February 23, 2015

Black on Black

The black wooden boxes by Piet Boon are one of my favourite souvenirs from our latest Bloggertour, we found them as a gift to our bloggers, coming back at the Volkshotel one night. I use them to make little stylings and stills with the things I love at the moment and love the fact that I can add something different all the time, using them throughout the home. 

I also made a styling with the 7 pieces | available at Couleur Locale| some time ago for this blogpost Nelson Sepulveda 7 pieces I don't know about you, but I can feel real happiness looking at still life's like these, beautiful objects just put together and captured in a frame. And I like it even more if it is black on black.

ceramic studs - Rock & Roll love by H&M Home
Black metal bracelet by &Other Stories | handcreme by Aesop | black and silver watch by Daniel Wellington | note book by The Unfold | Skull on a chain by Marc By Marc JacobsBlack Charcoal soap bought at Grand & Johnson| Biker jacket by New Look |

pictures © vosgesparis


Paris Rendez-vous and Beyond said...

Paint it black!!!!! Love it.

I've been doing box lid assemblages lately....black box lids....with little natural elements positioned inside the lids....enjoying it immensely!

I'm onto the Hermes 'orange' box lids next!!!!


GlassesShop said...

Absolutely love this post