Lets go to the beach

Fisher net parts Lets go to the seaside….. dreaming of the sea, driftwood and white sand beaches I made this little ‘decor’ with some old children toys and rope from an old fisher men’s net. All found today at the Amsterdam Mont Martre market.   Now I only need a little basket like the one […]

Summer stripes

Summertime …. sunshine peaking in early morning, whithe curtains moving in the wind… and a new summer blanket in beautiful grey and white stripes. Niet mooiers dan een mooie zomerochtend, een windje dat de gordijnen doet bewegen, de zon die al vroeg op is en een mooi nieuwe, grijs wit gestreepte zomer deken. Un jolie […]


You might remember one of my older posts in witch I wrote about my dream of a big loft.. an open space, lots of concrete and industrial furniture. To get this open feeling at my place, I recently knocked down one of the door posts between the doorway and the living room. Next job was […]