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March 30, 2011

White gray and black | Fuorisalone 2011

It is not very often I make a post about something I have seen on other blogs but this time I just had to mail Molo Design to ask if I could use their pictures.  Because after seeing the post about these Laterns at Contemporist I just had to show you these little beauties as they are so me!  Looking at the pictures I see my favorite colours in a row.. White Grey and Black. I just love the shape of them and how they are presented...

Hobo Lantern and felt bag... from Molo Design
hobo lantern is a portable luminary inspired by the urban nightlife of Zona Tortona during Milan’s Design Week.  This portable bag of light is a piece of pragmatic poetry that can be used as a functional shoulder bag or purely as a lantern. Perfect for drawing extra visibility to pedestrians and cyclists on city streets with car traffic or a romantic walk in the moonlight. 

At home you can choose to plug hobo into a regular power outlet or use the portable battery pack included. The form of hobo lantern originated with hobo felt bag which is made from natural felted wool and available in natural heathered grey or black. The geometrical form of  hobo felt bag + hobo lantern is composed of two squares that transition from the elliptical base to meet in a straight line at the bag’s opening.

Thank you Mathew-Arthur At Molo for text and images.
Visit the
Molo website
March 26, 2011

A mini Moooi world

Last week I popped into Marcel Wanders Moooi Gallery to have a look at the new collection...   'Wandering' through the building always makes me happy and very calm... it is such an almost serene white world with beautiful furniture and unexpected objects... I had the chance to take home my own collection and build it in a shoe box or like here on my studio table...

The Moooi Panorama ....

From the 12th to the 17th of April Moooi is proud to present a panoramic overview on its new products at the showroom in Milan for the 50th Edition of Il Salone del Mobile. 
In via Tortona 37 the new creations of Marcel Wanders, Stefano Giovannoni, Studio Job, Rooms, Sjoerd Vroonland, Bertjan Pot and Moooi Works will be revealed in combination with products extensions by Marcel Wanders.
March 20, 2011

Behind the scenes with IKEA Family Live

in the summer of 2010 the IKEA Family Live team choose my house to be furthered in the magazine. It was published in the latest IKEA Family LIVE magazine and went to IKEA Family members in 23 countries around the world. Since then my home changed a lot but it is fun to see how it was and what I made of it after these pictures were shot.

A little diary with pictures I collected from their site and some pictures I made myself during the shoot...
somehow I only thought about it on the last day :/  IKEA also asked me to write some blogs for their website about the whole experience of having a team over to shoot your home...
Read them here ...

Real people, Real Homes {blogging for Ikea Family Live}
Are these real people and real homes, you may wonder, when the IKEA Family Live magazine drops on your doormat and you are flicking through pages filled with wonderful images and happy people…. believe me it is all real! 
Recently the IKEA Family Live team sent me an email, asking if I might be interested in doing a photo shoot with them. They’d seen my photos on Flickr and on my blog. My first reaction was are you kidding? My house does not look like the ones in the magazine. I am happy with the rooms I just finished this last year but you haven’t seen the rest of it. Being flattered and a bit curious I sent them some more pictures as they asked, thinking that would scare them of. Surprisingly though, they emailed and said they wanted to arrange a schedule for the shoot, and then it all started….

When making pictures for your blog, you have the freedom to show
only the bits you want, even if the rest of the house is total chaos. But when a team of five is coming over from the UK, especially for you and your home, you start to look different at it. My house isn’t really in chaos though. I’m quite ordered and I don’t really have many ‘things’…  or at least I have hidden them well in boxes. It are more the little-big things you notice and want to solve before ‘they‘ arrive.. I made a tour around the house to see what I thought needed to be done to not make them getting on the first train back home. 

Even though friends and family told me not to stress out, for me it felt having a major deadline… Now luckily enough I really like to run around in my special pair of DIY converse and jeans that tell many stories about the paint jobs here and at friends places.

So for a week or two my best friends after work were two buckets… one filled with paint and one with water and soap…  And while painting and cleaning I now and then checked my e-mail….
I was half-expecting a little note to pop up and say, ‘Ha, you’ve been fooled!’ But I never got that email, so I continued painting. In the day time I encouraged myself with the words .. They asked you, you did not asked them…  But at night I dreamed about paint and IKEA magazines. Only to wake up in panic screaming out… what am I gonna wear!
Previously posted on the IKEA Famly Live Website on April 6 2011 - IKEA Family Live gets real  This former IKEA FAMILY LIVE site is now the new IKEA Live site where you can also find all the blogs I write for IKEA Live 


Moving things around.. messy corners.. great styling and shots..
seeing the pictures makes me realize how much my place changed again over the last 6 months

Reflections on an IKEA FAMILY LIVE shoot {Blogging for IKEA FL}
If the IKEA FAMILY LIVE team should ever take over your house for two whole days, like it did with mine, be prepared to enjoy every minute of it. It is not every day you get to see how a great magazine team works.

Before they arrived, all I could think was that the team would walk in and say ‘Is this it?!’ But it was nothing like that at all. They walked in, looked around and told me that this was their dream location to shoot because of all the little corners and all the objects I’ve collected that are dotted around the house.

When the team arrived, there was no time for tea or coffee (yet) – everyone went straight to work! I’m used to having so many people around the house and it made me feel really comfortable seeing everyone doing their own thing.

Meanwhile, Huma (who wrote the story) and I talked for hours  – we kept talking and talking, even when we had to go to the hospital because I had cut my hand! Huma could write a book about me by now. But she promised me she wouldn’t!

The whole thing was a lovely experience. I loved watching the team set up each scene for the photos. Yes, they made some little changes here and there to create an interesting angle and fit everything they wanted to show in the shots, but it was definitely still my home. By the second day, I was so comfortable, that even posing for pictures didn’t feel so strange. Everyone was so encouraging, patient and lovely towards me! 

I really enjoyed talking with Jake Curtis, the photographer. loved that as I happened to have collect some of work.

A great few days. I was left with lots of things to think about and feeling very inspired.

Thanks to the IKEA FAMILY LIVE magazine team for allowing me to have such a great experience. If it wasn’t for the fact that they ate most of my cookies, I would almost say I miss them ;)

Previously posted on the former IKEA Famly Live Website on April 20 2011 Now to be found , along with my other blogs for IKEA Live on the new IKEA LIVE website  ->  Reflections on an IKEA FAMILY LIVE shoot

The Magazine pictures...

The magazine will be in your mailbox if you live in one of the 23 countries IKEA send out the magazine... If you are not an IKEA family member you can see the Spring 2011 issue here in English... or in French  Ma maison dans IKEA Family Live magazine ici en Francais 

Ideas for corners and display
Is how IKEA FL called the collection of pictures on their website when they added some text onto the pictures... somehow I all said that ;)

All pictures for the magazine are made by Jake Curtis for IKEA Family Live
Styling by Sam.. for IKEA... if you use them please give them some credit!
March 19, 2011

My home in IKEA Family Live magazine

My bedroom
Remember last September I wrote about the IKEA Family Live team doing a photo shoot at my home. They came across some pictures of my studio and bedroom and approached me with the question if I was interested in a photo shoot for their Family Live Magazine. My first reaction was... I do not have that particular IKEA home you are looking for, but they asked me to sent some pictures of my home anyway... 

So there I stood in the middle of my living room making a shot of each of the four walls... that will scare them off I thought. But surprisingly they were enthusiastic and not much later my house was taken over for three days by a super friendly team from London. 

I wrote some blogs about these days for their website and you can read them on the IKEA Family Live website soon.
Meanwhile enjoy the pictures.

my livingroom

Spring 2011 issue of IKEA Family Live Magazine
 my studio
The magazine will be in your mailbox if you are in one of the 23 countries IKEA send out the magazine.

Vorig jaar September schreef ik al eens over het team van IKEA Family Live die een foto reprtage in mijn huis kwam maken. Na foto's te heben gezien van mijn slaap en werk kamer benaderden zij mij met de vraag of ik interesse had in een reportage in het IKEA Family blad. MIjn eerste reaktie was dat ik helemaal niet zo een typisch IKEA huis had, maar ze vroegen mij toch wat foto's op te sturen.

Dus daar stond ik, midden in elke kamer alle vier de muren op de foto vast te leggen, compleet niet opgeruimd of ook maar enigzins verder bij nagedacht.... dat schrikt hen vast wel af dacht ik! Maar vreemd genoeg dus niet en niet al te lange tijd daarna werd mijn huis overgenomen door een super leuk team van vijf, uit Londen overgekomen stylist, fotograaf en art directors e.d.

Voor de IKEA Family Live website heb ik nog een aantal blogs geschreven die je daar binnenkort kunt lezen. Mocht je geen IKEA family lid zijn dan kun je het blad.. 
hier online bekijken. 
All pictures made by Jake Curtis for IKEA Family Live
March 17, 2011

A canal house photo location

I recently came across this Victorian house....  It is nearly stripped down to be transformed in a new and clean apartment. Photographers and stylists love to use this kind of locations for a photo shoot and I love to see advertisements with furniture, some beautiful fabrics or fashion photographed in a house like this. Looking at the pictures I had to think of some photos I made about two years ago in a canal house down town.

Dutch houses used to have small corridors and the staircases in many of the old (canal) houses downtown makes many first time visitors wonder if their feet will fit on the steps of the staircase and how they can come down again from such a small and straight staircase without hitting their head.

The building itself, build in 1690, is an old warehouse and the place was rather spooky... Not because it was build on an old cemetery from the middle ages but because in the basement it was dark and dirty and there were even some dead pigeons stuck between the windows and a wall. I did love the windows at the back, the colors of the floorboards and the cleaned walls on the floor where I made the pictures. And how about that beautiful gray of the doors.....  It could easily be a great location for a photo shoot don't you think?

Picture 1 + 2 source unknown
All other pictures by me