May 7, 2013

Blackboard wall and mood board in one

There are blackboards and moodboards. I love them both a lot and it often happens I stick a note or a picture on my blackboard door with some tape. Nothing better then a blackboard wall with some drawings, some fade out words |Don't you just love the look of chalk that is partly erased| and some crispy white postcards or pictures.The wall above looks like a blackboard wall but actually is magnetic blackboard wallpaper by Groovy Magnets Pretty cool if you don't want to paint a wall if you ask me. 

pictures 1 groovy magnets 3/


Albertine Grolmusova said...

Fantastic idea, thank you for sharing! I love it :)

Kirsty Girl said...

Love the one against the brick wall in the dining room! Stunning!

Marcella | said...

Zo leuk, krijtborden in huis!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Brilliant Desiree ........ practical but stylish too.... and so unique to each individual. No-one would have a moodboard the same.
Hope you are well Desiree ..... sorry for being absent lately ..... I seem to have been rather busy with no time to comment !!!!
Have a great week. XXXX

Jo said...

Magnetic chalk board sounds just so right!

The third picture is actually from the restaurant Grounds in Alexandria, Australia. Love all their decor! (never been, just seen the pics...)


This is brilliant! Thank you for sharing!