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January 31, 2012

EST Magazine #4 {Sandinavian Special}

Today the wonderful EST Magazine launched their 4th issue... Filled with inspiration from the Nordic countries. Have a look in the home of Icelandic Interior Designer Rut Kara and Danish Tine K. Get to know modern day model turned street style snapper Candice Lake and see inside the home of the original street style photographer Amy Arbus in New York City. 

In a special report from my inspirational friend AnoukB, photographed by Marjon Hoogervorst, who also shot the cover of the magazine. You can dream away and get some ideas on how to add some Scandinavian style to your own home. 

To celebrate the launch of Issue #4 EST is giving 5 lucky readers the chance to win a copy of the third installment of the PIETBOON Book series showcasing interiors from around the world. Giveaway details will be posted online at Est magazineTwitter and Facebook

Pictures by Marjon Hoogervorst  - Styling AnoukB 
January 30, 2012

Monday Giveaway - Malene Helbak’s Earthenware

Eating and drinking together, working, reading the newspaper, crafting; is the table the most important piece of furniture at your place? That’s why sells colorful 'table fashion' to dress up your table. This week you can win €50 worth of Malene Helbak earthenware from Kleuroptafel  
January 29, 2012

Blackboard walls + pallet benchens
{Chalkboard weekend - Part three}

Today some more chalkboards pictures I received and love to share these on my blog with you! Tina from Peppar & Vanilj sent me pictures of her blackboard walls... and I think they are looking amazing!

I have always loved using blackboards not only to write on, but also as a wall to add images you love. On her wall Tina made a moodboard with some of her favorite pictures like the ones from stylist and shop owner Lotta Agaton and the famous picture of the Afghan girl with the blue eyes from 1999. 

I also really love the bench she made out of old pallets... it is something I am thinking about since I put down  some wooden planks on my concrete kitchen floor when I was still working on it. But seeing the bench VT Wonen made at the woonbeurs I kinda changed my plans as I like both ideas. So I am still thinking what to do.

Trying out things during the kitchen renovation
The bench at the VT Wonen home at the woonbeurs in 2011 

Pictures 1-4 by Tina - Picture 5-6 by Vosgesparis
January 28, 2012

Blackboards from France {chalkboard weekend part two}

In my previous post {part one}I showed you the pictures Jonna sent me and here are some Nathalie of Nath&Co sent to me. Nathalie is a graphic designer and visual artist. With an eco friendly approach she is re-using materials to give them a new use. She has six blackboards in her home and when people come over they enjoy writing and drawing on them. See more of her boards here and have a look at the boards she designed for her sons room.

The picture below, says Nathalie was an inspiration for her own blackboards... she don't know who's wall it is but funny enough we can find out some things about the person .. She likes to shop online-loves flowers - has an animal called Sid and might even be ready to go to Paris! If this is you let us know ;)

pictures (except the last one) by Nathalie, Thank you!   
January 27, 2012

Chalkboard weekend {part one}

A few days after my last weeks post about chalkboard walls in bedrooms
I got an email from interior- fashion journalist and stylist Jonna from the blog Mrs Jones She sent me some pictures of her bedroom with! chalkboard walls.

So I thought lets do a chalkboard post again and show you the pictures. But then I received more emails and decideded to show them all to you over the weekend. So here is part one of this little Chalkboard weekend!

The first two pictuers are made by Jonna herself and the last one is photographed by Nina Kellokoski and published in Finnish Glorian Koti-magazine last September, ain't the girl just cute all in Black&Pink. Thanks for sharing Jonna ;)

January 26, 2012

Maybebag {whats that in your maybebag }

Since being available at MERCI in Paris the Maybebag seems to pop up everywhere.. Maybebags are made of Tyvek, an extremely light hi-tech material that gives the bags a delicate paper-like appearance. useful in many scenarios: from the daily commute to shopping and holidays, or just crumpled up in your main bag, waiting to be used in one of these - maybe - situations!

On the site they have a small blog called Maybelife... with pictures from what people carry around in their maybebags. If you can't go to Paris you can order a maybebag online at their site or at Orphan Socks with no shipping costs. Or if you live in Stockholm you can get them at Lotta Agaton's shop. If you are lucky enough to have one already .... show us what is in your maybebag !

This weekend I will be showing you lots of blackboards I got emailed and will have a little blackboard wall marathon on here... It will also be your last change to enter our giveaway and win a unique lamp from Zenza  .... See you tomorrow!

THE IDEA:The idea for Maybebags was triggered by an observation we made on the London Underground: a lot of people have an expensive handbag that holds the daily essentials, but use a secondary, less stylish bags to carry anything from the extra pair of shoes to the gym kit or books and paperwork. We saw an opportunity for a functional yet beautiful everyday bag that is useful in many scenarios: from the daily commute to shopping and holidays, or just crumpled up in your main bag, waiting to be used in one of these “maybe” situations.

January 24, 2012

An industrial look bedroom {IKEA LIVE blog}

Totally forgot to mention my last weeks blog for IKEA LIVE ...  where I write about how the new grey floors also changed the look of my bedroom and where I also show some previous looks from the last years.

It is really strange to see how my taste of decorating changed towards the Masterplan) -- Talking about the masterplan {I promise you this will be the last time} I thought it was really cool when I met one of my blog readers last week and she told me that reading my thoughts and ideas about having a masterplan she thought it was a really good idea to make one for herself too ;) --

Since the picture above, taken about 2 weeks ago, my room had a little change again. As I missed the white floors a bit, I bought a white carpet at the Pol's Potten sale to put next to my bed. I will try to make some more pictures of the room again soon. For now you might like to read my blog at IKEA LIVE what the lovely people at LIVE called An industrial look bedroom

IKEA a m'a informée que tous les blogs sont traduits en Français et aussi disponibles sur le site de IKEA LIVE France. 

January 23, 2012

Monday Giveaway - Wooden Snake wardrobe -

ORPHAN SOCKS sells a balanced blend of modest and accessible design where crafts and small brands are more important than transient trends and established names. If you would like to win the snake wardrobe worth €59.90, by Maike Timmermann.

January 21, 2012

Today at Emmas Designblogg {new kitchen pictures}

Over the last few months I have been talking and sharing bits and pieces off my kitchen makeover.. from the old and small kitchen, a bedroom and a part of the hallway I made a bright and large kitchen.

Now that it is finished, I finally made some real pictures and I am really happy to being able to share them with you over at Emma's Designblogg. Her blog was one of the first Scandinavian blogs I started following years ago and I still don't miss a single update.

And maybe even more important, through the years she showed being a great person and blog friend as well, Thank you Emma xxx
January 18, 2012

A Chalkboard wall in the bedroom

I found these cute pictures of the girl drawing on this great blackboard wall  on the blog of Silje. A blog I found through Nina's community Stylizimowhere you can share pictures of your home with others.

During the last years I have seen lots of blackboard walls in kitchen and hallways, but not that much in bedrooms. I looked around on Pinterest and did a little survey on Facebook and Twitter asking you to sent me pictures of your blackboard walls.. but not one of the pictures was from a bedroom.

A stunning picture from the bedroom of fashion designer Hanne Graumann by Wichman and Bendsen I scannend from last years Elle Decoration. I think this  home and room was my favorite out of all UK Elle Decoration magazines of last year. But I will check them out once more and make a choice, like I did with last years VT Wonen magazine and see if there are more favorites. 

Sticker on a blackboard wall! 

If you have blackboard walls in your home and like to share them. Then please sent me the link to your blog and I will link you up under this post. 

Thanks you Jana for the following link: 
Jeve {scroll down for that cat picture too!} Thank you for sending in your beautiful wall too Tip 

January 16, 2012

WIN.... A Silver-plated copper lamp from ZENZA

A new week and a new giveaway! Very happy to being able to give away a 
great price from Zenza! Zenza is one of my favorite shops. You probably have seen them mentioned in my 'I Amsterdam shopping' guide yet! This week Zenza will give away a lamp worth €139,95 to one of our lucky readers. 

January 15, 2012

Normal gets you nowhere

Having some more days off last week I had plenty of time to wander through my city... The thing I really love about living in Amsterdam is that there is so much to see and explore all the time, like new shops, galleries, a new part of the old harbor turning into a hip space.You only need time to discover it all.

So last week I had time and went to some bookstores, where I picked up the Kelly Cutrone poster. Not only did I loved the real life show of Kelly Cutrone about the hectic around Fashion week {you may hate me if you thought it sucked} I really love the title of her new book! I also added the Batgirl poster to the wall in the hallway, using black masking tape in stead of framing it! I think it looks really fantastic and basic like this.

And I finally went to have a closer look at new department store Options Where I bought a huge glass vase. Taking off the bubble wrap and tape I thought it would look good on the wall, as I love the word 'Options!' I really believe that if you step out of the box and just ad random things you love to your walls, it will make your home look different and a reflection of who you are.... Normal gets you nowhere ;)
January 13, 2012

Art + Chalkboard walls at Velvet

Via Pinterest I came across a picture made by Designer and Stylist Sania Pell, author of  The Homemade Home I emailed her about the picture. And told her how much I loved the photos of café-bar Velvet, she made in Zagreb. We had a lovely conversation and she told me how much she loves MERCI as well.. Ofcourse I gave her the adress of Restaurant Grazie a few blocks down to MERCI in Paris. A different, but beautiful place like this one.

The interior of cafe and gallerie Velvet is the vision of the talented Croatian contemporary artist and florist Saša Šekoranja. And I love the combination of greys, blacks and the little red details .. like the red stamped numbers on the tables and the legs of the chairs. I remember loving that kind of details in the cafe of MERCI as well last summer. More pictures of Velvet and the work of Saša Šekoranja can be found on Sania's website  and on the Velvet website.

Lovely white ceramics... also to be found on the XL - Danish design tea towels we are giving away on the concept blog - competition open till Januari 23 
January 11, 2012

Graphic + Raw + Simple

Totally in love
with these pictures of the Enamel works by Helen Carnac. Her work somehow brings together my love for graphic looks, raw materials and simple forms. Read more about Helen Carnac and her work on her blog 

PS: Do not forget to scroll down to my previous post to participate in the amazing giveaway! 
January 9, 2012

Edition 2012 { WIN... a set Louise Roe tea towels }

Welcome to 'Edition 2012" our new series of giveaways... 
We will be here with a new giveaway every Monday morning. announced on both Vosgesparis as well as on the concept blog.
January 8, 2012

Kidimo at MERCI {Paris}

In case you are going to Paris this month and are visiting MERCI  Being my favorite shop in Paris, I see it as a must of course if you ask me..  You can still play and make different words with the letters from Kidimo  till Januari 14. On their site you can also make and order your own unique word!

I was planning to add a text to my wall in the living since painting it and taking everything of the wall,  that is now placed on the low cabinets, {see my previous post here} and it might just be one of my favorite French words. Wondering what word you would make !

You can also visit Kidimo (2nd arrondisement)

L'atelier Kidimo - 227 rue St-Denis / En fond de cour - 75002 Paris
January 5, 2012

TineK Home {New Spring- Summer collection 2012}

Really happy to find a press release from TineK Home in my mailbox this morning. I am a huge fan of TineK and think her collection is the perfect combination of Scandinavian design with beautiful whites, strong blacks and a French touch. As always a stunning location where the huge amount of lifestyle pictures is shot. Pure eye candy .... have a look at the TineK website or read Tine's personel blog here