February 29, 2012

Blogging in WHITE #3 {white arrangements}

Pictures from my privet Tumblr blogaccount I just started this and am not really busy with it every day... but sometimes I just go to my account and surf around a bit to collect new pictures. Or I just look at the arrangement of white pictures I have collected on there myself. They are all white and the page looks really serene. I like how the pictures flow all over in to each other and how Tumblr rearrange pages every time I add something new.  

Collecting on Tumblr makes it a bit difficult to find the photographer of the pictures . So I only can tell you that the picture above is from Siren Lauvdal. If you recognize some Please tell.
February 28, 2012

Blogging in WHITE #2 {Siren Lauvdal}

Today a selection of pictures from Siren Lauvdal for Elle magazine with above the gorgeous Koushi lamp from Mark Eden Schooley again. Beautiful white and serene images with a touch of pink. Enjoy ;)

February 27, 2012

Blogging in WHITE - Morabito {Lets talk white this week}

Lets talk.... white this week! After the colorful last week I am all into blogging in white for the whole week! Kicking off below with the beautiful 18th century home of Jacqueline Morabito below. The picture above is a villa from Jacqueline's own hand. More of her work to be found on the website 

the mezzanine above the salon... how beautiful is this!
the salon on the first floor
kitchen-dining room

 main bedroom
Jaqueline in her studio in the attic, products of Jaqueline Morabito availible through Bodie & Fou
*Pictures Martin Morell - via The telegraph* 

Monday giveaway - A blue carafe from Azizi Design

Welcome to our weekly giveaway... bringing you a handmade carafe, worth € 35 in my favorite summer color blue from Azizi design this week. Last time they gave away a woolen plaid and today they are back with a website translated in English and new articles like this beautiful blue glassware. And colorful Quilts, but also in black and white, made by a group of women from Kabul.
February 24, 2012

Today you will find me in der Tages anzeiger

I was approached by Swiss Newspaper Der Tages anzeiger They wanted to write about my blog, answer me some questions and show some pictures of my home. Today you can find it also online.

Meanwhile I am still changing things around in my living. A new floor is such a big difference. There is a nice atmosphere and since I had a crush on those round hooked carpets for ages. I got myself one from from Design lemonade It is has a lovely dark and ink black color. The huge vase is also new and from concept store Options in Amsterdam. 

I also would love to introduce Story North to the blog with lots more gorgeous items for the home. I have set my eyes on to the Pia Wallen blanket for next winter! I am off to paint and decorate some more around the house in the next few days. I wish you all a very happy weekend and see you on Monday with a new giveaway!

February 23, 2012

Guest blogging for IKEA LIVE

While visiting IKEA this week I noticed the team putting the new garden collection on display and I couldn’t take my eyes off this little patio garden, so I decided to take some pictures to give you some early garden ideas in my favourite black and white color scheme. You will find my post on IKEA Family Live where I am guest blogging today and where you will also find the blogs I previously wrote for IKEA.

I also would like to thank Stacey Lindsay for adding my blog in the Top 10 of French inspired Style & Design blogs at Blogs.com Very honored ;) See you over the weekend. 

February 22, 2012

Make your own bedhead -
| with a stencil for download from VT Wonen

masking tape via Bodie and Fou + Vlieger Amsterdam
If you ask me, masking tape and paint are the best things to make a little statement in your home with. And even without to much effort. I play around with tape almost everywhere in my home and I enjoy finding 'new' ways to use it or using old styling tricks to make a quick or short change to a room. 

It also gives me the chance to see if I can live with a certain color.... When I still had the concrete floors in my kitchen and hallway I thought about painting a neon pink doormat. And as I was still thinking about this color and how it would look I used it around the star in the kitchen.   

moa og kaffekoppen

More neon pink...
My last years posts about the VT Wonen home at the Woonbeurs {Dutch annual exhibition for indoor and outdoor living in Amsterdam} is still a popular post and I often got questions about the neon pink bedhead in the picture above. Seeing we are giving away a neon pink industrial stool by kitchen trend this week  I thought it was a nice occasion to tell you about one of the styling tools at the VT Wonen website.
via vt wonen
For those who like to make their own bed head like this there now is a  stencil with the fluor shape on the VT Wonen side for download. You can easily paint it on the wall, or like done here, where they used a milling cutter to make the shape in a simple wooden board and paint the cut-out with fluorescent pink paint. 

February 21, 2012

Minimalistic + Glam

Photo Nina Broberg / IKEA Livet Hemma 
I am not really a lover of golden objects at home but there are some things I often look at such as the 'golden' cutlery at Zara-home. It often makes me wonder if it would look any good with black. So when I got the pictures of the matte black (is there anything more beautiful then matte black!) bowls Angenäm from IKEA Livet Hemma in my mailbox. It more or less proofed that what I thought would look good, actually is looking very nice.  

Photo Nina Broberg / IKEA Livet Hemma
Also really loved the solution for small places where you might want to combine the dining area in a small kitchen with a good workplace. A small area can be maximized if the office is permitted to flow together with the kitchen. 

Add a classic office lamp like on this picture. Or as I have chosen for my own kitchen, where I love to work as well, a huge industrial lamp. Tin cans as pen holders and a dining table that doubles as a desk. I actually like the idea of using tins in the kitchen.... I think it is a cheap and easy way to add some color, I often keep the big oil cans with their nice images as decoration for some time. 

Photo styling food stylist Elin Åström  
For you Swedish here (love to hear if there are some here today ) a picture from "IKEA Livet Hemma" with some delicious pastries with whipped cream, almond paste and icing sugar on top. They are called "Semlor" and the Swedish eat them to celebrate the beginning of the fasting period. Enjoy! 
February 20, 2012

Monday giveaway - a Kitchen Trend industrial stool

This weeks giveaway is coming from Wonen met LEF! A web shop where the ladies running this shop are always in search for new products, the so called  “musthaves” and the special “one of a kind” from the leading brands. You might remember them from my wooden Christmas tree!
February 18, 2012

LLAMAS VALLEY {style me spring contribution}

I really enjoyed making this little set up and shooting some pictures for the new Llamas Valley Spring issue that is out today. They asked me to make a Spring related picture with objects I have at home. So fresh flowers I got at Dam square the day before {black tulips would have given a total different picture that I would love to make one day} - green masking tape - a yellow bird from Pols Potten - paper candle bags from Merci and a welcome message to Spring written on canvas.  

In the magazine you will also find out why I like spring. And of course many more inspiring story's  {happy to read the one about my friend Cez and her Mechant Design Studio} beautiful homes, fashion and perfect places and imperfect people!


Design Icons + an industrial shipyard

Last weekend I visited the first edition of Design Icons in Amsterdam with Paulina, a showcase of the design classics of the 20th century. It all took place in the venue called De Overkant (meaning The other side) For me it is literally the other side, because when I look across the water from nearby where I live I can see the building.

It is a former shipyard that has been restored into an event location. It still has a very industrial feeling with stripped walls and lots of concrete and metal. These pictures are made in the restaurant and when we saw this wall we couldn't do anything else then just making pictures of it.. Ain't it amazing!  

To be honest many of the showed design was not really my cup of tea... I did admired some of the design chairs of course such as the Panton and Eames chairs in colors that I had never seen. But I am just not that much a lover of retro furniture.

I was mainly attracted by the industrial furniture and industrial lamps. And it was good to see my friends from 360volt.com again. You can read more about them in my personal Amsterdam city guide, a guide with all my favorite spots in town. We had a nice chat about their lamps and the industrial letters they are gonna add to their collection soon. If they are any good like the ones they  brought to the exhibition I can't wait to see them! 

February 16, 2012

Perfect Imperfect rugs

unknown source

Looking through my albums I came across the above picture. I saved it some time ago because I really loved the perfect imperfect rug on the floor. 
It also reminded me of the picture of a photo shoot of AnoukB where she used a canvas cloth as a rug , I think she painted the heart on it herself.

If you search online for 'alternative canvas carpet' you get lots of sites wit instructions on how to threat the canvas and make your own perfect rug.

Photograph Marjon Hoogervorst / Styling Anouk B

February 13, 2012

Monday Giveaway - Danish design Clothes hangers

It's a pleasure to have Mirjam Boon and her lovely webshop Heel Wit on my blogs and today we are running another giveaway with her. Being a big fan of white, like myself, we are giving away a set of 5 metal clothes hangers in white today!   
February 9, 2012

Bedroom update {grey + white + black}

Winning the new gray floor through VT Wonen Magazine  just before Christmas, also changed the look of my bedroom. Being used to the white floors in there It was a bit of a change in the beginning... but although this floors are grayish-white they bring a lot of light in the house...
Especially when the sun is shining or now, with the snow outside, the light reflects on the floor and it gives my home an almost serene and calm look that I really love... 

I only changed some little things around and bought some things in the sale, like a white carpet at Pols Potten . And lots of Linen table clothes in the H&M Home Sale to cover the bed. Next project is a 'proper' {although I have my own look on that word} 'cupboard' for my clothes.

Industrial chair via Sourced & Sold

February 7, 2012

Black + Silver [from Etsy]

Having way to many candle sticks {I counted about 26 of them from big to small the last time before I gave away most of them}  I reduced the amount to only a few really beauties that I love the most. Next to some of the design ones I am really loving the very simple paper bags I bought at MERCI two years ago.

The black cast iron candlesticks by Normann Copenhagen I got last year are still a favorite too.. And recently I finally found a web shop in the Netherlands that is selling the Kubus from By Lassen that was on my wish list for a long time. I am loving the simple form of it!

Around the Kubus there is a little Garland the lovely French Sandrine, who now lives in New York, sent to me. She makes them by hand and sell them in her Etsy shop Twiggy & Lou among other decorative handmade items for children rooms.