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October 31, 2011

Life in Monochrome {A danish artist studio}

In this months Elle-UK Edition a great article about the studio of Danish artist Tenka Gammelgaard. A studio with a monochrome Black and White character...  Amazingly creative and inspiring. 

I so want this !

Pictures via Tenka Gammelgaard
October 30, 2011

We like to inspire... {a bedroom challenge}

Picture: Marjon Hoogervorst -
This morning I came across this picture at the blog of my friend Anouk. As I was writing my new IKEA post some days ago I had to think of the picture I sent in of my own bedroom and how much I love it to be simple and serene. 

Don't you think an uncluttered bedroom is way more relaxing then a room filled with cupboards chairs and lots of decoration.

If you are asking yourself what to do on this lazy Sunday, you might want to have a look at your own bedroom and see if it is ready for a calm and relaxing Autumn. 

I hope these two pictures can help you on the way to  make your bedroom look calm and inviting. I actually challenge you to play around with your furniture and camera to make a similar setting like on these two pictures.

I would love to see the result.. Sent me a link to the post you made with it or your social media like Facebook or Printerest  and I will link it to this post, so we can inspire each other ;) (I took of the links as these blogs do not exist anymore) 

Picture: Desiree - Vosgesparis

A black and white project | My blog at IKEA Live

After Inspired by Paris I wrote a follow up this week on my blog at the 
IKEA Family Live site: A Black and White project In case you wonder what can happen if you travel to Paris and did not read it here... pop over at IKEA ;)

October 28, 2011

Today at RAW {Amsterdam unplugged}

I have been looking for a while at this corner.. today at RAW Materials in Amsterdam.. Thinking how beautiful old floorboards, a raw wall, some simple furniture like two old Indian market tables. Metal open cabinets. Italian ceramic in neutral tones like soft whites, blues and grays and some lost linen napkins......  can create such an amazing decor. Happy weekend to you all!

October 25, 2011

Black + Industrial + Star

Do you ever experience that feeling.... that you are aware of the fact that you feel really happy and everything seems to be going as planned... that feeling... as if the stars are shining especially for you!

I have such a week and really enjoyed finding this amazing huge
 Black metal Industrial star!  in a new shop I discovered last week. It came all the way from the USA... in a big container together with lots of other objects, furniture and decoration mostly found in the Eastern states.

It were the raw and unusual industrial items I spotted while passing by on my bike! But the huge star made me turn around.... I have been told it is made by an Amish community from old metal. I love to know that little fact and I can't wait to hang it on my wall!

A little update...
I loved to read Kim's comment: They are Amish Barn Stars the Amish make them out of old tin metal and place these on their Barns they are to welcome good luck ;)

Eerste Egelantiers- dwarsstraat 2

See also my IAMsterdam shopping guide...

October 22, 2011

An unexpected side table {inspiration}

When I got an email from TineK this week I thought 'd have a look at the, always gorgeous, pictures... Especially in Autumn they can be raw and sober.. a great inspiration. I love to have a good look at the pictures and the way how stylists use certain objects in their shoots. There even  might be something you could even use for your own place.

Also in my own home I like to use things in a different and maybe unexpected way.  So I loved to see  how in these pictures an old wooden ironing board is used to present different candlesticks ... Finding an old ironing board like this, you could make an unusual side table, if you fill it with little lights and candles it will be  a warm focus point in your room this autumn.

Pictures: TineK Home

Happy weekend ! 

October 18, 2011

Kitchen renovation + Black & White

A little update on my kitchen renovation in case you are wondering what is happening with my Masterplan {The masterplan} and what I did with all the ideas {Kitchen Inspiration} and gorgeous kitchen pictures I showed you.

Seeing it took about 5 weeks before the new walls were even dry {thank you for this lovely summer... not!} and I got the great {??} idea, on the way, to renew all the remaining walls in my home as well. I think I am not doing that bad at all... And being back at my regular day job there is just little time to do all the things that need to be done.

So in the weekends I play around {Playing with paper and tape} and really start to know and
love this new kitchen space with it bright white walls and concrete floor that tells the story of all the years we lived here as a family.

I love the stripe that shows where the floors were glued to the concrete and where my son tiled with his heavy chair and a create two little holes in the floor..  It might not be the perfect floor in other peoples eyes but it is to me.

Last week I painted the wall in a beautiful
Soft Black and ordered some shiny appliances. Today off to my Swedish friends to buy some new curtains... in Black and back home I started to move some furniture around. Things are slowly getting shape...  To be continued....

Lets hope to be ready before winter :) 
October 14, 2011

Bodie and Fou catalogue launch {a sneak peek}

The gorgeous picture above is from the very first mail order catalogue from online concept store BODIE and FOU, that has been launched in the UK today. The digital version will go live online this next Monday October 17!
Packed with gift ideas for him and her.. beautiful leather bags, as seen in the picture, from Clare Vivier {exclusively available at Bodie and Fou} And of course lots of things to make your home beautiful ... from Japanese masking tape {for making great mood boards} to Design furniture and lightining and tough House Doctor DK stools and metal letters.

I especially like the personal touches in both the catalogue and the online store. The founders, two sisters one living in London and one in Paris, are French so you will find a 'French style' shopping guide and personal Style files from both Elodie/Paris and Karine/London!


Great styling by Karine in this workspace above with selected items from the shop to make your own 
To celebrate this happy event with you. Bodie and Fou are having a launch giveaway for you to win two of their gorgeous Mini & Maximus exclusive prints: Mima Le Chat print or Le Chat print.
All details to be found on Karine's personal blog

Photograpy: Francois Kong
October 11, 2011

Elle inside Design... unplugged

Some random pictures made at Elle Inside Design...
of things I liked & loved! 
Black moodboard @ Studio Aandacht

Celebrating the anniversary of their book 'How they work'

See my post about it Here
Modern doctor's bags by Laurens Schellekens... loving the 'inspiration' picture!

October 6, 2011

Black Paris chique

Beside our love for long lunches with good bread and lots of olive oil ... white wine and late night chats in cozy  local Parisian cafes.. Anouk and I share the passion for the furniture and style of Paola Navone and the color black.... If you are a lover of the style of Paola Navone too you should have a look at this little movie where she shows her Parisian apartment in La Bastille... {I especially love her talking about the table at 4.00}... She makes me laugh but do I understand her love for that table!} 

Back to Anouk and her own concept apartment... I has a Paris chique feeling with the black walls, you can almost feel the love Anouk has put into the apartment... And if you have an even better look you will see little mis en scenes... with simple and well chosen decoration setting the atmosphere. Just the way I like it... Anouk has her own blog 'concept 2012' where she shares her inspiration and daily life at work. 

Photography by Marjon Hoogervorst Styling AnoukB