July 21, 2012

Love, bonheur and soft tones

First Saturday morning of a my summer holidays... I got up at ten! had some breakfast with cereals and soy yoghurt and a few coffee's. On the mornings I am at home and not rushed out to go to work I love to read my mail, drink coffee's and wander around a bit through the rooms of my home.

Waking up with the image above next to my bed I was thinking of the color-scheme in my home and realized that those who visite my blog sometimes think I live in a totally black and white monochromatic place... Although I am mostly dressed in black-white and greys... with a little blue sometimes.... my colleagues at work somehow think I am still some kind of hippy-girl who lives in a very colorful home with lots of plants ??GASP??  Can you believe how surprised they were the other week when I invited them all to have the workparty here in my  kitchen! 

Anyway... all this made me decide to make some random pictures throughout my home and spot some soft tones. See you later this weekend when I will be back with some really cool summerhomes.


All pictures by Desiree for Vosgesparis


Francine Gardner said...

Love your pics, the tones are very calming. Enjoy the week end! francine

Elv's said...

heerlijke plaatjes om van te genieten! Fijne vakantietijd :-)

bee bon said...


magalerie said...

Beautiful pictures and great style as always!
I recognized the Cupcake love photo by my friend Ivy :)

Iro - Ivy said...

Salut ma chere Desire :)

Thank you for having passed by my blog and am so particularly happy to see your images here. Loving your choices and I'm happy that you are surrounded with love*, bonheur and soft tones among everything else!
You know I absolutely love the way you live & decorate. I hope you have been having a summer vacation week just as it suits you, enjoying it to its fullest extent!

* smiling at seeing Cupcake Love keeping you company. Thank you for letting me see that. You are a darling! and btw, I just love how discretely you did it. xoxo