July 19, 2017

Artist Residence curated by Frama in Italy | Negative Capability

When in Copenhagen, I was pretty blown away by everything around Danish Frama, visiting the Studio apartment of Niels Strøyer Christophersen during three days of design and the Frama store in the former Apothecary were certainly a few of the highlights of my visit at 3 days of design. Now Frama is bringing their aesthetics to my beloved Italy where in partnership with the Scaroni-Monti family they realised the Frama Artist Residence in Palazzo Monti.

Located between Milano and Verona in the Italian city of Brescia, the 13th Century Palazzo complete with frescoes, will be welcoming artists from the Frama network throughout the year. The first artist to create and present his works in the beautiful surroundings, is Leonardo Anker Vandal with the exhibition "Negative Capability", a term he choose to describe beauty as a perception, experienced through the emotions and senses.

I am excited to follow the different exhibitions and of course I would love to see the Palazzo with my own eyes this summer. Follow the Frama Artist Residence on Instagram at framabrescia At the end of this post the Frama collection photographed in the Palazzo.

pictures courtesy Frama
July 17, 2017

Mae Engelgeer X Fest Amsterdam | CRUSH Collection

FEST Amsterdam was founded in 2013 from a personal need for well designed furniture without the high-end prices and has quickly become a brand known for its Dutch design with a fresh twist and a pop of colour. When visiting the store in the Pijp area for my city guide my eye caught the new collaboration with Mae Engelgeer, you might remember her as one of the designers who's work I choose to present at the Trend stand I designed on commission of IMM Cologne earlier this year. No need to say I am a huge fan of her work! 

Last week the new collection called 'CRUSH' was launched during a festive event at Hutspot Amsterdam. Mae usually starts a conceptual idea with a word or name and choose the word CRUSH, because it communicates a certain playfulness that she felt both she and Femke share in their designs and the ‘crush’ they have on each others style!

CRUSH consists of a series of graphic cushions and small vases. The collection is available at all Hutspot stores and at Fest Amsterdam. Scroll down for more information, an impression of the Amsterdam store and my discoveries!

Fest Amsterdam - The store

With the current demand for lasting design, craftsmanship and beautiful materials and fabrics Fest hits all boxes, they follow the latest trends, but comfort, durability and timeless design always come first. In the store at the Van Woustraat a wall filled cabinet shows the smaller accessories, cushions and lamps by both Fest and different designers who collaborated with the brand.

With velvet still going strong a series of chairs in different shades of velvet and other selected Kvadrat fabric, a brand Fest is often working with, is grouped around the table. The bench, which will be available in various finishes and set for release this fall. It surprised me and is totally up my alley at the moment and it could bring in some warmth, another great item I spotted in the shop window was the he small black side table by Studio Terhedebrügge in Berlin which really fits my idea of design aesthetic at the moment.

Throughout the store you will find a selection of sofa's chairs, rugs and small tables by Fest Amsterdam. If you find it difficult to find the right sofa or are looking on how to interpret your style at home you might be interested in the free interior advice Fest offers on Sunday's, follow the link to make an appointment! More pictures of the store at my Amsterdam City guide blog and don't forget to download the AMS NXT app if you are coming to town to discover my personal favourites. 

pictures by Fest Amsterdam | Store pictures by Vosgesparis // Amsterdam Next

July 14, 2017

Norm architects X Paper collective | Moebe Copenhagen showroom

For my home I recently ordered a couple of frames including one by Danish Moebe, have a look at it here, and I am really happy with them, actually they were on my wish list for some time! During 3 days of design Moebe organised a release party for their new print collaboration with Norm Architects and Paper Collective. For the occasion Moebe transformed their back garden in a pink painted fern garden, see some images at the end of the post. 

Floating Leaves is a transparent print specially made for the Moebe frame. The new prints create the illusion of a real leaf floating in the frames, which is what makes the prints so unique.
 Expect them in stores from next week! 

Picture above and below made at the Moebe showroom in Copenhagen 

pictures courtesy Moebe & Rasmus Rønne Studio

Curious to see what else I saw at 3 days of design? find my posts on the blog under '3 days of design' and have a look at this 3 days of design Pinterest album  
July 13, 2017

Apartment Stories | A new Swedish brand

Apartment Stories is a new Swedish Interior brand that caught my eye after seeing a few of their images on Instagram. The brand offers a small selection of highly decorative objects: round mirrors, velvet pillows in muted and deep blue colours, and different paper weights and floating stones. Curious to see what else will be added to their collection. Have a look at their collection at Apartment Stories

Pictures courtesy Apartment Stories
July 11, 2017

New wall art by Desenio and a 25% discount for you

If you read my blog for some time you might know I love to bring in and decorate my home with more natural colours for Summer, and especially with a darker floor I am looking for even more contrast then ever. Inspired by choosing softer colours for my home Desenio came in handy with its wide variety of posters and frames.

Anna Bulow's 'Symphony of now' poster has just the right amount of colour I was looking for and I choose to frame it into the elegant oak frame from Danish Moebe which was on my wish list for some time. The rubber band of the Moebe frame holds together the four borders and can also be used for hanging the frame on the wall like I did in my hallway. What I love most about these frames is that you can even put in a really small picture or poster, or if you are a plant lover dried plants as it has two acrylic glass sheets. 

I also got myself a new magazine holder in oak bought at a shop in Amsterdam, which is a great display for frames as well. I prefer to combine different sizes and I think the oak frame looks great with the new black one I also found at Desenio. Still deciding though if and where to hang the rack and posters as I love displaying on the floor too.

25% off discount code 
Are you up for something new as well? The code “VOSGESPARIS” gives you 25% off posters and prints, except for 'frames' and 'handpicked' category, for 3 days between 11th-13th of July on desenio.nl. Follow @desenio on Instagram for more inspiration! 

poster by Love warriors in black wooden frame // Anna Bulow poster in Moebe frame via Desenio

pictures ©vosgesparis
posted in collaboration with Desenio 
July 10, 2017

A new IKEA collection by fashion designer Chris Stamp | SPÄNST

IKEA has teamed up with U.S. fashion designer Chris Stamp to create SPÄNST, a 30-piece collection consisting of items like footwear solutions, high tables, clothing racks, and light fixtures. 

Chris Stamp "We have experimented with furniture design in the past, making pieces for our homes, and select marble pieces at our Stampd La Brea flagship store. We hope the line of furniture captures the same aesthetic as STAMPD, and this will be executed by using the same monochromatic and saturated color palette that has become a staple with our clothing"

First introduced at the IKEA festival during Milan design week, the collection is an attempt to reach young people by looking at home furnishing products from a slightly different angle and will enable fashion lovers to store and show their belongings at the same time, release is set for May 2018.

July 7, 2017

A collection of objects by Njordsterne

Drawn to natural materials such as stone, marble, steel and copper my eye caught the luxury product line by Nordstjerne, a collection of boxes, vases and bowls in a great variety of colour and materials. I just love every object in the picture above, and think they are great to create beautiful stills at home.

July 5, 2017

Table 1060 by Jorre van der Ast for Thonet

Some time ago I made a press trip to German furniture manufacture Thonet: German design | Thonet factory tour where we not only visited the factory but also got introduced to the latest design collaborations. During the press event Dutch Jorre van der Ast introduced table1060 for Thonet, in this post captured by Wen van Woudenburg at her former home. I like how the table made out of ahs wood beautifully blends into the light and Scandinavian interior. 

pictures © BeeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg