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September 22, 2011

We prefer the beauty of chaos over ugly perfection

We prefer the beauty of chaos over ugly perfection.... a slogan to my heart!
Tomorrow Therese Sennerholt launches her new collection of graphic prints,   here is a sneak preview of them!


 Photography by Pia Ulin and styling by Lotta Agaton !
September 20, 2011

A Punkrock interior with a decadent attitude

My heart made a little jump this last Saturday when my Dutch interior magazine  came in the mail and I flipped through the pages. I saw a little part of a kitchen with a concrete floor and a heavy metal table and I instantly recognized it as the home where the picture is made that I have been loving for years!

I was really happy to finally read the story behind it and to find out more about the house and its habitats. The home, a former brewery, of Swedish architect and interior designer Johan Israelson and his family is situated in the countryside of Gotland but has a real urban feeling.

Johan is a former musician and describes his style as Punkrock with a touch of decadence... I totally love this style and I recognize myself in many of his ideas. He translates a Gucci black flagship store feeling... into a home where he combines, black and heavy metal with crispy white and soft grey concrete walls. He is not crazy about color but love 'blackish colors ' like olive green and midnight blue and is obsessed with deep purple.

I only ever saw a few pictures of this home... The one above was a, to me, unknown picture of the kitchen and the hallway with coat hooks of steel on a concrete wall covered in a crispy white frame. I loved to see the same idea in this home as I have in mine and more of the home I fell in love with long ago.

Where most people add warmth to a home with fabric and curtains Johan likes to let the light in and gives the home a cozy feeling with sheepskins and a big wood stove.
Great contrast with this dark wooden wall with artwork from Jesper Zacco

September 18, 2011

Leave a note for your guests...

I just really loved this idea found on Australian The picture above is of a couple's guestroom and the home owners say to always leave a little note for their guests. I can so imagine a crispy white piece of paper sticking out of the typewriter with some sweet words on it.... such a simple but beautiful idea.

The picture below is of  TineK's new collection and I thought the colours of the two pictures just work really well together. I love these sober colours at this time of the year, when it is slowly getting colder and darker. I am a big fan of these dark aubergine colours and took out my purple bed throw again and dream about soft beautiful bed linen in warm colors.  Do you change things around as well now.... winter is approaching?  

September 15, 2011
September 13, 2011

A perfect picture..

Having my first coffee of this morning, a little breakfast with toast and French marmalade.. Catching up with some blogs...Adding a picture with a beautiful light gray painted concrete floor to my Kitchen inspiration album on Printerest. And then I came along this beautiful picture found via Pelle's blog ! A room with an even better 'painted' floor! And all the soft industrial elements I love! It seems to suit really perfect with all pictures of my previous posts.

Pictures : Line Klein  - Stylist: Helen Wiggers
September 9, 2011

Serge Gainsbourg + Paris {moodboard}

You know I love Paris and I know that many of you love this city too. And even more of you might be dreaming to go there one day...  Yesterday on Facebook someone was 'teasing' me by telling me he went to Paris this weekend (It is the weekend of Maison et Objet) He also added a link to a French chanson of Serge Gainsbourg on my wall to listen to. I fell a bit in love again with Serge Gainsbourg when I was in Paris this summer.

For the first time in my live I bought a beautiful real picture in a gallery in Le Marais. A picture of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. Made by the photographer who also did the shoot for their album in 1969. Shot au bord de Seine (on the rivers of the Seine) some days after the real photoshoot....

I think it was a bit love at first sight with this picture because I could not forget it and before leaving Paris I went back to the gallery to buy it. I think music is a great thing that can really bring back memories and atmospheres ... and listening to French songs is bringing back the feeling I have while being in Paris that I so love.

I recently framed the picture I bought and thought it would be cool to add some more Serge Gainsbourg to my home, so I started to collect a few images from that area to be printed later on. Aren't they gorgeous together.

Here are some 'Parisian' songs for you to listen to and to dream about Paris... Serge Gainsbourg and this typical 'cheesy' one de Michel Fugain   Enjoy your weekend.. I will do some more painting around the house... but I would love to hear what your favorite French song is !

September 3, 2011

Playing with paper and tape {kitchen renovation}

The last weekend of my summer holidays has arrived... And I am looking back at some great and very productive weeks. First there was Paris with lots of inspiration and good company. And I had a few days at the beach doing nothing but enjoying the sun as well.

The last three weeks have been really busy and I have been working really hard on putting ideas into action... I made that cute Parisian corner in my bedroom and meanwhile I stripped of all the remaining wallpaper in my home and started working on my kitchen plans. A big wall, and a small one, came down. Doorposts disappeared and slowly the 'loft look' I always imagined manifested itself.

I am still working very hard on it but it is great to see that in less then three weeks from the start I now can make plans on finishing things.Of course a bit of daydreaming is part of the fun, playing with paper (to imagine how that lamp of my dreams would look more or less) and tape (outlining the size of a table on the floor) Putting some art against the walls and creating little corners with touches of color. It is all part of getting to know my new kitchen before making major decisions on how to finish it. And great to getting towards the realization of my masterplan 

September 1, 2011

Today you will find me here.... {More bedroom details}

Thank you so much for your reactions on my little DIY bedroom project, 
I loved every single comment ;) Loving also the fact that both Apartment Therapy and Remodelista asked me to sent them pictures of my project.