blog. Maybe I should mention that this is the way the Dutch express themselves . I don't want to offend anyone who really loves these awards and I am greatfull for every award sent to me, but it is just the way we are. We speak our mind very quickly.

The rebellious me stands up, I want to go straight against it or just pretend I didn't noticed the award given to me. But that is not very nice is it. So here we go ..... there is the 'Nice Matters' award' sent to me by the lovely Lil Chie. She is from the Philippines and loves good food, nice folks and a wonderful home. She writes her blog in Swedish and English as she lives in Sweden. You can visit her blog at
Richie's Liv DÅ och NU Thank you Chie. I will pass it on to Cobi from Bleu Cottage Thanks to the forum she runs, I met a lot of nice 'down to earth' people and ended up blogging. So thank you Cobi!
And one other award I got some time ago from Marja, you should check out her blog called
Rosabeer She makes lovely miniature bears. Thank you for thinking of me Marja ;)
And then I got tagged by the nosy ;) Marie Louise fromn Cottage Industries , but that I will do later on..

Quelques awards que ils m'ont donner cette semaines.. C'est très chouette mais..... je comprend pas du tout pourquoi ils faut donner une award an une autre si on peut simplement dire a la person .....écoute!! j'aime bien ton blog ;)) J'espère que vous me comprends....