VT Wonen – behind the scenes

I am pretty sure I am not the only one loving Dutch VT Wonen magazine to bits…  and I was really happy to win their floor competition last year. For those who recently joined my blog, have a look at my behind the scenes post. Not only was I happy with the floor but also […]

The colors of my home…

Hello all on this last Monday of July… I woke up really early today and found a little sun shining in my kitchen and illuminating (hehe) my Ay Illuminate lamp in a wonderful way. And it made me realize how much I love the different colors of my home… here’ a little impression made this […]

Adding a French touch {DIY for your bedroom or garden}

  I added this picture from Hotel Deseo in Mexico on my Facebook page yesterday, I thought this was such a beautiful way to get some shadow and making a cozy corner in your garden. But it would also be easy to do at home. By using some rope and bamboo, or even by making […]

A sneak peek – EST Magazine the fashion issue

A sneak peek of the new EST Magazine, to be launched this Monday. If you do not want to miss out on this online magazine with news and homes from all over the globe and the latest Trendreport from my talented friend AnoukB you can subscribe here  Also check out their latest giveaway Photo Credits:  […]

Casa Olivi {the renovation of an historical building}

As you noticed I am pretty much on a virtual tour and traveling around lately. Here is another great project I found. It is called Casa Olive and is located in Treia, in the heart of the Marches, Italy.  The renovation of this historical building took 4 years, conducted by the 2 swiss architects Markus […]

Spanish home in concrete and white

After the black and white sophistication of Karl Lagerfeld in my previous post I jump back to my favorite subject of this week.. Beautiful homes in sunny places. After all it is summer! This is the Spanish home of Dutch couple Jeanette and Merijn and their two children, who moved to Spain 5 years ago. […]

Karl Lagerfeld

I thought the little cut out portrait of Karl Lagerfeld on this building side along one of the canals looked really cute, like an unexpected piece of sophistication in an total mess. This is a picture I made of a drawing on the wall of Stock the restaurant next to Amsterdam concept store Options. In Amsterdam we […]

Summer home on the Isola di Palmarola

Seeing this beautiful location at first I thought it was some summer home located on yet another Greek  Island. But after some research I found out it is located on the Italian Island of Palmarola.  An Island about 10 kilometers before the coast of Ponza in the beautiful Tyrhennian sea with appareantly only one habitant!….. […]

Beautiful Italian summer home

There is something with about the home of Marco and Francesca Rapana that I find highly attractive… maybe it is the combination of the stones in earthy colors and the white walls but it just feels very pure and basic as if you do not need anything other in your home then some natural and […]

Love, bonheur and soft tones

First Saturday morning of a my summer holidays… I got up at ten! had some breakfast with cereals and soy yoghurt and a few coffee’s. On the mornings I am at home and not rushed out to go to work I love to read my mail, drink coffee’s and wander around a bit through the […]

An industrial white home – Designed by Paola Navone

Ghost sofa by Paola Navone – Lamps by Mark Eden Schooley  Hotelier Andrea Falkner Campi called in my Italian design hero, Paola Navone, to help her create this beautiful home in a 500 square meter open space in her hometown Spello. These pictures are from Italian Elle Decor.                 […]

A road trip… {Now and Then}

When finding Now and Then I felt a bit like stepping back in time and having a peek into the pictures of someone being on a roadtrip through the wild, wild west. A feeling of lonely towns, horses and Indians  … combined with raw man, beautiful woman, a few interiors and fast motors. If you like all that ingredients too […]