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November 30, 2011

A pile of coziness

We Dutch have this word 'Gezellig' It means something like Coziness... 
It is a feeling you get when having a meal with family and friends. Or when in winter you put on the heather, light the candles and curl on the couch with lost of cushions and a cup of tea.  

I really thought this pile of handmade
XXL Cushions from Nepal... that by the way are called NEST ! Totally explained the word Gezellig
Photo: Vosgesparis - made at Sukha Amsterdam - cushions from Zilalila
November 26, 2011

There is no future without a past

Tonight I took some time to surf around and read lots of blogs from my reader-list, leaving comments takes a lot of time and I do try to always leave a note but sometimes I got distracted by a beautiful picture or a link you give...  So as tonight.. I saw this picture above of the workplace and a link to an interview with fashion designer Antonio Marras.

It must have been the name that caught my attention , because I recognized it as being a Sardinian name. A name I have seen hundreds of times on signs or on the walls while spending over 25 long summers at my mother in laws place where she had a house in a little village nearby the sea, that could look like this. If you read my blog for some years you may know we went there every summer and I love this beautiful Island with all its traditions, where I have so many memories.

Antonio Marras was born in Alghero and the inspiration for his eponymous label is drawn from travels, tradition, history and memories... Unlike others who work in Paris or Milan he prefers to stay on the Island and work from there. If I look at the pictures of his collections or at this videoclip  {look under ADV} I can't help to see images of Sardinian women in traditional customs, I even spent some time looking at pictures {being distracted again} and collecting some of them... I guess I got carried away a bit that ended up in this strange post.. a post that supposed to be about his workplace... There is no future without a past says Antonio in the interview ... I think he is right!
Update: When being in Milano in april 2012 I visited his atelier and shop An amazing place where I bought the book with pictures of this collection I love it so much <3 


November 25, 2011

This week {Lots of moodboards }

 Via: AnoukB
Lots of great moodboards this week, they reminded me of some pictures I took at Elle Inside Design this last September. I saw so many great things that I photographed to not forget. I really liked what Ateliers did. They layed out some large moodboards on the floor of a classroom to show their inspiration for the interior they designed for this new college.

Via: AnoukB

Via: Bodie&Fou

 Elle Inside design....

Happy weekend you all... and if you are already thinking of  your Christmas decoration, you might want to join our giveaway page!
November 22, 2011

An IKEA Besta makeover

It is about a year ago or so I bought these low IKEA Besta units. Normally I would have bought the higher and smaller ones. But still having an old television {the one my daughter always jokes about by asking me what that huge thing behind the screen is} I decided to take these as they fitted best. 

Last week when I was working on the floors... I took out all the furniture and when replacing things I did not feel at all putting the monster back on. Instead of that I made a little bench with it {hurrah for these low cabinets after all} by adding some left over wooden planks from my huge cabinet and a linen cushions on top...  I did not had enough planks so added all pieces that were left on top as a one big puzzle...

After placing most black and white prints in front of the long white wall, by adding them partly on the cabinets and against the wall. It is looking great and inviting and to be honest so much better then a boring television ;)  You can see more of it at my IKEA family Live blog .

November 19, 2011

Early Christmas deco... {VT Wonen Special}

Totally in love with my black starzzz and thinking already of how to add some Christmas lights to them. Also the VT Wonen issue that arrived this last week had a little magazine coming along with some Christmas decoration ideas such as this embroided napkin. I also went to a webshop event today where I found a little wooden Christmas tree that I took home. I am just loving this time of the year! More about the event on my other blog.

Stars in all colors and sizes via Hudson River

 More Christmas ideas can be found at the VT Wonen site 

November 14, 2011

Industrial beauty + perfection

Isn't it a real beauty... so very close to industrial perfection, this little chair from 1910. It is to be found at Sourced and Sold where I wrote about before {read it here } I think it looks pretty amazing in my home, against the crispy white wall, white washed wooden planks and the concrete floors!

Photos: Vosgesparis
November 11, 2011

Little lights from Sukha Amsterdam

Little lights, made in Peru, from Sukha Amsterdam..... because it's Sint Martin's day and because I loved this corner with lanterns last week at Sukha Amsterdam. You can find more of my favorite shops in my Amsterdam city guide

Pictures by Vosgesparis
November 5, 2011

Saturday morning {unplugged}

Saturday happiness + making moodboards
Saturday morning...taking it easy with coffee, toast & honey ... meanwhile cleaning up a bit and doing little things! 'We' drilled lots of holes yesterday {I have the best neighbor with the best tools for thick concrete walls} and hung up some kitchen appliances. This morning I decorated the walls with my new black star and hung up a little soft black Jielde I bought last week.
I love black on black and even more love the combination of black and silver!

More happiness when the doorbell rang and the postman brought me a little package filled with new Japanese masking tape. The Catalogue! And a Silver Mini sac that I wanted ever since I saw my friend Karine with it here in Amsterdam {while I was carrying around my huge heavy bag filled with things I did not even need}. So a perfect start of a happy weekend..... wishing you all a very happy weekend too! 
New Jielde lamp + Japanese tape 
      Silver Mini Sac + Bodie & Fou Catalogue
Boots + Music
            Black kitchen wall + Painting hearts with water

Blackboard walls + cool workspaces

Photo via Gispen huiswerk
Wish I had a clean desk like the one above to work on, but the reality is that my studio desk has become  a temporary kitchen table, a cool industrial, but very small kitchen table!! For dinner we have to place the plates in an alternately kinda way because it is so small! With only the floor to finish, my new kitchen is nearly there and it will do till I meet the table of my dreams... or feel like doing some DIY again and make one myself.

Guess many of us have a little notebook... a blackboard.. a wall filled with images and articles. Or like me at the moment, because of all the moving around in the house, a big pile! A pile of inspirational books, pictures I made, articles and things from the '
Woonbeurs' I still want to show you.

These pictures are from 
Gispen Huiswerk {Gispen working at home} Gispen Huiswerk is created around the new way of working. With ergonomic workstations and a site with information about all aspects of creating a flexible workplace. I loved their stand with the huge blackboard wall and the cool work spaces.  

Photo via Gispen huiswerkd caption
Photo via Gispen huiswerk