May 13, 2012

She Can Leap Tall Buildings {mothersday}

Fashion writer, photographer and photo stylist Heidi Lender’s series She Can Leap Tall Buildings, is a nod to her mom, and all women who do it all, and do it all well. She poses wearing a black wig in a graphic background , representing all the roles woman - and mums have... I thought it would be a good day to post them here being mothers day in Holland today. 


Text from Heidi's website
I was in seventh grade in the 1970s when my mother went back to work. It was a traumatic event in my tween lifetime, returning from school to an empty house, my best friend suddenly absent with a plateful of priorities other than me. Mom played the roles of wife, mother, daughter, income-earner, independent-thinker, hostess, dinner-maker, family accountant, homework tutor and household organizer without a bat of her mascara’d eyelashes. Preoccupied with growing up, I was oblivious to this amazing juggling act. 

But from my adult woman perspective, it seems a heroic and near-impossible feat – not to mention a struggle. And, yet, mom did it in style. She never left the house without lipstick and liner, her hair teased and sprayed just so, and kept her standing appointment at the beauty parlor each Friday. My mother wasn’t perfect, but whether driving carpool, volunteering or planning trips, she played it all effortlessly, nary a complaint or sign of stress, and passed on her capabilities to me.


Olive Cooper said...

I did not see my mom wear pants until 1975 when she went to work for the first time. Great post. Happy Mother's Day.

Olive Cooper said...

I did not see my mom wear pants until 1975 when she went to work for the first time. Great post. Happy Mother's Day.

Femke Dekker - ter Meulen said...

Love it! Fijne moederdag!!

Roberta said...

This is the sweetest Mother's Day post that I've read

Vicky said...

Wonderful message for Mother's Day and pretty pictures to illustrate!!

Elv's said...

Wonderfull story... wonderful pictures! Hope you had a great mothersday :-)

Glitterati said...

Great photos :) Perfect for Mother's Day :)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Happy Mother's Day Desiree.....ours was in March so I've had my special day !!
Just wanted to say that I was sorry not to have caught up with you when we were in Amsterdam. We were with 8 other people so, it was a little difficult to get away. Next time, and there will be a next time, we shall definitely have that coffee. XXXX

Alpenstrick said...

This are the best mothers Day Pictures i'd ever Seen. In fact live is the Motor and if you have children, you have to do the work.
In this Sence best wishes yours alpenstrick

Annika said...

I love this series. Very fun and different, yet has quite a story to them. Great post.

Sandrine said...

Vraiment genial. Quel talent! I hope that you had a great Mother's Day weekend Desiree!

Homework Tutor said...

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generika said...

Brilliant) thanks for the inspiration. Unfortunately, Moms have a lot to do with multitasking novadays)