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September 29, 2012

Perfection in Imperfection {our Bloggers room at the Woonbeurs}

Today started early already with building up our bloggers room at the Woonbeurs in Amsterdam. We met lots and lots of very nice people all day long... and handed out nearly all of the 200 flyers we brought to those who felt connected with what we created. 

We decorated our blogger room with personal items we both love and brought from our own homes.... simple, basic ....perfectly imperfect.

Thank you Anouk for the lovely day and thanks to Kirsten and Sanoma for organizing the bloggers-event and for giving us the opportunity to connect with all these lovely people.

September 28, 2012

An Industrial bedroom with pink accents in the VT Wonen home

Maybe it is the industrial looking wallpaper, (Brooklyn Tins for MERCI by NLXL
reminding me of my latest trip to Paris, that makes me love this room. It is also this room, with the bathroom en-suite that I liked most in this years VT Wonen home. Although the kitchen comes very close and really is my taste as well. In my previous post you can see the kitchen and the rest of the home: VT Wonen home at the woonbeurs  

Tomorrow, Saturday 29 Anouk and I will be at the Woonbeurs in our own bloggers' room. Come and say hello if you are around, you can find us in Design city... or follow everything live on See you then ;) 

VT Wonen home at the Woonbeurs 2012

After Tuesdays sneak peek, some more eye candy from this years VT Wonen home (designed by Fietje Bruin) at the woonbeurs... The home is build around an enclosed garden with vegetables. Growing your own vegetables and urban farming is a trend at the moment! The overall color scheme is green and blue with some soft pinks in the living and the bedroom.

Because this post would be way to long with all the pictures,  I will make another post with some more bedroom images. 

And again let me know what you think about this years home.. I really appreciate reading your comments ;) If you want to use some of these pictures for your own blog or Pinterest boards, please link back to this post as the source where you found them.

September 26, 2012

Meet us at the woonbeurs

Anouk and I hope to meet you at the woonbeurs this saturday
come and say hello - you can find us in design city!
September 25, 2012

A sneak peek in the VT Wonen home

Today The 'Woonbeurs' The Dutch annual exhibition for indoor and outdoor living opened its doors for the 20th year in a row. I only had about 2 hours to make a quick tour today and I spent most of the time meeting and talking to people I had not seen for some time.

Of course I had to take a sneak peek in Design city, from where I will be blogging with several others on Saturday September 29 ! I also made a quick tour through the VT Wonen home... more pictures will follow later this week, I hope you will get the change to see it for yourself first.

Attached to the home a corner where you can get advise from the stylists working for VT Wonen.

pictures by Desiree (C) Vosgesparis

September 24, 2012

MERCI Y Design party & Meeting Paola Navone

Visiting Paris... something I should do way more often, as it is only 3.15 minutes from Amsterdam...  is not complete without passing by concept store MERCI. Last time while being in Paris for the Maison & Objet, we did not even shopped that much but still found ourselves several times at MERCI. I think if you have the time and the right company you could easily spent half a day there...

Starting the morning with coffee and one of those amazing detox drinks at the used book cafe.. I still think the lady in white who runs the place is an amazing vibrant and happy person and I love people who can give you this kind of energy , only by their appearance! Then wandering around the store and having lunch at the cinema cafe, I just love the whole concept and the stylish design vibe the store has! ..... so yeah ;) there we were sitting in the sun in front of the store. Enjoying Paris and the people around us.

One must see this time was the new Brooklyn tile wallpaper from NLXL in collaboration with MERCI. I also made some pictures of it at the Marie Claire maison cafe at the exibition and I find it truly amazing en beautiful. And then isn't the styling just beautiful and simple. And yet a real statement.

The little red fiat 500, covered with phrases as Digital Natives and Net Generation and the decor in the store itself, such as the headphones hanging from the ceiling, was referring to the Generation Y

So was the Y Design party for the Salon and the Paris Design week. And what a great party it was! Not only was the atmosphere in the store amazing that night with the big black wall covered with phrases and the large tables in front of it ... filled with champagne. We met so many nice and inspiring people as well.

But the absolute best part of the night was when I got to meet and talk with Paola Navone. I am admiring her work and the homes she designs for years and it was so nice to finally meet her. We had a little chat and a good laugh and made some pictures together heavenly arguing the use of the camera. It did not felt like I was talking with the one person I wanted to meet for so long as we chatted along in Italian really easy... the perfect finish of a perfect day in Paris that will have a follow-up in Milan some day soon.