November 29, 2016

Frites Atelier Amsterdam by Sergio Herman

Frites is one of Hollands most eaten snacks, being close to Belgium we got a lot of really good places to have a quick fried snack and it is pretty common to walk through town with a big fries with mayonaise. Most of the places where we buy them are not really outstanding interior wise. Sergio Herman,  owner of three Michelin stars in his former family restaurant Oud Sluis in Sluis thought it was about time to have a beautiful restaurant to make fries available for everyone.

In order to serve fries in a really beautiful place Piet Boon who also designed Sergio's beautiful restaurant The Jane in Antwerp was asked to design the Frites atelier Amsterdam. After searching for the perfect potato the first Frietes Atelier Amsterdam opened it's doors in The Hague and Utrecht, Antwerpen and the Amsterdam flagship store will follow soon... I can't wait because after tasting the food Sergio prepared I can imagine I have to prepare for the best fries ever.  

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Millie Simon said...

This look the definition of amazing! I love it x

Millie x