April 13, 2016

A South African family home

When you are reading this I am visiting Milan designweek, and the one thing me and the Dutch friends I travel with are all hoping for is to catch some sun! No lack of sun shining into this family home in South Africa with it's beautiful colour scheme, lots of white with some black and natural timber and rotan accents, just the way I love to 'dress' my home for summer. 

Production Sven Alberding | Photography Warren Heath



I love South africa, i use to live there few years ago. Could you tell me the location? Cap town? many thanks, Sandrine

Michael said...

OMG, what a view! This is definitely a dream house! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Enjoy the design week, looking forward for the photos =)


Taylor Terry said...

This is the house of my dreams. The interior design is awesome, it is so cozy. In my opinion your way to "dress" your house for summer is brilliant. Well done!
Best wishes!

Holly said...

This house is simply amazing! I think I saw it in Nelly bloggers, blogs. It is amazing! I have never thought that South Africa could be so beautiful. Hope to stay in this house someday :)


Millie Simon said...

Wow! These images are the definition of stunning, such minimal colours and a relaxing home x

Millie x