January 8, 2016

Sense of Scandinavia

Skandinavisk asked me what is the 'Sense of Scandinavia' for you? I haven't seen all of Scandinavia yet! Finland is still on my wish list, I have not seen the Northern light yet and it would be a dream to have a trip through the woods when covered in snow! 

I have been to Copenhagen a few times, a city I thought felt similar to my own city. The food was great, like in most parts of Scandinavia and the sun was shining, which makes every city more friendly, we in Amsterdam tend to be really happy with the first sunshine in Spring and I guess people in Copenhagen react quite similar to this.

In Stockholm I experienced a different sensation of cold I had never felt before, I still remember the cold suddenly manifesting itself in the afternoon after five o'clock.
But probably the moment I really experienced the 'Sense of Scandinavia' was when visiting Norway a few months ago. The beautiful nature, the Fjords, the trees and the fresh air are still on my mind when thinking back on this Fjord trip, definitely something I think you should experience too.

Over the last two years I have been working close with Skandinavisk the Danish scented candle brand we designed KOTO with. Each candle that is released has an amazing name, referring to the best Scandinavian has to offer. In the video below Skandinavisk shows what it is they get inspiration from and they think is the Sense of Scandinavia

pictures & video via Skandinavisk | #mysenseofscandinavia


Michael said...

Nice words!
I can't wait for the trip to Bergen where we have plan to do some hiking and also the Fjord trip =)

Have a nice weekend,

Nina said...

Special with northern Finland and Scandinavia is that the sun hardly sets during the middle of the summer, only for a while but the light is still visible on the horizon which makes the nights bright and white. This amazes foreigners and they are confused about how and when to sleep! :-)

You should visit Helsinki, too, the World Design Capital of 2012. Have a fab new week!

PS. The candles are so nice! Cool that they relate to scents and feelings of Scandinavia!