It’s a tree…..

A tree is a tree you would say…. but each year we put ourselves into a lot of work to seek for the perfect Christmas tree…. one is pulled out and the tree seller tells us it is a beauty…. then we spot another and think that one is even looking better and so it […]

Invasion of the reindeers

Reindeers are spotted in my workspace and I love them! I found this iron beauty this weekend and it looks great on the concrete wall in my new working space. The little zinc ones stole my heart as well, doesn’t zinc looks great in front of a plain white wall! Er lopen rendieren in mijn […]

What colour for X-mas ?

Jule-evangeliet available at Zink&Zo What colour for X-mas… Is it only me or do you wonder to what colour to choose for Christmas this year? I really liked the all white and serene Christmas decoration of last year. (see Pure Nature and Noel en blanc et zinc ) And I want something similar but still […]