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March 31, 2013

Give away | Win a Dutch Dilight knitwear lamp worth 225 euro

Dutch Dilight is a new Dutch design label for lamps: Rough but at the same time elegant. Authentic and honest for a warm, comfortable home. Each lamp is handmade of natural materials. 100% Dutch. Try to win a medium knitwear floor lamp now! (Or if you prefer a knitwear table or small hanging lamp)
What should you do?
Go to: : like us and share one of our images. Leave a comment in which you just mention the color and type of lamp you prefer (See for the different colors)

Win een Dutch Dilight vloerlamp twv 225 euro!

Dutch Dilight is een nieuw en onderscheidend lampenlabel: Stoer en toch elegant. Eerlijk, eigen, warm.  Handgemaakt van natuurlijke materialen. 100% Dutch. Maak nu kans op een medium knitwear vloerlamp! (Of naar keuze een knitwear hanglampje of tafellamp).

Wat moet je doen?
Ga naar : ‘like’ ons en ‘share’ één van onze foto’s. Laat een bericht achter met daarin vermeld de kleur en type lamp die jij graag wilt (zie voor de kleuren
Congratulations to Lisette for winning this giveaway! Dutch Dilight will contact you via facebook.

Happy Easter in Black and White

Happy Easter to you all! I would have loved to make a lovely post with some of my own Easter creations but the truth is I just don't find the time, other then working at my day job, If you are curious what that is you can still read this little interview I had on Decor8 last week: Snapshots of a home. I am sorting out my pictures and blogging about the NY Blogtour, an amazing experience! And trying to survive this major jetlag i am suffering from.

So to wish you a Happy Easter I show you this easy DIY easter creation of Paulina Arcklin! And some pictures from her home. Last year we were in the same Vt Wonen. See some behind the scenes pictures here: Behind the scenes at a VT wonen photoshoot with both our homes and short after that we met, as she came to live in Amsterdam. I then made a blogpost with pictures from her former home Now she has a new home. Doesn't her place looks lovely! 

Later on today we will have a new Giveaway from our new sponsor Dutch Dilight So stay tuned and do check back today!  
March 29, 2013

BlogTour NYC Sponsor | Jenn- Air

In one month we will have a new King in the Netherlands and the whole country will turn into Orange. Orange being the color and the last name of our Royal family! When visiting the exhibit of Luxury appliance maker Jenn-Air, who's one our Blogtour sponsors, I thought about on how to write this blogpost and doing something with the sparkling color they used in their booth.

This.... until I noticed and got a little demonstration, of the the new ventilation system. A stainless steel hood elegantly rising from the countertop when cooking begins and retracting back into the countertop to maintain open sight lines when not in use. Thought that is much more interesting to show you then me talking about the color of the Jenn-Air booth! On their website you will find all information about this latest design in ventilation: 36" Accolade™ Downdraft Ventilation System

I tried to film the hood coming out and back in but I guess I kept my IPhone in the wrong position.... so yeah have a look at it if you want to see how it works or watch the professional video on the Jenn-air site. Here is a link to mine: 
Jenn-air video

This years exhibit showed the complete collection of Jenn-Air appliances, including the industry’s best performing wall ovens, top-rated built-in refrigerators and high-performance dishwashers. Jenn-Air® appliances are known for their sophisticated styling, innovative technology and exceptional performance. All designed to help you create a beautiful kitchen and take your cooking and entertaining to impressive new levels.

BlogtourNYC 2013 is sponsored by Miele USA - Silestone - Poggenpohl Victoria + Albert - Barber Wilsons - Blanco - Du Verre - Mr.Steam -NKBA - Jenn-Air

Blogtour NYC | Day 2 | At the AD Home Design Show

Hope you enjoyed reading my former post about Day 1 and on what we did in New York during Blogtour! At day 2 we were up early already and after a good breakfast on our way to the AD Home Design show. Starting at ten with the annual Mary's and Mimosas event where we met and mingled with the NYC design Media. This networking event, was originally started in 2011 by Veronika of Modenus who had this idea of bringing interior design bloggers she knew together with the Media and designers. Today it is a must-attend event for the New York Design scene. 

Later on after lots of coffee's and a first look on what ADHD show was about we got to have a look at DIFFA Dining by Design tabletop ideas. Barry Dixon of Arteriors gave us a little tour and we had  look at all the table settings. If you are into table settings you would have loved this and I had to think of some of you other bloggers seeing this! Here is a small impression of things that caught my eye!

The table setting on top is an Inspiration Statement: Beauty represented by the image is distorted by voids representing HIV/AIDS. The void in the tableware is for everyone to remember what needs to be done. Images below are of the table setting of the New York school of Interior Design. Mentor : Marc Blackwell

Table setting by Marimekko

No black Paola Navone dots on the paper lamp but black circles for a change - Clarcksdale openwork screen by Barry Dickson for Arteriors
We spend the rest of the afternoon exploring the show and I will show you some more of my favorites in another post later!

Loved The Miele USA Booth and not only because they were one of the sponsors of Blogtour! Even the fruit and food in the huge fridges was styled and the hanging garden was pretty amazing!

After a long day we were still chatting, writing and enjoying ourselves.... As Tim said we are a fun bunch to have around! We headed home in some taxi's that were waiting for us ... Thank you Modenus for not having to queue up in  that long line of tired people ... we ended the evening close to the Hotel in a Hamburger dining with, for me, a delicious Vega Burger. 

Pictures by Vosgesparis

BlogtourNYC 2013 is sponsored by Miele USA - Silestone - Poggenpohl Victoria + Albert - Barber Wilsons - Blanco - Du Verre - Mr.Steam -NKBA - Jenn-Air
March 28, 2013

Blogtour Sponsor | Silestone by Cosentino | Blogger Macarena Gea

Countertop  Silestone natural quartz in "Unsui" with Suede finish

Silestone by Consentino is one of the next Modenus BlogTour NYC sponsors I would like to introduce to you. Not only are they sponsering BlogTour |read about our Media breakfast here| they also have chosen a blogger to be one of the five faces in the new Silestone campagne for 2013! How cool is that!

Macarena Gea is one of Spain’s most influential bloggers on fashion and architecture. One of the ads features her in a workplace that mixes cool and vintage elements and where Silestone’s® Unsui colored elegant countertop with Suede finish is perfectly integrated thanks to its top quality design and versatility. And even incorporates a Silestone Integrity® DEUX kitchen sink.

Being a blogger myself, I thought lets ask Macarena about her experience on being selected and shooting the Silestone campaign!! 

Silestone choose you as their face of the 2013 campaign, how did they get in touch with you and why do you think they asked you?
When Silestone called me I even didn't believe this could be true. It's one of the most famous Spanish companies and I have lived (and worked) among Silestone pieces for many many years. So it was a big surprise and a huge honor they chose me as their 2013 campaign face. 

Can you tell us something more about your blog, do you blog full time?
I am a Spanish architect & interior designer and I blog on since 2007 It is where I share with my readers a daily dose of inspiration about things I love the most: fashion, deco, weddings... 

I am not a full time blogger since "in my real life" I also work as architect and wedding planner but blogging is another of my huge passions and I think it would be really hard living without it.

What do you think of Silestone products and do you, or would you, use them in your own home?
I am a big Silestone fan and i'm used to introduce their products in my projects but also in my own home. I like its huge range of colours and textures also as its usefulness & hygiene.

The loft in the ad campaign is not my own home since the shooting was due to take place in Barcelona and I live in Valencia. Nevertheless, the art directors based the set in my own personal style in order to transmit in the most real way my day to day life. I think that the result was just perfect. When I first saw the whole set I said: "It definitely looks like my own house!"

How did the photoshoot go, was it your first photoshoot?
As fashion & lifestyle blogger, I am quite used to photoshoots but I had never worked before in such a big campaign like this one for Silestone and it was a big responsibility for me. At the beginning I was a little bit nervous but all the Silestone team was so so kind and professional and they made everything so easy. I really enjoyed the experience!

What is your favorite product from Silestone / did you get a tour through the company showroom?
Due to my job, I already knew Silestone products but thanks to this collaboration I had the chance to know much more about the brand. I've always liked the classic Silestone polished quartz surfaces but, lately, I am in love with the "suede" collection and its soft and natural touch. It's cool to have plenty of possibilities in order to choose the ones that really fit in each project. It's the best way to see how the ideas in my mind become true.

Thanks so much Macarena!  Visit Macarena's blog at 

BlogtourNYC 2013 is sponsored by Miele USA - Silestone - Poggenpohl Victoria + Albert - Barber Wilsons - Blanco - Du Verre - Mr.Steam -NKBA - Jenn-Air

Blogtour NYC | Day 1 | Media Breakfast and Jetlags

After the first night of meeting up with the other bloggers and a dinner around the corner, where we met some of the sponsors over a drink and a delicious meal. Most of us European bloggers went to bed early, being awake just after 4 o'clock again! As the city was calling like mad, we text-ed over Twitter [Being our contact line during the whole week] and had an early morning walk through Central Park. I felt so being in New York when I saw lots of people running in  the early morning sun.

Then of in the cars to a Media Breakfast, sponsored by BlancoPoggenpohl and Silestone Consentino downtown at the Poggenpohl showroom where we had the chance to look around, chat and make pictures. It was a sunny day and It was nice to walk to the next stop... leading us through W 18th Street, where my eye spotted an amazing restaurant, where I went back later to photograph the interior and to drool over he concrete walls I spotted before.

Next stop was Michael Aram Flagship Store located in a 19th-century carriage house in the Chelsea neighborhood. We had a glimpse into his studio where he sketches and paint ideas before bringing designs with him to India to handcraft samples with skilled artisans. Michael talked with passion about his travels, his work and design. He took us upstairs and gave us a sneak peek into his future collection. I had a lovely talk with him afterwards about the beauty of imperfection, he truly is a very inspiring person.

We then had a little tourbus waiting for us that took us on a Luxery Real Estate tour - Sponsored by Miele and Corcoran Real Estate - We saw some amazing apartments that you normally do not get to see, unless you can spent a 7 million dollar for your apartment! I went out and step on the balcony.... I was terrified to be honest ... But what a view! 

We ended the day at the Miele Showroom at the Architects & Designers building for drinks and a special blogtour dinner event. Chef Joey Campanaro of Little Owl, prepared a local, seasonal menu using Miele appliances. A great meal and great night that we finished at the bar with some, how else could it be, interesting talks about blogging and work. 

All pictures (C) Vosgesparis

BlogtourNYC 2013 is sponsored by 
Miele USA - Silestone - Poggenpohl Victoria + Albert - Barber Wilsons - Blanco - Du Verre - Mr.Steam -NKBA - Jenn-Air

March 27, 2013

Today on Decor8 | A little Interview with moi

Picture & Clothes rack design by Vosgesparis

Today you will find me answering some questions on Decor8. As you might know my home is one of the homes photographed by Debi Treloar for Decorate Workshop the latest book by Holly Becker. Holly is having little interviews with the homeowners she visited for her book and today it is my turn. Read it all here: Snapshots of a home

Blogtour NYC 2013 | You might be on next!

Hey Guys! I am back from one of the most amazing events ever called BlogTour NYC, organised by the lovely Veronika Miller of online interior resource Modenus! If you haven't heard about it yet, you must have been really busy or..... sleeping under a stone lately. As we were all over the place in NY. Spotted at this coverage of the Architectural Digest Home Design show on CBS television, in the foreign newspapers and trending on Twitter with our hash-tag #BlogtourNYC several times before and during this last week. 

It was a 6 days roller coaster and it was so much fun! I have so much to share, to show and to tell about all our adventures... the show we visited, the design we saw, NYC, the amazing places and Studio's Modenus brought us too. And not to forget some 7 million dollar apartments on the 48th floor with amazing views! And yes I did stand on the balcony.... 

We were so happy to tour around the city I fell in love with at first sight. And Meeting up with fellow bloggers and the sponsors who made this blogtour happen. To not forget anything I will follow our 4 pages Blogtour Itinerary and have a look through all my pictures. Make lots of blogposts and show you how Modenus Blogtour connects bloggers and major brands through the use of social media! 

For all you fellow bloggers, pinners and social media addicts out there.....

All posts & pictures from this Blogtour on the blog can be found in the upcoming weeks by searching the tag blogtour. Pictures I made during Blogtour NYC can be found on Facebook and Instagram and in my Blogtour NYC album on Pinterest..... Feel free to repin! as much as you like.... Blogtour is all about connecting and sharing through social media and you never know... you might be invited next to join Blogtour! 

Veronika Miller - BlogTour blogger bags - Tim Bogan 

Pictures (C) Vosgesparis (portraits Tim & Veronika by Courtney Price

BlogtourNYC 2013 is sponsored by Miele USA - Silestone - Poggenpohl Victoria + Albert - Barber Wilsons - Blanco - Du Verre - Mr.Steam -NKBA - Jenn-Air
March 26, 2013

Brooklyn by CEZ | Guestpost

Hello...It's me again, Cez posting at vosgesparis today!!  And today, because Desiree was in NYC (and is having a major jetlag) I am in the mood to speak about one of my favorite area's  there: Brooklyn. I used to live in North America for few years and I had some crush on some typic restaurants in Brooklyn that I gonna share with you...

The first one is
 ISA's restaurant Love the brick walls, the wood shelves and the natural atmosphere.The second one is one of my fave... The Saraghina Cafe with its old wooden tables, the small cage in the middle of the room made of recycled windows, the objects hanged from the ceiling... cosy and imperfectly perfect!!!

The last one is  the Fette Sau BBQ restaurant. Love the old reclaimed stools, the recycled lamps and the stunning wall with pieces of meat drawn on it!!!!... authentic butcher atmosphere ...