IKEA Family Live

I had some great company the last few days.. and am really flattered the IKEA Family Live team choose my house to be furthered in the magazine. To be honest I did not understand what was so special about my home and seeing the shots I could not believe it was the same place I […]

big bags and blankets

I found this enormous bag at Merci and thought it would be great to store magazines but it is really huge… perfect to store some summer blankets now nights are getting colder. Do you like this bedroom as much as I do… I kept looking at it in some French Magazine

Back in town

Back in town and back at work… Not really in the mood of writing a lot…. Just enjoying these last beautiful days at the end of the summer, being outside a lot, eating beautiful cupcakes, delicious pizzas and enjoying the sun and the company of family and friends. I am loving the words on this […]