May 28, 2012

Inspiring mood boards {a real life story}

When I recently sold some things online I had this weird experience that when the buyer came to pick it up and saw my kitchen, told me she had a picture of it with the big black star on her fridge... it felt a bit weird but I also thought it was very cute when she told me my home was an inspiration to her. I mentioned it many times before, but I really think it is a great thing we can inspire other people through our blogs and maybe even help them to develop their own taste. It is fun to see how it works and to sometimes recognize little things in the homes of others. Just the same or with their own twist given to it. 

I truly believe trying things out in your home is the way to develop your taste and find your own style. Of course I also get inspired myself by everything around me in real life and online and I play along all the time with furniture and images. I really loved the post from Lisanne, who recently started her blog, where she showed the mood board she made with images she loved from the blogs that inspire her. thanks for including me Lisanne.

Pictures by Lisanne


Cez said...

love those pics!!! i had the same expireience when i lived in Vietnam... one day a girl arrived at my office and told me she was a huge fan of my blog (i had a comics blog before ) ... it was so weird..but really nice!!!! bisous

La Brocanteuse said...

I agree, and I often think when someone reads my blog, they have an advantage since they sort of "know" me a little bit when we meet..
love to you from South Africa

Maria at said...

LOVE THIS:) Im a total moodboard addict.
I follow your divine blog and I hope you will follow me back:)

LOVE Maria at

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I am so inspired by the creative work of others; and enjoy taking a look at a variety of blogs.

Happy to have come across yours today!

@my casa said...

So nice! You sure are a really big inspire:)

Lisanne van de Klift said...

Thank you very much for using my photos! Love to read this post. I think we all understand. :-)

Love Lisanne

Pella said...

LOVE tooo! :)