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June 30, 2012

Just because....

Just because.... prettiness is in the simple things
Happy weekend ;) 
June 28, 2012

How to make a personal studio {IKEA blogpost}

Today you can find me on the IKEA Live website with a blogpost about my studio. I wrote this one over a year ago but it somehow got lost when their new site went online. The other day I found it in my folders with the pictures from back then when I just finished it {two tables and a room}

That my sisters picture is in it feels extra special to me. She passed away 2 years ago and tomorrow her daughter will fly to Ibiza, to bring her to her final destination. The sunny island she loved so much... strange how a post I wrote so long ago popped up at this very same moment.

The look of the room changed several times since I first wrote this and ofcourse I added most of the latest pictures.... do you always like the latest changes to your home as well?

IKEA blog June:
I have always been intrigued by beautiful pictures. Photos of Interiors, simple black and white, graphic or fashion pictures, I love them all. I have a big inspiration folder on my laptop and tons of magazines and clippings with beautiful images.

When I come across a picture I really like, I print or cut it out. Most of the time it ends up in a mood board on one of my walls. But I also really like to frame some and use them in my studio. I attached Ribba picture rails on two walls to display things. One with a curtain wire under it for little notes or pictures I come across. I like the simple way of just hanging a piece of paper with a beautiful image or a sweet note on it.
Creativity text on clipboard by Vosgesparis

The Ribba shelves are great to display all kind of things. Books, a picture of someone you love or admire, just whatever makes your heart beat faster. Try to place them in little groups and different ways to make it interesting to look at. Just putting four of the same frames next to each other can be pretty boring after a while.

The pictures above my desk are of all kind of things. There are black and white graphic posters. advertising posters from musea. And on the picture rail I made little groups of two or three cards or pictures together. Some of different heights - from big to small next to each other, either framed or not. I also added other things like the wooden stamps to it. And on the table I add larger frames against the wall.  

I think you should put up only things that inspire you or means something to you personally.. For me that is a big black and white picture of my sister made in the sixties and a card of a French actress she admired in front of it .. Placing those two together brings back memories of how my sister used to love those old movies and played certain scenes out of it that made us laugh together. It is something that is special for me and I think that those that is unique and special for you will give your studio that personal touch.

All photos Desiree for Vosgesparis
June 27, 2012

black + white + grey

I just love it when items at my local H&M Home department go on sale... Although I love the black and white theme in my bedroom I do add some blues and grays now and then. Especially last week when the light was really bright (in between the big grey rainy moments) I felt like soften it all down a bit and re-bring the grey bed-linen in. Instead I bought two simple light gray pillowcases to give it a soft touch for the summer.

If you do not have a H&M in your town you can always find some greatBedlinen through our sponsors !
June 26, 2012

clips + postcards + masking tape

Loving the combination of the little metal clips, masking tape and frames, together with the postcards by Therese Sennerholt in these pictures

photos: via Elsass 

It's a basket {DIY lamp}

Seems like these TineK baskets are getting bigger and bigger... Cool to save your extra blankets like on the gorgeous picture of Tine K's home below Or make a lamp from them as Tine did in her showroom in Denmark!

Get your own basket here and find some instructions on how make a lamp with it yourself in this blogpost: How to add a touch of nature 

They just look great on any floor  - baskets via

June 25, 2012

Monday Moodboards

Can't get enough of these wonderful moodboards popping up on the web, so I am starting this week with some Monday moodboards.... send them in if you  made some as well!
Happy Monday all....

June 21, 2012

Painting a locker - Inspired by Milano {bedroom storage}

When we were in the MERCI pop up store during the Salone del mobile there was a corridor with some lockers and I got this idea to paint the one I have in my bedroom. It has been grey for a while now with some Dutch post bags on top. Some weekends ago I painted it white and turned it also around so I could open the doors easier. As a matter of fact I love to keep one open and see the pictures on the inside. On top a little suitcase (limited edition for MERCI - designed by Paola Navone) and the Corso Como bag from Milano.

Turning the locker around, also means more concrete wall to display posters. I added a huge clipboard as a poster holder for the Runaway poster from Mini & Maximus... Ohhh and for who wonders... I keep all the little souvenirs from the Salone in the dotted suitcase. Pretty in love with the new layout ;) 

June 20, 2012

A bloggers home

Pictures from the home of Netta-Natalia of Likainen Parketti. On her blog she writes to find it hard to blog about and to photograph her own home, because it has many corners she would like to change. I am loving the parts she does show.

 Love how she made turned the coat hangers upside down to create hooks for her bags

June 19, 2012

Just because.....

Just because.... it's beautiful

Lets talk Concrete and Stone!

I came across this amazing pictures of Villa Vals in the Swiss Alps, designed by Bjarne Mastenbroek and Christian Müller. The house, which was completed in 2009, was built and furnished in cooperation with a large number of Dutch designers and companies that produce Dutch design.

Pieces and objects of, amongst others, Hella Jongerius, Demakersvan, Scholten & Baijings, Marcel Wanders, Claudy Jongstra, Royal Tichelaar Makkum and Vitra Nederland were used. The spacious interior is an eclectic, but balanced mix of contemporary Dutch Design. A unique combination of architecture, interior and styling.

Photos: Iwan Baan
June 18, 2012

Show your home {a showhome guestpost}

picture via showhome

Ons Spring 2012 concept loopt ten einde en onze laatste giveaway vind je op Studiodees  Daarom maak ik vandaag plaats voor een gast blog van Wil je weten wat je allemaal kunt vinden op Showhome of hoe jij ook mee kunt doen op deze site? Klik dan hier om verder te lezen...

Our Spring 2012 concept is nearly ending and our last giveaway will be running for one more week on Studio dees. Till our Summer 2012 concept will start (conctact me if you want to join the next edition) So today I am making space for a guest post by  Click here to continue! 
June 16, 2012

Stylist Lotta Agaton {New Therese Sennerholt collection}

Another great styling project by one of my favorite stylists, Lotta Agaton. I just love almost everything she does. She is also teaching styling masterclasses at Beckmans Akademi in Stockholm and many bloggers were lucky to be able to go there. 
You can see pictures of their styling classes on Emma's blogg as she was one of them and she was also the winner of the graduation project. On this pictures the new prints from Therese Sennerholt photographed by Henrik Bonnevier

June 14, 2012

Creative spaces #2

In some former posts I showed you some creative spaces like this gorgeous one. And I found some more,  but with a totally different feeling.... less polished and not as clean and fresh as the images I showed before. Nevertheless I think there are happening great things in these rooms. Also ..... I am seriously starting to like those lights used in the fourth picture I think they would look great in my home! 

pictures 1: blackworkshop - 2: the convoy - 3: griscosy - 4: deco inspirations