September 8, 2014

Looking for garden inspiration | Outdoors chairs

Summer might be on it's end soon here in the Netherlands but I am still determinate to finish my garden project in the next few months! Nothing better then a bright and light outdoor space if you ask me, when days are getting longer.

I am also looking at garden furniture and I think some metal chairs would fit the little plan I have for this patio, the chair above is the chair #3 by Afteroom. And below is a chair by HKLiving, which I think would be perfect in and outside. If you can recommend anything, I would love to get any tips from you on chairs like the ones in this post!

Picture via Afteroom & HKLiving


Christine - House of C said...

Misschien is de lounge chair Kawa van House Doctor nog een leuk alternatief.. Good luck! x

Danielle said...

Oh I love metal chairs in a garden! One of my favorites is EMU-Aero. Of you can't spend a lot of money take a look at for Capri tuinstoelen, set van 2. great price!
Hope to see the result of your patio soon on your blog! Have a great monday!