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March 30, 2012

Clipboards + Black paint {DIY project}

When I recently was at one of the art supplier shops in town I came across some brown clipboards, I took one home just because I liked the shape and the clip to see if I could do something with it. Thinking for a while about creating one big gallery in the hallway
I decided to go for some more clipboards which I've all painted black.
March 29, 2012

New IKEA PS collection {Press event}

46 new products from 19 designers were presented during the press event of the launch of IKEA's 7th PS Collection (to be in the shops from April 23) Inspired by over 60 years of IKEA history and the products of their past collections innovative products made of smart materials and new solutions were designed for the future. The theme of the new collection is... Design belongs in real homes.

Three lofts build in the former KNSM cantine in the Eastern Docklands, where the press event was as well, were furnished with the new collection. Here are some of my favorite shots. Of course as an inhabitant of this area it was a great opportunity for me as well to see these lofts from the inside for a change. 

And if you are in for more IKEA you can head over to the IKEA LIVE website where I am blogging today: my IKEA blogs

In one of the other lofts - Left to right: Nest of tables designed by Nike Karlsson & Jon Karlsson a set of three tables in powder coated steel that cover one in wood / A look in the loft with the 3 sit sofa by Nike Karlsson and red rugs by Maria Vinka / new chair with armrests by Marcus Arvonen and stackeble vases

 click to enlarge
I loved the candlestick, designed in seperate parts that you can put together whether
you want a traditional candlestick or sn asymmetrical candelabra - designed by Ehlen Johansson

More picteres on Facebook! 

IKEA will also launch a website dedicated to the PS collection where you can share your own pictures and can get inspired by others.

March 28, 2012

Another perfect picture

Last year I showed you the perfect picture {posted below} And today I found a picture from another view of the same room. Loving the look of the stairs in this picture.
I think there is such a great combination of use of different materials in this home. Of course the amazing concrete floor, the crispy white walls, the black and white photographs and the use of black painted industrial steel  windows. ..... All perfect once again!

                                                                                    Pictures : Line Klein
March 27, 2012

The super ordinary

Do you now the feeling when you find a new blog and scroll down from one post to the other and seeing so much you like ;) I had that today when I came across the lovely blog of Mia The super ordinary Like the name says ordinary pictures from her home, but they have something I like and I think you should check out her blog if you like these too  

March 24, 2012

Create some Parisian chic at home {coat racks}

We can not all have walk in closets and to be honest mine would look really empty. But creating a little corner in our own bedroom or maybe having a wall in a small room is giving you lots of possibilities to be creative and make a little piece of art that is functional at the same time. A clothes rack, some black and white posters or pictures and a pair of shoes on the floor could already give you that little Paris chic - je ne sais quoi - feeling ;) 

The picture above I took in a shop in Amsterdam, I liked the look of it because it looks like my own bedroom where I also have a big framed black and white poster on the floor. It gives me a little Marais feeling and it reminds me of an inspirational trip to Paris last summer. 

March 23, 2012

Really cool stairs with an industrial workspace

When the lovely Desire to inspire once again included me in their blog favorites I discovered the amazing staircase of the home of Michael and Jonathan, company director at the shoot factory. At first when I was scrolling down through the pages I thought .... how can someone with such a cool and amazing staircase have such a horrible tast in the rest of his home.

I then discovered that 47 Park avenue is telling the the story of the renovation of his house. If you have a look at the before pictures you will know what I mean. I also loved to read he got some of his inspiration for bedroom number 4 of this corner at MERCI in Paris.

Same stairs, now with a super sign on the wall. I loved to see the pictures of the work on the stairs and the little industrial corner at the top of the landing. 

Picturers via 47 Park avenue 

March 21, 2012

stil inspiration + more stuff boxes

More inspiration on how to use the HAY stuff boxes from my previous post  found on Pelle's blog 'Stil Inspiration' one of my absolute favorite blogs for some time. The name she has chosen for her blog fits the whole thing so well. As she is really good in making little still lives with pictures and simple objects with that Scandinavian feeling.

Many times I come across something I wanted to blog about myself.. like the combination of the picture with the crosses below. Having a folder with four out of the six same pictures, it was no surprise finding it on Pelle's Stil Inspiration. I love to find bloggers with the the same taste in pictures and moods, it only means more inspiration. Find 
Stil Inspiration here.

Picture 1-2-3 by Still Inspiration Find last pictures credit here

March 20, 2012

Moodboard boxes {window shopping @ Lotta Ageton}

I have just fallen in love with the display boxes in the shop window of Lotta Agaton in Stockholm. Lotta is one of my favorite stylists and I love how she presents the boxes here in her shop. I think they are amazing and the perfect start to add a lively mood board to your room with your favorite objects.

Pictures: via Lotta Agaton
March 19, 2012

Monday Giveaway - A pouffe in Silver or White

This weeks giveaway is a leather pouffe in Silver or white ! Handmade in Morocco and designed by El Ramla HamraAll readers of Vosgesparis can also shop with discount. The entire month of april El Ramla Hamra gives you a one time discount of 10% on the whole collection.  Good luck!
March 18, 2012

Interior Styling Master Class

Styling Emma Fexues
Swedish stylist Lotta Agaton has her own Interior Styling Master Classes at Beckmans Akademi in Stockholm and this is the latest assignment from some of her students. The idea was to make an advertisement photo for one or several products of Lotta's own shop. The one above is from Emma, read more about her following the styling classes here and here

Styling: Amanda Rodriguez
Styling: Emelie Waag
Styling: Maliin Stoor
Pictures by Elin Strömberg
March 17, 2012

Concrete + White @ Pols Potten today

During my grocery shopping for the weekend, I popped into Pols Potten. It's such an amazing store to wander around and I love the view on the harbor you have in the back of the store.

Recently the total look was changed into a more open concept (see one of the previous looks here) and having been back into the store a few times now, I think it was a really good change. Today my eye was caught by the white Pols Potten design displayed in the window at the front on the concrete floor.

I think the combination of concrete and white is one of the best and as you know I use it a lot in my own home... and how about the beautiful stripes of sunlight on the concrete floor in the picture below. It made me really happy today.... something I wish you too for this weekend! See you on monday :)

I thought this little table from metal balls was just amazing
(designed by Jan Wolleswinkel)

March 14, 2012

2 concrete bulbs + a ladder makes a loft

Four years ago I wrote a post about my dream of a loft.. and the wish to one day have the space to just add this old 3 euro ladder in a corner to display some books on it... Seeing it today standing in my kitchen proves you never have to stop dreaming and if you can't have the thing... think hard and work hard to make something that comes close to it and makes you happy ;)