May 6, 2012

Dots + Lamps

Bag and posters from Corso Como10 + masking tape by Paola Navone for Merci

Ever since being back from that fun and inspirational trip to Paris last summer I still have some ideas to work out I got there... One of the ideas for my bedroom I realized right after coming back and I am still enjoying it everyday. Although a lot around it has changed as well since I made this Inspired by Paris post.

So then there was Milano.... I wrote some keywords in my big fat Moleskin when coming back from Milano of what impressed me most and what I thought to have seen in many different places and forms. After a trip like this I think you will use these ideas somehow and one day give your own turn to all what you have seen.

It might have been Corso Como 10 and the limited edition of Paola Navone from my previous post that made me buy these little outdoor paper laterns with the little dots on it at the Hema. And then suddenly last night I thought I should take of all the plastic and change them into real lamps for my kitchen project... a project that involves many small different little lamps that I am trying to find over the last 8 months.

My collection is slowly growing and I am waiting patiently till the moment is there I think it is the perfect imperfect mix that suits my feeling. The picture below I found at Pelle's blog this morning and I think it says it all.. be you ;) 


Elin said...

Nice paper and lamps!! Lovely inspiration on a sunday :) Thank you!

Francine Gardner said...

My favorite store! After shopping at Corso Como, I was hooked, loved the concept store, their branding is brilliantI was so inspired by that store while working on my own Interieurs website and branding

vosges paris said...

@francine Gardner
I totally agree on this with you...I would think Rosanna Orlandi would be your thing as well

Lisanne van de Klift said...

Beautiful and very inspiring!
Like the masking tape with the little dots on it and Love the post from Pelle's blog. It's a good qoute to start this week!

Pella said...

Thanks so much bfor including a pic from me... :) And I will email you my adress! :D Lots of love! //Pella

Igor Josifovic said...

Perfect post, Desiree! I had some similar thoughts for this weekend on my blog:-) And I am so curious to see your lamp collection for your kitchen. Very interesting! Happy Sunday:-)

Lau de Casalil said...

amazing how white&black can become so colorful!! love it!

Nicole said...

Ja lampjes zijn erg leuk, Dees! en wat n mooie fot van Pelle inderdaad!
Fijne maandag(alweer),

Anonymous said...

Wat een goed idee! De Hema lampjes zijn te mooi en leuk om alleen maar in de tuin te gebruiken. Ik ben benieuwd hoe het er in je keuken uit gaat zien. En boven wat voor mooie tafel ze komen te hangen. Anneke

Samira said...

Now I'm curious which words you have brought from Milan..

Love the lights you already collected, especially the concrete one.

Have a nice week x