February 9, 2015

By Nord | SS15 Collection

Although it's freezing cold outside and I am at home with a bit of a flue, most brands are mailing out their Spring/Summer 2015 collection. It kind of makes me happy to see images of Spring and I can let my imagination make some jumps into warmer happy days as I miss the sun and especially some higher temperatures a lot. Also the By Nord collection reflects their appreciation of springtime and it made me decide to make a Spring board on Pinterest and show you some of the pictures from their collection.

Winter days & cushions for comfortable beds
On the blog we stay a bit in the darker days of winter, days where we love to stay in bed and hide ourselves under clean bedlinnen and use lots of cushions to make ourselves comfortable... I am loving that black bedhead by the way!  More of the new collection here and on Pinterest

pictures by Nord Copenhagen


Stephanie Koster said...

Die grijze poef is prachtig! ik vind het overigens knap dat ze nog een nieuwe collectie presenteren op het moment dat ze failliet zijn .... althans dat hoorde ik vorige week op de ShowUp van hun Ned. agent.



Jenny - Hemtrender said...

Spring board sounds like a very nice idea! I hope you feel better soon, I´m also at home today and not feeling so well. Where is the varm summee?;)

Beauty Follower said...

That puff is great!