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August 28, 2011

New bedroom - coat rack project | Inspired by Paris

It has been a while since my last post, I was really busy with a big kitchen renovation. It still isn't finished, but I thought it was time to finally show you what I did with all the inspiration I came back with from Paris ;)

August 19, 2011

Travelling to Paris + getting inspiration

As a blogger and stylist of my own home I learned to keep my eyes and ears open for every little detail that comes my way. If you blog for some years it almost comes as a second nature. Inspiration and new ideas for your home or blog can be found on every corner.

August 15, 2011

EST Magazine {Fashion up your home with AnoukB}

Last week the 2nd edition of Australian online magazine EST was launched. In this second edition Est has collaborated with acclaimed photographers, stylists and trend spotters from around the globe to produce a stunning selection of homes, fashion, restaurants and destinations. From a Hampton's home, to the streets of Brooklyn NY and the azure seas of the Mediterranean, each story has a unique Australian twist.

From the streets into your home, pack a punch with stars, stripes and acid brights....
I was really looking forward to this second issue and especially to the 'style counsel' page with the first article of Dutch AnoukB spotting the latest trends in fashion and design. In the article she explains how to use and interpret whats hot and hip at this moment. And with pictures (made by Marjon Hoogervorst ) she shows you how to create your own unique style using the latest trends at your home

August 13, 2011

Living the Industrial Loft Life {in a city apartement}

Of course it would be great to really have a space like this to live in.... but one can always dream right! Looking at this loft apartment in Barcelona, it is the open plan living that attracts me.... I love see-through's.

When I open the front door of my own small apartment I see a long corridor with at the end the living room. I love the fact I can look all the way through the long hall and the living where at the end the light comes in through a big window.... it is one of the things I love most about my home. Secondly I like the raw materials of this loft, concrete, stone and great ceilings.

But most of all I love the atmosphere of this place and the way people seem to live in this home. It looks like everything is allowed in here .. bring your motor in ..park your bike in the hallway, sit on a garden chair... and have a sit on the big inviting couch. it's all so laid back  but yet taken care off.

Maybe this place attracts me because I am a pretty laid back person myself. I do not fuss to much about things. And to be honest I love a bit of chaos and mess when I am working on a project at home. The other day I was talking with my daughter about how people live in their homes. And she told me how she loved the fact that they could always bring their bikes in.

As a matter of fact I love it when they bring in their pretty fixed-gear bikes and park them against the concrete walls..... It's like they bring in a new piece of art each time. Bikes with ever changing wheels and colored frames. One time sparkling and pink. Or like the one on the picture, being my favorite, black, with a saddle and handles with velvet leopard print. And an integrated handlebar and basket by Copenhagen Design.....It's a bit like living the Industrial loft life at 80 square meters

Integrated handlebar and basket by Copenhagen design via Pristine - Fixed gear

Picture 1-3 Photography: NĂºria Vila Stylist: Mar Requena  

Picture 4-5 © Vosgesparis
August 10, 2011

High heels + black and white postcards

Yesterday it was Tine K's promising new weblog and today even more good news. That if you like those graphic Black and White images as much as I do! Lotta Ageton showed the new collection of  'Happy' postcards by her friend Therese Sennerholt, that will be launced on august 19th ! I love the styling in the picture and how the cards are attached to the wall with those little black dots! ... now read on for more..

Being still in the Parisian fashion mood I love the styling in the first picture. Funny enough I took a picture at Sukha-Amsterdam last Saturday.. where my eye caught a piece of paper attached to the table with a pair of high heels beside... I moved the heels a bit around  and made the picture below.

Sukha, meaning 'Joy of life' in Sanskrit,  is a  lifestyle shop in the middle of Amsterdam. In a beautiful ambiance you can shop for interior, fashion and accessories. They also have a small collection of typical Sukha postcards with sweet sentences in Dutch, just like the text next to the heels.  

Of course it does not rhyme in English but it say something like:
Who knows if at the stroke of midnight a new adventure starts. Put on your high heels and see where they will bring you

Ohh and here is my book of  The Sartorialist packed together with some postcards by Sukha!

picture 1 + 2 via Lotta Agaton  -  
picture 3 + 4 © Vosgesparis 
August 9, 2011

Tine K Blog {decoration + dedication + inspiration}

Okay.... I must have been sleeping, or been really busy finishing things at work last month .. but I just only now discovered today TineK is also writing a blog! I just looked at it and as you see in the picture below they are working on a their new lifestyle Photo shoot for next  Autumn, they can't wait to show us their new products and pictures and I can't wait to see them. Looking forward on the inspiration this blog is bringing us.

And do check out Tine's Blog or surf to the TineK website

A sneak peek on the set of TineK Homes Photo shoot for the new catalog Meanwhile some pictures from their previous shoots. 

August 6, 2011

MERCI << J'ai ce que j'ai donne >>

Paris!...I can live without Montmartre.. Place du Tetre and the Tour Eiffel. I did not see any of them during my last two visits. But the one thing I have to do,maybe even twice, while being in Paris is visiting my favorite store MERCI

And every time I do, I am surprised by the different atmosphere in this former factory, that feels like a big loft full of gorgeousness. Marie-France Cohen, founder of children's clothing line Bonpoint, who created the first Parisian children clothing house in 1975. Launched the charitable retail concept MERCI is. Fashion items, furniture and other home accessories are donated by designers. And all profits go to a children's charity in Madagascar.

Last year I bought the big white storage bags ... this time a set of cards and a small black travel journal, with pages to write on and thin envelopes to save your memories in... and as many things from MERCI wonderful words written on the cover ...

Want to see more... read my previous post about MERCI here 
All pictures by me 

 'J'ai ce que j'ai donne' (Jean Giono) is written on the back of MERCI's business card.. it means
'I have what I have given' if my French is correct

August 2, 2011

Paris unplugged...

Some unplugged images I made in Paris last week... Paris je t'aime
More pictures from Paris on my Facebook page.. come and join the fun ;)