March 18, 2019

Brand in Residence | Frama at Palazzo Galli Tassi

With a life spent between two countries for most of my life I feel really connected with almost all things Italian. Living between the two countries made me to who I am today and contributed to my love for an authentic life. I loved the primitive home with its old details we lived in as much as I sometimes hated it and it learned me I need little to satisfy my soul. Something that helps me and I understand better everyday, especially while decluttering my home and bring it back to what I really need.

I have always loved simple concrete, raw walls and old wooden floors and I wish I had been in the position to buy myself an old home in Sardinia years ago. I like to follow like minded people and their renovation proces, of whom Marie is my current favourite. She and her family recently did follow their dream and bought a house in Sicily. 

Palazzo Galli Tassi
Another beautiful old home that hit my mailbox yesterday is the artist residency Numeroventi hidden in the 500 year old Palazzo Galli Tassi, an old syrup factory in the heart of Florence. The artist residency serves as a creative collaboration with apartments and an artist residency, space for coworking and exhibition space. Behind Numeroventi is Martino di Napoli Rampolla who's grandfather owned the factory. Together with interior designer Andrew Trotter of Open House magazine the rooms were brought to life and furnished.

Martino di Napoli Rampolla: "A few pieces from Frama were among the first to enter the space while building it, where they perfectly contrasted the stiff grandeur of the palace, giving direction to what would happen next" Niels Strøyer Christophersen of Frama recently visited the palazzo, and had a conversation with Martino about design philosophy, curiosity and friendships which you can read here at Numeroventi.

March 15, 2019

Ideas to Intuition | Opening exhibition of 'Work Shop'

Interior designer Fiona Lynch opens a permanent gallery during Melbourne Design Week. 'Work Shop' is a curatorial showcase of experimental design, fine art and objects from leading Australian and international artists and designers. For me this is a real jaw dropping installation, not only the objects and shapes but also the presentation, the raw bricks and the amazing painted walls are totally what I love most.

By identifying commonalities across mediums and materials, 'Work Shop' aims to examine the dialogue between art and design; challenging and inspiring thought through an evolving array of discovered works, commissioned pieces and original designs.

In its opening exhibition titled ‘Ideas to Intuition’, contributing artists including New York based lighting designer Mary Wallis whose beautiful pendant would have totally fit my former post. Australian contemporary artists Makiko Ryujin and Jiaxin Nong, and British porcelain artist Olivia Walker, will reveal an innovative and daring use of their chosen mediums, exhibited alongside original designs from Lynch’s own studio.

Renowned for her artistic approach to interior design and award winning projects, Lynch says Work Shop is the realisation of a long held dream, informed by her early career in fine art. “Prior to studying interior design I studied Fine Art at RMIT in Melbourne,” she says. “This unique path has
always been reflected in my work and the way we approach design. Work Shop will afford my studio and I the opportunity to explore this further, identifying commonalities across mediums and materials, and examining the dialogue between art and design in a way that challenges and inspires.”

As well as presenting an evolving array of discovered works, commissioned pieces and original designs, Work Shop is also envisioned as a testing ground for Lynch’s interior design practice; an experimental design laboratory without the confines of convention.

“In this age of instant gratification, it’s very easy to get caught up in the end result, disregarding the
creative process required to arrive at a resolved outcome,” says Lynch. “For our first exhibition we’ve
called on our contributing artists to investigate the tension between the constructed and deconstructed, the resolved and incomplete, the built and undone, encouraging the viewer to discover beauty at all stages of creative evolution.”

Work Shop Fiona Lynch – 7 Glasshouse Road, Collingwood, check opening hours here
Images courtesy of Fiona Lynch | Photography by Lillie Thompson

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March 13, 2019

Three Pendant lightning solutions for the kitchen

While taking out floors and designing the ideas for my kitchen, should it be an IKEA method with the possibility to replace the doors in the future, or a kitchen designed by my local kitchen designer, I try to think ahead. And next to the major details I think about lamps and future styling ideas.

I love this new kitchen to be minimalistic and I have a few all time favourites on my wish list for years including a downdraft extractor that would give me the opportunity to add a pendent tube light or some smaller wall mounted versions above the countertop. I collected a few favourites and if you have any other alternatives I would love to hear your ideas, pop over to Instagram and leave a comment under the picture above if you feel like it, I am always happy to hear your ideas.

Frama | Eiffel lamp
First up and pictured above and below is the Frama Eiffel lamp | Pendant, made with simplicity in mind from gun blued steel. The light is being diffused thanks to the blown opal glass. I love the sturdy character of it, I am really impressed also with the wall mounted version and could easily see two smaller versions mounted on the wall, pictured below! 

Menu Task Pendant

Another favourite is the new Task Pendant by Menu Its pure, linear form not only catches the eye but also serves a key purpose: to spread light in a way ideal for countless applications, giving rise to new, flexible ways of illuminating diverse spaces.

The pendant’s light intensity and color temperature can be adjusted with an app, making it easy to create the best illumination for the time of day, season, or desired ambience. 
Suspended from a nearly invisible fishing wire, creating the illusion of hanging freely in mid-air. 

Anour I Model
Anour designed different almost floating Pendant lights of which the I-Model pendant is my all time favourite, available in 2 different versions, with cord or cordless and in different materials: copper, brass, steel and wood with different surface treatments. It also have an integrated touch dimmer located on the lamp to adjust the light intensity. 

Stay tuned for more inspiration and kitchen ideas by following Masterplan 2.0 
March 11, 2019

Rift dining table by design studio Kerstens

Antwerp based Kerstens is a multidisciplinary design studio with a clear vision of architecture, interior design, and furniture design. After seeing the picture above on Instagram I was curious to find out more and got in touch with interior architect Andy Kerstens. With a love for simplicity and timeless minimal design and rich natural materials for a warm and sober look in mind the studio created the Rift dining table.

Andy Kerstens: "The design for a new table was created by the need for a simple aesthetic with an honest construction. By duplicating all elements, the table has a stable basis and also a certain finesse. The simple idea to split the elements creates an honest and visible construction that is self-supporting, with a nod to the Japanese design method."

"Metal details and leg casings stand in contrast with the naturally worked wood and give the whole design more durability. Deep and tactile patines on the metal form a dialogue with the brushed wood and tell a story about its use and its traces through time. The design is available in multiple realizations in terms of material and lengths. There are also the exclusive versions in natural stone and terrazzo."

pictures courtesy Studio Kerstens
March 7, 2019

An exclusive villa resort in Sri Lanka by Norm Architects

Another beautiful project by AIM Architecture and Norm Architects, an exclusive villa resort in Sri Lanka–a secluded beach front property surrounded by lush greenery and breath-taking views. Being a huge admirer of many Norm Architect projects and design I love to show a selection of pictures of 'K House' on the blog today.

The architecture is composed of natural materials; local teak wood, polished terrazzo, facades of polished cement and outdoor areas of local granite stone. The roof is made of recycled terracotta tiles which complements the overall natural look and tactile feel of the house.

Bespoke furniture include the inbuilt sofa in the luxurious lounge area and the headboards that continue along the wall to function as seating and/or table tops in the bedrooms. A combination of these bespoke modern minimal pieces alongside other locally sourced antique furniture and accessories creates a familiar yet native atmosphere.  

More info about this project can be found at Norm Architects

pictures courtesy  Norm Architects
March 6, 2019

Pure magic at Apparatus LA showroom

In one month we will be in Milan for Milan design week and I can't wait to see al things new and visit my favourite stores downtown. Last year I was really happy to visit Apparatus for the first time in a small store in a really nice area, have a look here for the pictures I made: Apparatus studio Milan Store | Milan design week

Next to different objects Apparatus has a wonderful collection of different lighting options, with cloud 19 being my absolute dream lamp and several other favourites I was glad to see the many pictures Allan took at the new 465 sqm LA showroom which is an exceptional space located in a former warehouse in the heart of Hollywood design district.

I love the created arches and the colour on the wall as much as the different collections. More info can be found at the 
Apparatus website Visit Bungalow5 for more images, thank you Allan.

pictures courtesy Bungalow5

March 4, 2019

New kitchen inspiration | Masterplan 2.0

Last weekend I finally started working on some new plans for the home and my Masterplan 2.0! After some water damage I decided it was time to change the floors in some parts of my home. Something that is on my mind for a long time as you know if you come here regularly. Guess the water damage made me finally start for real with some welcoming changes, involving not only the floors but I also took down my complete kitchen and some hidden tiles, leaving me with a pretty chaos and a blanc canvas!

For me it works best to take it slow and doing one thing after another, it is all in my head like a good Masterplan should be so first things first, kitchen down, checking the needed electra for some lamps I want to add, stuc my walls.... think about the floors and paint, trying to find a solution for an ugly wall mounted cooker hood and get a new kitchen installed with appliances and a smashing countertop of which more later!

Meanwhile I enjoy the rawness as it is now... and couldn't help myself to play around with some white linen. And don't you think the paper lamp looks fantastic on the raw concrete floor. 

pictures ©vosgesparis Follow Masterplan 2.0 for my latest home changes
February 28, 2019

Chubby furniture trend | From Matti Carlson to H&M and Tom Dixon

After reading 'It's fat, round and cuddly' in the press release of Tom Dixon this morning I realized we continue seeing round shapes and almost chubby furniture. I must say I love the simple lines and the almost inelegant look! The Frama table I photographed is a good example, see here: A shopping guide for a minimalistic and multifunctional home

After releasing their first collection of small furniture and lighting last year, a new collection of H&M furniture was designed. Pieces of different material such as rattan, oak, brass, powder coated steel and glass including the wooden round table with chubby legs shown above. 

Cubby legs also in the 'Homage Grande table' by Matti Carlson, here photographed at the home of architect, designer and lamp maker Andreas Martin-Löf If you love this table have a look also at the smaller version in this post Five sculptural side tables that would fit anywhere in your home

FAT, is the new upholstery chair range by Tom Dixon that allows for multiple sitting positions. Tom Dixon: " the extreme simplicity of the components is a testament to form following function, whilst maintaining a humorous silhouette and a reductionist aesthetic" Available as a dining chair, high stool and lounge chair. Expect the launch of the chair in a special restaurant in Milan this next month!

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