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January 31, 2011

What's that in your studio...

Last year November I visited the Vitaverto Block Party in one of my favourite streets of Amsterdam. De Utrechtsestraat has a great variety of shops and it is one of the favorite shopping areas for many locals. Not over crowded, beautiful views over the canals and next to the Amstelveld, known for its wooden church and the yearly Amsterdam Montmartre events. 

I went there to pick up some cupcakes from the 'Cherry Bomb Vegan Bakery'  and made a little tour around the event. In one of the stables I found this Cable Photo holder - as the box says -  and thought it would give me a good way to display these cards directly to the wall.

Vorig jaar November bezocht ik de Vitaverto Block Party  in een van mijn favoriete straten van Amsterdam. De Utrechtsestraat heeft veel leuke en verschillende winkels en is een favoriete buurt van veel Amsterdammers Het is er tamelijk rustig, de straat is  verbonden met bruggen waarvandaan je telkens een mooi uitzicht over de grachten hebt. Bovendien is vlak in de buurt het Amstelveld, bekend van de jaarlijkse Anriek en curiosa markt Amsterdam Montmartre n de wekenlijkse bloemenmarkt

Ik ging erheen om wat cupcakes van de  'Cherry Bomb Vegan Bakery'  te halen en maakte daarna nog een rondje over de markt. Bij een van de stalletjes vond ik deze Cable Photo holder - zoals de doos zegt -  Ik heb hem meegenomen omdat ik dacht dat dit een mooie  manier zou zijn om de kaarten direct op de muur te hangen..

Sitting here in my little studio I like to surround me with things that I love and have a meaning to me... I like to look at the pictures in their frames, funny or useful presents, catalogs from shops I love to go, lots of cheap wooden pencils because they have these cute white tops, cards sent by people I love....

All pictures (C) Vosgesparis

 Photo Cable Holder...
Cards... Therese Sennerholt
Muji in Paris.... Muji
  Moooi in Amsterdam.... Moooi

January 25, 2011


It is all about style says the website of Dutch stylist Anouk from AnoukB .  I came across her styling work when I saw some pictures at Emma's Designblogg  of Dutch photographer Marjon Hoogervorst

I was so in love with her work and mailed her you would love her style too.
So she let me show these pictures to you.. Thank you Anouk!  Visit her website here

It is all about style zegt de website van de Nederlandse styliste Anouk van AnoukB .  Ik kwam haar styling tegen toen ik op Emma's Designblogg foto's zag van fotografe   Marjon Hoogervorst

Ik vind haar werk en materiaal gebruik echt geweldig en ben bij dat ze mij toestemming gaf deze fotos hier te laten zien. en weet zeker dat veel van jullie ze ook prachtig vinden. Dankjewel Anouk! Bezoek haar website hier

The rest of the photos were removed, but they will be published in the Dutch Magazine 101 Woonideeen in June. De rest van de fotos zijn te zien in de 101 woonideeen van Juni.
Pictures copyright Marjon Hoogervorst / Styling AnoukB
January 21, 2011

DIY Chandelier

Two years ago I was about to paint a chandelier on my wall with some red chalk, I found out it was very easy to design something on concrete and wash it away after wards.  I thought it would look cool for Christmas but  ended up with a metal one with white candles in it, found at the flee market.

This last year september issue of VT Wonen had an Ode to Black and showed how to make an original wall with a DIY Chandelier.... 

I think this idea from VT Wonen is definitely worth to be copied once ore twice by me..... and maybe.... by you as well! 

Also from VT wonen the last two remaining months of 2010. The November issue came with an extra publicity folder with the same cover. Extra layers gave you the chance to play with different walls,  sofa's and floors... to create your own combination's.  The theme was Relax & Lounge... with the different Kivik IKEA sofa's and a bed and breakfast in Antwerp in black and white.

December was colorful as a party... it inspired me to collect all kind of different trees for my Alternative Christmas trees post from last month. Hope you enjoyed these little collections of my favorite moments places and houses. I sure had fun making them! 

Want to see more...  here is Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  
January 19, 2011


A touch of... GREEN... Are you into GREEN

Picture 1 & 6 made by me
Picture 2-5 Kitchen of Paola Navone's Parisian apartment

I got some reactions on this GREEN post and links to other posts on green, Like the one from Anna called 'Vert' and I think 'This showroom apartment in Amsterdam' on Bloesem has some nice touches of GREEN as well
January 16, 2011

Living in white with black accents

Today some more VT Wonen magazine  I showed you some parts already of the things I loved most out of 2010. If you haven't seen them you can still read 'Best of VT Wonen magazin 2010'  and 'Part 2 Best of VT wonen'  Looking back at last year the September issue was definitely my favorite 

The first picture shows a combination I made with some pictures from the magazine.. the theme of September was Living in white ...with black accents. It showed some great homes in Black & White.

The first home is that of Tuula Pöyhönen a Finish fashion designer. She and her family live in an apartment in an old factory in Helsinki. Her home serves as her studio and even as her shop.

Ik heb al eerder geschreven over de (voor mij) mooiste artikelen en reportages uit de VT wonen van 2010. Heb je ze deze niet gezien dan kun je ze hier nalezen  'Best of VT Wonen magazin 2010' en 'Part 2 Best of VT wonen'  Terugkijkende op het afgelopen jaar was het September nummer mijn absolute favoriet. De eerste foto is een collage die ik heb gemaakt met foto's uit het nummer en zoals je ziet was het thema zwart en wit.. oftewel Wonen in wit, maar wel met zwarte accenten.  Het eerte huis is dat van de Finse mode ontwerpster Tuula Pöyhönen. Zij en haar familie wonen in een apartement in een verbouwde fabriek in Helsinki.

The next apartment is to be found near Copenhagen in a 19e century building where Pernille Hell combines Classic design, French Antics and flee market finds with a Black & White base.

In this issue also the new VT Wonen floor collection was presented. They have names with Loft Chalk and Olive in them and the pictures went all over the internet, most of the time without telling they were styled for this new floors. I am sure you recognize them!  The first picture was also used as the cover of the issue. Here you can see the whole VT Wonen collection

This edition also revealed the winner of the VT Wonen / IKEA competition. To win the price of 7000 euro  worth of  IKEA goodies you had to sent in some pictures of your home and tell them which piece of furniture you really would like to keep beside the new IKEA furniture you could win..

I also sent in some photos of my home and got an email saying I was selected as one of the potential winners  (I wonder if any of you can guess what the piece of furniture was I wanted to keep) .....

Okay I did not win and I understand why, when I see the beautiful house these people have. But I was really surprised when I saw the furniture they had won...

Do you ever play with the tables and chairs when you are at IKEA?... I do! It is the best way to see if they match together isn't it.? I happened to have arranged the same white chairs around the same white table.. of course only one! table would have fit in my home...   But yes... I still would like some of them !

Want to see more...  here is Part 1 Part 2 and Part 4
January 11, 2011

How they work....

So Christmas is really over now... the tree is down and there it is in all it's glory... my new concrete wall in the living room ... beautiful light grayish, naked and still feeling a bit like a stranger in the house.... screaming  for some decoration !! 

The new year brings many of us to think about a fresh start, something new in our houses, a new colour, a complete new look or, just like me,  some new decoration ideas..

Being totally in love with the industrial feeling concrete is adding to my place ...  I am walking around for some days now thinking off what would fit with the new wall. Something that would intensify that raw feeling and have the right color.

For my birthday I got this book called  'How they work' It is filled with pictures of the work spaces of some of the major Dutch designers. I have always had a weak for this kind of places Maybe it is coming from this old book I have, with black and white photos by Nat Finkelstein.

It shows pictures of Andy Warhol hanging out with Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground and working in his studio. Pictures of big. spaces with an industrial character. Unfinished floors and painted brick walls in white or silver workshop look.
Factory of Piet Hein Eek - Andy Warhol and Tom Dixon

Don't you think bright new objects photographed with a raw industrial background,  like concrete, metal windows, stripped ceilings or old wooden floors is a great combination? 

That is maybe also why I like to take catalogs home.. Lately I picked up one of Tom Dixon with great photo shoots at deserted stripped down factory's ..... I think I might just cut some pages out of it and add them to my wall. 

All pictures made by me
(except the ones used in the collage) 

Een nieuw jaar en een niewe kerst is nu echt voorbij, een nieuw jaar en op zoek naar een nieuwe invulling voor de nu lege muur.. Waarschijnlijk worden het foto's geknipt uit de catalogus van Tom Dixon... foto's van mooie nieuwe objecten tegen een industriele achtergrond.
January 6, 2011

Dutch designer Mirjam Boon

Heel Wit is the web shop of Dutch designer Mirjam Boon where she sells her own collection. Duvet covers, towels, and decorative pillows... they all have one thing in common, they are white!

It was quite natural that she wound up working with textiles as she was more or less spoon fed this whilst growing up: her mother was a seamstress and made lovely skirt suits for posh ladies. Always occupied with beautiful fabrics, beads and buttons. I can't imagine any other colour on my bed then white says Mirjam. White gives peace and a sense of freedom. Something I found out myself after renovating my bedroom last year.

Mirjam gets her inspiration from different sources.
The fashion industry being her main source, she can find inspiration out of almost everything. By looking around her
Something she really learned at Art Academy where students have to really 'dig' and see all day things in a different perception. she gets ideas for new collections.

She travels extensively seeking inspiration for the Heel Wit collection. Like in China, where she made this picture of a bicycle courier. The image gave her inspiration for the Design Ripple. In this design she uses a lot of fabric which is gathered and constrained by a wide cotton band.

Beside the wide collection of duvet covers, tablecloths and decorative pillows, Heel Wit also sells traditionally, handmade in Italy, crocheted baskets with a rugged look. Beautiful white powdery porcelain and many more items for you and your home. 

heel wit is de webwinkel van Mirjam Boon, waar zij o.a. zelf ontworpen textiel verkoopt. Dekbedovertrekken, badhanddoeken, sierkussens... ze hebben allemaal een ding gemeen, ze zijn wit!

Het werken met textiel heeft Mirjam van huis uit meegekregen, haar moeder was coupeuse en maakte sjieke mantelpakjes voor deftige dames in Bloemendaal. 

Op haar bed kan zij zich geen andere kleur voorstellen dan wit. Wit geeft rust en een gevoel van vrijheid! Iets waar ik mijzelf helemaal in kan vinden sinds ikzelf een overwegend witte slaapkamer heb gemaakt vorig jaar

Inspiratie haalt Mirjam overal vandaan. Naast mode, vooral door goed om haar heen te kijken. Dat kijken heeft zij geleerd op de kunstacedemie. Daar word je gedwongen om te ‘graven’, waardoor je alledaagse dingen in een heel andere dimensie gaat zien. 

Voor de WIT collectie is zij ook veel op reis en put inspiratie uit alles wat zij tegen komt. Zoals in China, waar zij deze fietskoerier fotografeerde. Het beeld bracht haar tot het ontwerp Design Ripple, waarin veel stof is verwerkt die wordt gerimpeld en ingesnoerd door breed katoenen band.

Naast textiel kun je bij Heel Wit ook terecht voor stoere manden van Neoprene (synthetisch rubber) Deze manden worden in Italië met de hand gehaakt met joekels van haaknaalden. En voor het prachtige wit poederige en met zilver geglazuurde porselein. 
All pictures (C) Heel Wit
January 3, 2011

Part 2....... Best of VT Wonen magazine

With Part 2 - Best of VT Wonen magazine 2010, we are following up my last post of 2010 Thank you so much for all your wishes and thanks for being here again in the new year!

VT Wonen has it own 'Home' collection with different products such as furniture, candles, lights, bedding, recently floors... and so on. Many of those can be seen in the regular magazine as they are used in articles as 'stylist in the house' and other presentations.

This last year VT Wonen added a MagaLogue with some of the issues... a catalog presenting the VT Wonen home collection in a magazine kind of way. You can see the whole collection in the shop & buy section of the site  And click here to have a look through the MagaLogue!

July... brought some wonderful Summer Houses from Denmark, via the south of France .. down under to Australia...Beautiful white in Denmark. A bit shabby in France but definitely with some French elegance and stone walls I loved.... and how about that big kitchen in Australia.....

The cover made you wanna go out and have a picnic or run to the shop and get that Moroccan  serve tray and the white ceramic bowls.

August had a colourful cover and happened to be a very colourful issue... Durf! as in  Dare! ....  an article about adding letters and words to your walls. *You don't have to be a Writer to do so* it said. 

Also an ode to Linen.... Linen always make me feel being in France and thinking of big tables and beautiful colored table clothes touching the floors..... just like the styling in the article.

Click here to for the 1st part (januari-June) Part 3 and Part 4

............ Next time my favorite issue of the year. Black & White in September!

All pictures used are (c) VT Wonen magazine
  4th picture  (c) vosges paris