June 2, 2016

A beautiful white design apartment in Paris

last week I showed you an apartment in Copenhagen with beautiful floors| A minimalistic and relaxing home in Copenhagen | this apartment is located in Paris and has the same floor pattern and white walls. In fact a style that can be found in many Parisian apartments, Although the apartment is very minimalistic I do love the vibe of it, how do you like it.

As I know from my own experience, one can never have enough of these beautiful apartments so I searched for some more examples of previous apartments with this kind of  so called 'grandeur' that I posted on the blog before, but first have a look at the pictures of this apartment designed by Frederic Berthier

Photography,  Benoit Linero for Abitare


Jennifer John said...

So stylish, so tranquil :)
Lovely place, I want to live in a place like that.
Thank you for showing it :)

Millie Simon said...

This place is soooo beautiful x

Millie x

vosgesparis said...

No thanks, I loved to show this bright uncluttered space

vosgesparis said...

i can only agree, thanks for passing by.