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April 30, 2013

Beckmans Akademi | Styling classes

Friend an fellow blogger Anna from La maison d'Anna G followed some styling classes 
at Beckmans Akademi by Lotta Agaton this last month and posted some of her styling work on her blog that I love to share!

I am a big fan of the styling work of Lotta Agaton for years and was really pleased to finely meet her earlier this year: Meet the blogger Stockholm #1 |Lotta Agaton|  I would love to follow some classes but unfortunately the Akademi is in Sweden and secondly the classes are in Swedish. You might have seen some of the work from earlier students in this last years post, if not have a look, it is beautiful: Interior Styling master class

One of the assignments in the styling class was to create a picture for Therese Sennerholts new postcards that will be released May 1st. The picture above was chosen to be the official pictures for the new postcards.

pictures 1+2 Styling and photography Anna Gustafsson 3:Styling Anna Gustafsson Photo by 
Kristofer Johnsson 4:styling Anniqa Nelander + Jenny Hjalmarson Boldsen photo Kristofer Johnsson
April 29, 2013

I like it. Actually I love it | EST Magazine .... sneak peek!

Congratulations! With Issue #9, due for release this Monday, Est Magazine turns 2! With a peak into the wardrobe and home of Melbourne fashion editor for Vogue Australia Anthea O'Connor to an old butter factory which has been sympathetically restored and repurposed into a vibrant family home.

The Est team show us inside the home of a foodies haven with a predilection for emerald green, in South Africa's Capetown along with the contemporary French inspired home of the Hilary Gwillam from Melbourne home ware emporium, Manon. Read the new copy here: EST Magazine

April 28, 2013

Brooklyn | Blogtour NYC

Visiting Brooklyn during BlogtourNYC was one of the highlights of my week in New York. I just loved the atmosphere and still regret I did not stay longer and see some more... on the other hand NYC is not that far and I am sure I will be back one day! I found some last pictures that I wanted to share I made walking towards one of the workplaces we visited.

I spotted this guy and his dogs turning into the street and waited till he passed to make a picture of him... I stayed pretty much behind the group in Brooklyn as I kept seeing things I liked and wanted to make pictures of. Here's a little impression of Brooklyn - Dumbo.
Bricks and concrete

Workplace of Eric Manigian - clean minimalist design
Thinking of Brookly I also thought about this concrete Musical Platform I saw. I never showed the pictures because I was planning a top 3 of the AD Home Design show. But I was really impressed, and in love by it. It's designed by Brooklyn based company In Sek Design. An Industrial Design/Build company started by Ashira Israel. Used materials:Concrete, Resin, Steel, Walnut Veneer, Ebony

BlogtourNYC | Day 4 | Brooklyn Bridge and a beautiful sunset

After our night off, a delicious dinner at Buddakan and a walk through town, we had a free morning and Ricarda, blogger at 23qm Stil, and I had our minds set on a healthy fruit breakfast and buying a mini IPad *Love it*.

We walked a bit through Soho and walked towards 
Design NYC where we were meeting up with the rest of the bloggers for a tour through the shop and a lunch. I loved this sneak peek behind the fences of this building ... It's a bit of a mess but I love the lines and the staircases...this is also so New York as we know it from the movies! Such a fabulous sunny morning and the best had yet to come as we were off to Brooklyn today! 

A walk on Brooklyn bridge is one of the things one must have done when visiting New York they say. And I was really glad this was one of the things Modenus organised for us. So after a ride in our cabs and a short walk we reached the bridge and I thought it was a really beautiful and very impressive walk. There was so much to see and so many beautiful views on Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

And there we were on the other site... Brooklyn was love at first sight! We walked around and visited several really cool workplaces in Dumbo, I will show some pictures of it in a separate  post... hope you still like it ;)

After our tour around Dumbo ... We headed to the pier! Sponsored by Modenus and the lovely ladies from Mr Steam we were surprised with an amazing boat trip around Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty whilst enjoying champagne, food, music and most of all the company of fellow and former Blogtour friends. It was freezing cold outside but I will never forget the beautiful sunset, the reflection on the buildings and the moon that was shining over Manhattan especially for us that night, as I truly like to believe ;)

BlogtourNYC 2013 is sponsored by Miele USA - Silestone - Poggenpohl Victoria + Albert - Barber Wilsons - Blanco - Du Verre - Mr.Steam -NKBA - Jenn-Air

April 27, 2013

#Instadiary and other things that happened this week

#Ipad case #Studs

It's Weekend already... waugh this week passed so fast...I thought of adding a few Instagram pictures from this week on my blog, but I haven't been that busy with it these last days. I am doing 1001 things at the moment considering my blog and as you might know I also have a day time job that needs to be taken care off. I was reading about someone blogging in their pajamas from 9 to 5 Seems like a totally different life, I could get used to.

Blogging life
Blogging life can be really confusing and time consuming sometimes. Not only do the best things to write about always seem to popup just before midnight I have a bunch of things I still want to write about, like our visit to Brooklyn and the amazing boat trip we had around Manhattan in the golden sunset. I came across some really cool spots in NY but made way to many pictures! What's new! Blogging is also about making the right decisions for your blog everyday.

#chalk #writing

The good news .... a book... and speaking at the HIVE
Okay enough about that... There is also lots of good and exciting mails coming through my mailbox. The good news this week was of course I discovered MERCI opening an online webstore. wahee!! Very exciting news also is that I have been asked to work on a book, together with other bloggers, by a German Book publisher, pretty honored and amazing I think. Soon more about that !

And last but not least I finally booked my ticket to Berlin .... means I now really will have to speak at the HIVE and finish my key note any day now. I have been reading articles 
for months , collecting tips, notes and writing down great ideas, I woke up with in the middle of the night sometimes. And feel like a schoolkid organizing everything and maybe even more important making a sensible presentation of it.

I hope to inspire some fellow bloggers on how and when to take their blog a step further as Monetizing your blog will be the subject I have been asked to speak about. Not as someone who knows it all... but from blogger to blogger. The thing is I really love my blog, blogging life and connecting with other people and bloggers. I hope Berlin will be good to me

BLOGGER necklace winner
Oops I nearly forgot to mention ... the lucky BLOGGER necklace winner is Niki from My Scandinavian home
April 26, 2013

MERCI MERCI | the online webshop

My all time favorite concept store Merci in Paris has opened their online web store. Of course nothing can beat a visit at the real store but it is so exciting to be able to stay updated with the shop online and I love how the website after all this years came to life.

I am loving Merci for years. And for me a visit to Paris is not complete without visiting Merci, wandering through the shop and having a drink at the old book cafe. Visit the new online website and store here: Merci le shop!

Wallpaper by NLXL for MERCI
Pictures via Merci
April 25, 2013

A home under the roof | Living the loft live in my dream apartment

Today I love these loft conversions! What do you think of these kind of homes. I personally love them a lot. And especially the open character and the amazing floor space lofts mostly have. Although I love to call my own home my mini city loft it is not as spacious as the homes in this post. Or even better the big New York City lofts we know. But still... it has a real lofty and spacious feeling and I am completely happy with my home.

If you would like to have a home with that same feeling and are living in a normal apartment like me. - My own apartment is about 25 years old now and is build in the times ceilings were only about 245 cm high and doors about 2 meter - I could highly recommend you, to not only take out the doors, but also the doorpost and thresholds. It instantly gives homes build in that same era an open feeling and some well needed daylight can flow easier through the rooms and hallway since then. 

Adding the same floor throughout the whole apartment also helps to get a spacious feeling. Happily enough I won the VT Wonen competition and got a whole new Loft floor just when I finished my kitchen renovation. I thought that name (and the color grey) really suited my home and my so called Masterplan. If you missed it here is the article with some cheesy pictures: My home in VT Wonen magazine  I love the black wall and the black blinds in my kitchen but I would love to replace them by
 VELUX® windows that my nephews used in their holiday home, see them at the VELUX website.

Although I did both - taking out the doorposts and adding the same floor throughout my whole apartment - I think that what makes my home feel most like a little city loft is the fact I took down some walls. 

Not only did I take down the wall between the former kitchen and a bedroom but also a little wall between the hallway and that same bedroom. And that really made a difference! 
Here you can see some pictures of what I mean: Kitchen update | the masterplan The bare concrete walls (I have one in every room) also really help to give my home that particular loft feeling. If you do not have concrete walls you can add concrete wallpaper or maybe leave the bricks in sight.

Despite the fact I have more light coming in, it still remains a ground floor apartment and I keep dreaming of a home with lots of sun and natural light. How amazing would it be to really live under the roof just like in this pictures.... and I wouldn't say no! to those amazing metal stairs that would bring me to the attic. Of course the whole upper floor would be just for sleeping and bathing. I mean it's a loft after all and an amazing big space. So why not living the good life! 

And don't we all just secretly dream of a bathroom like the one above with skylights to let in as much light as possible. In the daytime that is, at night I prefer to close my blinds. My nephews renovated the home of their mum on the French countryside and actually made an extra floor under the roof. I slept there for a week and they had, as I wrote, chosen for VELUX windows and I loved them, especially the remote control ;) Where do you dream off?

Pictures 1:Houzz 2:Blood and Champagne 3:MCM 4:Mohomy 5:MCM 6:Home design love
written by desiree/vosgesparis in cooperation with VELUX
April 24, 2013

The homes of our favorite VT Wonen Stylists | The home collection

Vt Wonen is one of Hollands major leading Interior magazines. If you had the change to have a look at the magazine or on their website | VT Wonen |you are probably aware of the unique and recognizable VT Wonen style.

The VT Wonen Home collection, a range of typical VT Wonen products, is for sale in the redesigned online VT Wonen shop and on several addresses |find them here
This month the new Home collection 2013 has been launched and just like last time there is a beautiful Magalogue filled with inspiration for your home.

VT Stylist Marianne Luning lives in the city of Amsterdam in a basic white home with black accents. She describes her home as light,cheery, female and nonchalant. And uses several different materials from wood, concrete(look), glass and metal to cotton.

For this magalogue, that is partly photographed in her home, she added VT Wonen Home collection accessories in  pink and red to her color pallet. I love the plates in the picture above which are designed by Marianne. The same print is used for the tiles, that you might remember from this post of my home: Tiles and Tajini's You can shop Marianne's style at the VT Wonen shop

The house of Marianne being overall very light, Stylist Linda Pijper has a different look at how she loves her home. She prefers a dark grey pallet, from black floors to blue-grey walls and she loves her home to be a warm and lively mix- and match. She definitely is  not afraid to use tough dark colors. In the magalogue you will find many beautiful pictures of her home and a sneak peek of it below.

Absolutely great styling also in the two work spaces above.... do you feel like changing things around already?
April 23, 2013

A bit of drama in the bathroom | Bathroom and outdoor wallpaper

I was really impressed by the look of this bathroom. A beautiful raw concrete floor and ditto washstand! A little dream for a concrete lover like me. But.... would you believe me, if I tell you that the intriguing wall behind the sink is covered in wallpaper! I thought it was pretty amazing when I read the post on Patrick's blog Interiorator about wallpaper for bathrooms and outdoor spaces.  What do you think about it?

Pictures via Interiorator. Read the post here: Wall-Deco-Bathroom-wallpaper