little abandoned school class in France…

La petite ecole abondonne Au revoir Paris.. and that treasure you have always dreamed to find once….. Au revoir Paris…. After a few days in Paris by myself I left the city from Gare de l’Est and took a train into the countryside to join my family for a little vacation in the Champagne-Ardennes region. […]

Marché Vernaison…Paris

Some more pictures from Saint Ouen.. these I made at Marché Vernaison, a real bric a brac place … Marché Vernaison, is the oldest market and is seen as the historical birthplace of the Paris Saint-Ouen Flea Market It was here, in 1920, that the first organized market was born. At the time, Romain Vernaison, […]

Saint. Ouen…Puces a Paris

Still in Paris ….. my little black Moleskine of Paris in my hand (apparently we Dutch love those black note books and agenda’s)…. it has a map of the city in it and lots of space to write notes. I had written some places I wanted to visit at the St Ouen market in it […]

Merci – Paris

Hello again … It has been a while since my last post … but those who follow me ‘here’ know I was in France! I spent some days in Paris and had a great time wandering around the city. A city that looks empty this time of the year. Lots of shops are closed for […]

oxidized copper

I am not really a fan of copper… I just never liked the color. When really shiny it is like gold (not my favorite kinda color) And when it’s old and not looked after it is pretty dull and boring. But when the weather does it’s thing with it, it transform in to something really […]

tuliP + I

Last week I came across the beautiful Toronto based web shop ‘Tulip and I’ a small label that was first envisioned after the birth of a little baby girl nicknamed tulip. It’s the story of a wish to create simple, timeless and beautiful pieces, slowly handcrafted and carefully made with wonderfully tactic and natural fabrics […]