June 18, 2014

10 Corso Como | Rooftop terrace in the sun

Corso Como is one of those must see places while being in Milan. Before entering the actual store or restaurant, there is a beautiful courtyard filled with plants. If you haven't been there, have a look at my other post to see what I mean 10 Corso Como | calling all hipsters

The last time I was in Milan for the Salone del Mobile and visited the shop I didn't noticed the stairs to the rooftop terrace. But this time I went up the spiral stairs to have a look. The place was dressed up with several sculptures and installations and walls of white tiles with the typical Corso Como motif. 

pictures (c) vosgesparis 


Katerina said...

I agree! 10 Corso Como is a must-see while in Milan..I visited twice, both times during winter so I didn't have the chance to see the rooftop..Next time hopefully!

Adding a terrace! said...

Great post! My wife and I are remodeling our house, and we just decided to pull the trigger on a terrace! These are some really good ideas. Keep up the good work here!

Hunter said...

Great post! There are some really awesome designs and ideas here. I love your blog, keep up the good work here and thanks for sharing!