July 22, 2011

Favorite post of the week {A Stylish Polish home}

You might have noticed I have a different 'favorite post of the week' .... Every week I try to highlight a post of another blogger that I really enjoyed reading, or that has pictures that made my heart beat faster!

Normally I just add a little picture with the link to my sidebar. But this week I am so in love with this blog Holly of Decor8 writes about, that I can't help myself to shameless copy some of the pictures
via decor8 and from the original blog Kavka Design I found her blog some time ago for the first time but never bookmarked it, so I am happy to have re-found it via Decor8.

I simply love Joanna's style, her mood boards (*cough* I know it is my obsession, but just can't help that either) and her drawings
. Her home is just stunning and feels very much like I home I could perfectly live in!  



Blue Fruit said...

It's full of lovely little touches of humour - like the ball of red string. It's gorgeous.

kavka said...

Oh Dear, I'm on my way to Germany, but have to write how happy I'm seeing this post on your lovely, beautiful amazing blog!!! Thank you so much. You made my day, woohoo!!!

Martha said...

love the picture wall..
have a great weekend..


I am in love with your blog!

starrybluesky said...

Oh my...the white floorboards continue ! Must MUST work out a way to do that here ! ( Problem is that the existing boards are probably so dodgy that they will need to be replaced once the carpets are lifted - so a bit bigger job than just sanding and painting.)

BODIE and FOU said...

I love Kavka's home and her posts are always very interesting


Cez said...

Love the bricks wall!!!! amazing white flooring too...thanks honey for sharing!!!! TGIF !!!!!! xxx

johanna said...

Beutiful and fun home, love it!

Samira said...

In mijn nisje ben ik nu ook zwart/wit foto's en tekstjes aan het verzamelen. Vind het echt super, net als op die foto met die kabouter eronder.

Xx alvast een fijne zondag gewenst :)

Iro {Ivy style33} said...

oh sigh!

I could live there, too :)
Thank's for pointing that out.

I somehow found out about it first through you, despite being a quite regular reader of Holly's decor8...

I guess I've had less time for blog reading this week.

Hope your sunday is a lovely one!
It's cold, cloudy & rainy here & my partner can be very glad that I love him so and do not escape in Greece for the rest of the summer!

We might spend some time at a Spa in Frankfurt today {got some nice promotion offer ;)}

Iro, xo

Tania Cross stitch designer said...

le tue foto sono bellissime!
Buona domenica

mydeco said...

Like these peices of art they look different and bring some colour into the room

@my casa said...

Fantastic home this Kavka girl:)

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