January 28, 2012

Blackboards from France {chalkboard weekend part two}

In my previous post {part one}I showed you the pictures Jonna sent me and here are some Nathalie of Nath&Co sent to me. Nathalie is a graphic designer and visual artist. With an eco friendly approach she is re-using materials to give them a new use. She has six blackboards in her home and when people come over they enjoy writing and drawing on them. See more of her boards here and have a look at the boards she designed for her sons room.

The picture below, says Nathalie was an inspiration for her own blackboards... she don't know who's wall it is but funny enough we can find out some things about the person .. She likes to shop online-loves flowers - has an animal called Sid and might even be ready to go to Paris! If this is you let us know ;)

pictures (except the last one) by Nathalie, Thank you!   


Igor Josifovic said...

I seriously love the idea of chalkboards in interiors! And it's quite trending currently. Like, like!

la fourchette said...

I've wanted a chalkboard in my kitchen for ages! I love the look - and it's perfect for us 'list-makers'!

janavalachovicova said...

I like them! and have to say chalkboard together with washi tapes and black / white pictures / photos works perfect! thanks for another inspiration...

Nathalie Van Volsom said...

Re Hello Desiree !!!
Thanks so much.....I love your post :)))
it's fabulous

Tip said...

Ooh...I have seen that picture with the red smeg fridge before...Livingetc? Hmm...British I believe...given the light switches & english on the chalkboard...OK, found it on their site but still no clue as to who's place it is! ;-)


BTW - loved your chalkboard weekend photos!