May 17, 2019

New Muuto headquarter & collection

Missing out on Muuto during Milan Design week where they teamed up with Google... resulting in two hour queues which are not really my thing I had a look at their press area and thought of posting a few images of the Spring collection launched last month.

Luckily I will be travelling to Copenhagen next week and I am looking forward to see their new 1400m2 HQ where they will be introducing their latest new perspectives on Scandinavian design. 
The colours of the showroom are totally my cup of tea as I am looking into this kind of colour palette for my own home at the moment. I hope to see the carpet as seen above too, as I totally love how it blends in with the concrete floor. 

The new collection will include the Oslo Side Chair, Relate Side Table, Ambit Wall Lamp, Outline Highback Work, and the Linear Wood series. 
A sneak peek! 

pictures courtesy Muuto

May 13, 2019

A minimal bronze partition wall in a high end apartment | Trends '19

After London based Ula Burgiel had been asked to design a serene and spacious home in the heart of Manhattan, she took the view from the apartment as the starting point for its design. "I have a bit of a different design process" she explains: "I sketch a lot. This is how I communicate my ideas to the world. 

As the apartment is located very high above the street level it feels very airy and (almost) a part of the sky. I wanted to make it the biggest feature of the apartment. There are a lot of glazed walls that let the light in but they can be screened at any time with automatic curtains for more privacy.

Bronze partition walls
The apartment is a true oasis, a sanctuary in the heart of the vibrant city where the resident, a fashion blogger, can above all relax in between Fashion Weeks and photoshoots. Seeing the occupation of the owner Ula also focused on turning every corner of the space into a photo opportunity.

What really caught my eye in this apartment is the bronze used in the partition wall, while we see a lot of industrial black galvanised steel or aluminium glass walls and doors used in- and outside our homes at the moment, the bronze feels so refreshing, sophisticated and new! 

It has the industrial touch I love so much but in a lighter and more minimalistic approach. It made me immediately think of the post I wrote last year about brass shutters: Could brass shutters be the next big thing where slightly different material was used but with the same surprising effect and seen recently used, more trends at the end of the post if you are up for it! 

Symmetry and proportion
Symmetry and proportion played an important role. Ula: "It introduces balance and a sense of purpose. You can see it in the layout, the joinery design and proportions of the rooms. The entrance to the bathroom is located directly opposite the bed so you pay attention to the feature basins. When lying in bed you can still see the panoramic view of the city but the windows are not too close to you. 

There’re a lot of central axis like this – everything has it’s place and it feels just right. I wanted the bedroom, bathroom and the dressing room to create one big private space and not be separated and divided into small boxes. I’ve put the bare minimum amount of walls to let the natural light into every corner of the apartment.

Ula Burgiel & trends used as seen in Milan
Ula Burgiel is a Luxury Interior Designer based in London, designing modern and hi-end interiors for homes around the world: London, Hong Kong and New York as-well-as interiors of luxury yachts and cruise ships. Her style can be described as contemporary minimalism with understated luxury.

After visiting Milan and attending some trend lectures, where many of the new projects, new designs, ideas and installations as seen in Milan were discussed again I recognize a lot of the trends we will see more of in 2019 in this apartment.

Less is more
Less is more and minimalism are keywords in Ula's design, one of the reasons she actually contacted me to present her projects is our common love for this she told me. In 2019 minimalism is something we will see a lot more off, lucky me! 
When adapting minimalism into your home, the focus will be more on the few things we allow in our homes, something I am shouting out for years as my personal favourite way of living and decorating my home.

Another trend I recognize in Ula's drawing for the apartment and pointed out by Monique van de Reijden at a Dutch Elle Decoration Trend watching event the other day, is the spiral staircase, the club chairs and the colourful soft chairs around the table. According to Monique the round table is making a huge comeback and therefor smaller chairs that fit the table are seen more often. As the the apartment is calm and serene the colours come from the furniture, in this case a colourful pink! 

Also a trend as seen also in the kitchen picture below, are the repeating lamps. Furthermore also marble is still very on trend, according to Monique with huge veins! Also the mirrored marble trend I pointed out myself when visiting imm Kitchen Cologne (see here in my highlights at Living kitchen) is trending. 

Thank you so much Ula for writing me and sending me your amazing projects. 
More of her work soon on the blog. 

All pictures are ©Ula Burgiel

May 7, 2019

Faina returns to Italy for Venice Design

After participating in this years exhibition "les Arcanistes' by Studio Pepe, Ukrainian brand Faina returns to Italy for Venice Design this month, the largest exhibition of contemporary object design, organized by the European Cultural Centre in the historic centre Palazzo Michiel on the Grand Canal.

This year, the exhibition will present objects from 42 countries of the world from the most talented designers, each of whom works in the original technique. Faina will present an authentic collection of furniture, light and decor, created by Ukrainian architect Victoria Yakusha, based on the use of natural materials typical of Ukrainian culture: clay, flax, solid wood and willow. 

Venice design - Palazzo Michiel from May 11 to November 24, 2019. 
Pictures by Faina 
May 3, 2019

A multifunctional serving tray by bulthaup | w/ Style shoot

We love building long term relationships with brands, I always feel more connected when getting to really know the collection by visiting fairs, meeting the people behind the brand, maybe visit the factory and regularly work with their products.

bulthaup recently asked us to style and shoot a second series of pictures with their accessories, we immediately thought of a Japanese theme. We think the wooden bulthaup accessories really fit the clean and minimal Japanese style both Wen and I love so much. 

We did a few shoots and will show you the result in the coming months. With Milan design week and our nearby located favourite restaurant and Conceptstore 'Tenoha' in mind I love to start this new series of six different blogs by showing you our images of the bulthaup serving tray.


A multifunctional wooden serving tray
Wooden serving trays are used frequently in Japan, and also at Tenoha we got our lunch and dinners served in beautiful ceramics placed on trays. The bulthaup serving tray, can hold a selection of different small plates and cups and create a beautiful backdrop for a Japanese, or any other style dinner or tea time moment at home.

The tray can also be used in the bulthaup B3 kitchen I previously wrote about: bulthaup b3 | Personalize your kitchen to perfectly fit your home 
The aluminium handles makes it easy to carry the tray around , also available in walnut or in high-quality synthetic material. 

This post is written in collaboration with bulthaup | Pictures © w/ Style | Concept w/ Style | Photography Wen van Woudenberg | Styling Desiree Groenendal

May 2, 2019

New images from Rick Owens Milan store | Milan design week

I never leave Milan without visiting my favourite stores and Rick Owens is certainly one of them, not only the store, but also the changing collections and the people working at Rick Owens are just amazing. Unfortunately the furniture collection is way above my budget but one can dream right! Here are a few snapshots of how the store looked during Milan Design week.

pictures ©vosgesparis
May 1, 2019

Interlude by Apparatus Studio | Milan Design week 2019

Last year's exhibition at Apparatus studio in Milan showed beautiful raw walls, lots of smaller accessories and a focus on the different light fixtures, definitely worth having a look at if you missed it: Apparatus Studio store 
This year, deep green and brown walls, benches that remind me of the telephone benches we used to see last century, tables, folding screens and cabinets in leather and brass. Interlude is a rather 'heavy' collection if you ask me, but I still wanted to show a few images of it.

Previous posts about Apparatus on the blog can be found here: Apparatus 

pictures ©vosgesparis
April 26, 2019

Mosa at Masterly Milano | w/ Style

Hope you enjoyed my previous stories about Milan Design week, there is a lot more to come as I enjoyed a good seven days in Milan this year. Like most years I shared an apartment with Iris and Wen and we had a fantastic week in our favourite area which was a great starting point for most exhibitions and area's we wanted to visit.

This year I did not work on the actual fair, as I mostly do every year for a day, collaborationg for an Italian magazine, together with a group of friends. This year I sticked to the Dutch and got the opportunity to work with Wen and our w/ Style agency together with Mosa, you might have seen our Instagram Stories over the last weeks. The Dutch tiles manufacturer returned to Milan this year with their installation ‘Reflections’ to be part of ‘Masterly - the Dutch in Milano', a major and well known event during Milan Design week.

Every year the Dutch change 'Palazzo Francesco Turati', located in the upcoming art and design district 5vie, into a Dutch Pavilion where some of the Netherlands best designers, company's and young talents present their work. While the court yard is turned into a colourful flower bed of 15.000 tulips that are hand out to the inhabitants of Milan on the last day of the exhibition.

Drawing on Dutch culture and tradition, this year's Dutch Pavilion in Milan is aligned with this year’s celebrations around a key anniversary linked to iconic painter Rembrandt van Rijn - 2019 is ‘Rembrandt Year’ in the Netherlands, marking 350 years from the great master’s death. The Dutch Pavilion features a carefully selected constellation of the Dutch craft, design, and art professionals, touching upon themes inspired by Rembrandt’s legacy.

'Reflections' | Mosa at Masterly
Mosa took the visitors on a journey through space and time with ‘Reflections’ Their installation, used mirrors as a reference to Rembrandt’s famous self-portraits, in combination with Terra Tones floor tiles and the elements of light and perspective.

Sharpness and elegance defines Mosa ceramics and this was clearly translated through a calming, modern exhibition with a strong theoretical base. A beautiful minimalistic room with tactile ceramic surfaces featured warm colours and an easily legible, minimalist design that kept the overall aesthetic clean and sophisticated.

In Milan Mosa introduced three new warm colours to the Terra Tones collection. Mosa scenes floor and wand tiles were used in combination with the portrait of Rembrandt at the entrance of the room, the tiles are available in eight colour groups, in four different nuances and textures for a perfect mix and match.

blocks in Murals Fuse

Mosa w/ Style
We always love to add a personal touch to each w/ Style collaboration by using the clients products and giving it our own twist. For this we styled some stills with a mix of tiles from the Mosa scenes collection and a beautiful Rembrandt self portrait. By creating a table setting, using dark colours, glass and linen, we gave our own take on the Rembrandt theme.

Written in collaboration with Mosa

All pictures © w/ Style | Photography Wen van Woudenberg

with thanks to Emma B. & Studio Ro Smit

April 22, 2019

Rolf Benz showroom & factory visit in Nagold

With a trip to Milan and a kitchen renovation that is still going on, I almost forgot to show you some images of my trip to the Rolf Benz factory and showroom earlier this year. I always enjoy getting to know a brand better than just at the fair, in January I visited the huge stand where Rolf Benz presented their new collection, when taking over the imm instagram account. You can still see a selection of my posts here at the #immspired highlighted album

A beautiful stand and the located opposite Rolf Benz cafe was a welcome spot for meetups and a break during the long days at the fair. 
The showroom is located in Nagold, a small town in southwestern Germany, bordering the Northern Black Forest. During lunch I had the opportunity to get a glimpse of the beautiful city centre with it’s half-timbered houses and modern architecture. 

Rolf Benz stand at imm Cologne

Rolf Benz has been producing sofas for more than 50 years, since young upholsterer, Rolf Benz from Nagold founded “Rolf Benz” in 1964. With the addiform elements he made a radical break from the traditional, conventional arrangement of sofa, two opposite facing armchairs and a coffee table. The elements of the addiform are flexible and combinable in their arrangement something quite revolutionair that time. The first editions and famous sofa’s, used in tv shows, are real style icons and showcased at the entrance of the showroom, pictured above.

Our visit started with a small tour through one of the workshops, where young students are educated and taught every single detail of the machines used in the factory, and the process from a piece of fabric to complete upholstery. We had fun following a small class with the solid machines used.

Next a tour through the factory where each year several hundreds of thousands of square metres of fabric and leather are turned into covers by specialist employees who have a huge know how about the fabric and leather they work with, helped with technologies that have been specially developed for Rolf Benz.

The employee scans, checks and touches each meter of fabric by sight and by hand. It was good to see nothing is waste as the scanner and the employee’s trained eye divide the leather up into different zones that are used according to their suitability for conspicuous surfaces such as seat cushions and rests, or for less visible parts underneath the sofa.

A visit to a factory lead you through the whole process from selecting material, to the department where carpenters prepare and assemble the frames manually and the upholstery of every single piece of the sofa or chair. Apart from supplied parts such as injection moulding, foam and metal feet, Rolf Benz create everything themselves, often by hand and no piece of furniture leaves the factory before a final inspection

At the 3,800 square metres showroom the complete collection is on display, visitors can test and try out the functions of every single piece and select their favourite covering from the extensive collection of fabrics and leathers.

Rolf Benz produces everything for the home, next to the collection of sofa's there are several coffee tablescarpets and accessories for the sitting area and complete dining solutions, remember the video's I made at imm about the marble table with wooden inlay? It can still be found at my own imm stories, including a demonstration of their Aura sofa! 

I made a few snapshots at the showroom, can you believe me if I tell you we tested every single sofa which resulted in messy pictures of us not wanting to get out of the sofa's and happy faces. For more pictures of the showroom and products I would recommend to visit the Rolf Benz website and have a look and read into their rich history and huge collection. 

This post is written in collaboration with Rolf Benz who kindly covered my travel costs

pictures vosgesparis | 2nd picture by Rolf Benz