October 8, 2012

Modern romance and nostalgia {a graduation project}

Lisan Timp studied Lifestyle & Design and graduated from the Art Academy WDKA in Rotterdam last month. As her graduation project she published her own book, she is showing some pictures here... these are her words:

This is my world, my first book. My passion is to go looking for beauty in everything I see. I embrace the world around me and record. My book is called 'Ogenblik'. Ogenblik in Dutch means a moment, but in this word are two separate words, ogen means eyes, and 'blik' means look. See the whole book here: Ogenblik

Pictures and styling: Lisan Timp


Lau de Casalil said...

I love her work since I've known it with Anouk... Congrats Lisan And very Nice idea to share her work Dees!! Bon lundi

Francine Gardner said...

Love the modernity of her craft.

Art and Chic said...

Beautiful combination and concept!

Nicole said...

Prachtige plaatjes! En gefeliciteerd voor Lisan!

wentyl said...

You have a baeutiful BLOG! I love it! I am really happy that I found You

CV Love said...

Love ideia!