April 29, 2015

By Lassen SS2015 | New collection

Aesthetes with a sense for the small details will love Stropp, a minimalistic leather strap strap that makes storage a bit more beautiful. I love how in the picture above different coloured straps are combined with new copper mirror 'view'. With it's 5mm frame and matte surface this mirror is another minimalistic item of the new SS2015 collection.

The copper matches beautifully with the straps in black and naturall and their brass and copper knobs. The mirror is also available in black or white and available from this month!


incognito said...

This minimalism makes an impression ... simple forms, masterful combination of materials, the discipline of colors, ... I love:)

Michael said...

Those leather straps!! Perfect idea how to use them =)


2moiselles said...

Quelle belle collection!! Minimaliste, esthétique, tout ce qu'il faut!