September 12, 2016

We make tables. That's what we do. | Het Heerenhuis

Some things don't need words, and that is exactly the case with 'Het Heerenhuis' On their website they state: We make tables. That's what we do. Simple as that and I am pretty sure you will agree with me that this small desk is a real beauty with it's rough finish and leather table top.

I first came across the furniture of 'Het Heerenhuis' via 'De Loft' and recently had the opportunity to make these pictures while using the table in a photo shoot I did with Wen van Woudenberg at the Room of ideas I wouldn't mind making room for this perfect small table.

Styling and Pictures ©vosgesparis  | Mobile photos with Samsung Galaxy S7


Annmariq said...

I absolutely agree. Simplicity is key.

And I love the table! Normally I'm a fan of white or smooth black stuff, but this one look really original.

regarding simplicity, just reminded me of: Also super simple and their candles are amazing.

Michela said...

Really beautiful!
I love this table!