March 28, 2016

A raw and concrete family home in Denmark

When Gitte and her husband asked architect Sebastian Schroers to design their family dream home, most of all they wanted it to have an unique character. The home build out of concrete, wood and glass is a beautiful raw base for their furniture and ever changing collection of home accessories collected from their own store, Atelier Noir and different markets and auctions.

The lack of colour makes every piece stand out while paintings are resting on the floor, just like most photography at my own home, where I always love to change things around and drilling holes in the concrete walls is quite hard and not an easy option.

Via Bo Bedre | photography Jesper Ray | found via La maison d'anna G


Lilly Collins said...

It's quite different from almost everything I've seen so far. Good, really good style. The lack of colours gives something unique to the whole picture.
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jogi-mój dom said...


Anonymous said...

So sophisticated & simple an absolute amazing home!

Shelley Street said...

fabulous home..well designed and incredible thought to detail..i could live here!!