January 19, 2016

Stylish shoe storage ideas

Last week I showed some beautiful solutions using black accents for your hallway: Inspiration for your hallway | black accents where shoes were hidden in small cabinets. To be honest I have never liked shoe cabinets, most of them are extremely ugly or old fashion. I am not a real shoe collector and actually only have a few pair of sneakers and black boots. 

I love a good pair of boots and like with the furniture I have at home, I am quite selective and always on the look for the perfect pair. A perfect pair of shoes deserves a great platform and I love how these homeowners combined shoes, books, boxes and objects on the white shelves. The picture above is from the house I showed yesterday: Raw Spartan | The industrial home of a Rick Owens fan

photography 1 | 2 | 3


Millie Simon said...

Love them all, especially the first x

Millie x

basic goods said...

Gorgeous closets and shoe display. I like it !!

Daria Grey said...

I am dreaming of such shoe storage.It is so useful and elegant at the same time.This shoe storage is a dream of every woman. This is the perfect ones for my house.

Jeannie Hamilton said...

I am very careful about appropriately storing my shoes. I try to find new ways because recently I am running out of space and don't know how to store them. Thanks for sharing those ideas!