Going Down Under….

G’day mates! When thinking of Australia the first thing that comes in mind is lots and lots of sunshine, a wild blue sea and beaches full of driftwood and beautiful shelves … Going Down Under, as we Dutch call Australia, is something many people dream of. Only little people actually fulfill their dreams. One of […]

A concrete wall and a table

With these few days off and the sun shining I thought I’d be a bit lazy and post some pictures I have in my computer for ages. As I am sure we all do, I save pictures that I really like. From time to time I look at them and some I even printed out. […]


After seeing a post about the blackboard painted kitchen wall on one of my favorite blogs ‘Vintage’ I thought I’d showe you my hallway. I have a large stripe painted with blackboard paint on one of my walls. I just love the very mat look of blackboard paint but hardly ever write on it. I […]

Wooden ornaments

I mentioned those wooden ornament before in some previous posts. They have this great aged look, the paint is gone of a little and sometimes it has different colors. I am not really collecting them but sometimes you can find real beauties, mostly parts of old cabinets. I thought the idea of making candle holders […]


Hey you out there in blogland ….. I am very busy these last few days and can’t really find the time to write a long post. I am having a little vacation and people over at my place. So I’ll be back in a few days. Enjoy the first sunny days!