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June 30, 2013

How to read your favorite blogs | Did you choose your new reader?

As you’ve probably heard by now, Google Reader’s will no longer exist after today! I hope that if you were using Google Reader you already choose another Reader to stay updated with the blogs you read and I mean not only my blog of course :)

I have been using reader for ages and have a long list... there are also many blogs I no longer read because my taste changed over the last 7 years. Pretty normal I think! So the whole thing feels a bit like a new blog chapter aswel as I started looking at all the blogs I have in my Reader. I have so little time to read blogs and a list saying 1000+ unread posts isn't really encouraging.

I already had a Bloglovin account and started using it more and more since the news Google Reader would stop and important all my feeds into it Which is really easy to do in one click! I also set up a Feedly account and again you can import your blogs in just one click. DO it today! However I did not figured out yet which will be my main Reader...

Bloglovin versus Feedly
I love the basic layout Bloglovin has, being overall white. I installed Feedly on my Ipad and have been using it on the Ipad only and I must say it looks fantastic on Ipad but rather boringon my laptop. I love the cards view style (like in the image above) of it and it is really easy and fast to swap between the pages. You can choose different styles like text only, magazine view, small or large images etc. Idid not install boglovin on my Ipad as I am reading it through my browser... but I will have a look if there is a cool App aswel.

When using Bloglovin I love the fact that if I click on a blogpost, I actually go to the blog itself in one click to read the post, which makes it easy to leave comments, we bloggers love comments :) In Feedly you can choose to open the post in Feedly or to open in the blog itself. I think if you are busy (or a lurker) and just want to read the post it is slightly faster. Feedly also allows you to choose a night (black) or day (white) theme.

The thing I do not like about Blogloving is the fact I made folders to categorise the blogs. Like fashion, travel, Dutch blogs, friends blogs and updates keep coming in a long list aswel I want my blogs to just stay in the folder :p In Feedly I am still making folders but for now it seems to work fine.

If you want to follow Vosgesparis with a Reader you can find me here:
- Vosgesparis on Bloglovin
- Vosgesparis on Feedly
- Vosgesparis RSS feed 

If you do not like all these! In the top of the sidebar you will find lots off little black icon's including  new one I made for your Feedly all ways on how to stay updated. 
June 28, 2013

Styling with &Tradition | Pictures from the other bloggers

I love to show you the pictures of the styling the other bloggers did during our morning at the Norm Studio earlier this month. I showed my own styled corner and picture the other day and you can see it at the end of this post once more. 

I am so looking forward to hang out with them again in August, when we are gonna style our own blogger area at the blogger zone of DesignTrade, the new Copenhagen fair.

In case you didn't see the previous post.... 
Click here for some behind the scene pictures from our morning at Norm Studio: Styling with &Tradition | Blogger workshop at Norm Studio 

my own

all pictures by Rune Lundø
June 27, 2013

INSPIRE | new neon letters

After a few busy weekends I finally had some time to hang my new neon letters to the wall this last Saturday. It seems like ages ago I bought them from my sponsor Heel Wit and I couldn't really decide where to hang them. I first wanted to put them up in the living, but I love to change things around including the lamps very often and decided to hang them in the hallway. 

June 26, 2013

Candy Black Studio | Boutique Design Agency

How do you like this Studio? Home of Candy Black Design Agency! A small boutique agency based on the shores of Poole on the UK's south coast. They transformed an old bakery into a creative space that echoes the culture and stylistic qualities of the studio. I love the monochrome colors and the (I think original) tiles...  You can see lots of their work at their website: Candy Black I also downloaded a little video from 2011 of their website which they made to promote the studio... I love the fact they used the music of my favorite San Francisco band in it (although it was not my favorite album:P) BRMC!

About Candy Black: 
A young and ambitious studio, Candy Black was formed in 2010 and we have moved from strength to strength to work for clients both locally, nationally and internationally on a range of scales. We love to attract forward thinking clients and tastemakers to produce design outcomes and collaborations that amplify existing brands and ensure that new start-ups are strategically thought out and break the moulds of their given sector.  
Pictures by Candy Black - Thanks for letting me use them!
June 25, 2013

Styling with &Tradition at Norm architect Studio

                                       Picture by Rune Lundø - styling by me

I have been waiting to see our pictures ever since we came back from our blogger tour in Copenhagen. Pictures made on another amazing unexpected morning where we were invited by &Tradition at the Norm Studio on te top floor of a beautiful building.

We were welcomed by the team of &Tradition, photograper Rune Lundø. and Stylist Stine Langvad who gave us a presentaton about her styling work. She also styled several covers of the Danish Elle Decoration and it was great to listen to her and see her presentation on how to build a cover image and learn some styling tricks.

Then it was up to us... we all had to choose our own area and style a corner using &Tradition product and whatever else we wanted to add. I used the black Catch chair found a great fan on a desk somewhere in the back of the office and added the Bellevue lamp by Arne Jacobsen behind a small Hoof table. It's pretty simple and I like it, I do miss the electricity wire of the fan though, that got photoshopped away by the photographer who made the pictures.

I will post the pictures from the other bloggers later on when I get them in a bigger size. And here are some random shots I made at the studio to give you a little impression.

June 24, 2013

Giveaway | SOFT - Kikoy beach towel

With Summer officialy kicking off last week we thought it was the right time to run a summer giveaway! We introduced the Kikoy beach towels on the blog before. But today we have the Soft, a supersoft, more shiny beach towel for you to win. Silky colours and a soft and thinner feeling. This SOFT version has a more luxurieus look and is even bigger then the Kikoy beach towel.

A double sided towel, featuring a Kikoy (100% cotton) on one side and a terry cloth towel (65% polyester, 35% katoen) on the other. To lie on, dry you, and to be worn as a beautiful pareo wrap around skirt.

De Soft Strandhanddoek (beach towel) comes with a little pocket for your keys, money and/or mobile phone and rolled up, just a tiny package that fits in every suitcase.
This year neutral colors are new in the webshop and also the SOFT comes in a kids version, slightly bigger then the original Kikoy kids version. The whole month of June this Kids versin is for sale for only Euro 19,95!

If you would like to win one of the SOFT Kikoy beach towels, leave us a summer note, subscribe to our newsletter or 'like" De Strandhanddoek" on Facebook!

Win de Soft - de nieuwe kikoy strandhanddoek

Omdat deze week de zomer begint hebben we vandaag een mooie zomerse giveaway! We kennen de Kikoy Strandhanddoek al maar de Soft is De super zachte Strandhanddoek. Dit is een meer `glanzende` kikoy strandhanddoek.
Deze kikoy is gemaakt van 100% gemerceriseerde katoen waardoor deze veel zachter en dunner aanvoelt. De uitstraling van de kleuren is zijdeachtig met een mooi glanseffect. De SOFT versie krijgt hierdoor een meer chique en luxe uitstraling en is een slagje groter dan De kikoy Strandhanddoek

Een dubbelzijdig badlaken met aan de ene kant een Kikoy doek (100% katoen) en aan de andere kant een badstof handdoek (65% polyester, 35% katoen). Dankzij deze combinatie is De Strandhanddoek niet alleen heel praktisch, maar ook erg mooi om te zien. Groot genoeg om er op te kunnen liggen, snel droog in de zon en dankzij de prachtig gekleurde Kikoy doek ideaal om even om te slaan als een pareo. Daarnaast heeft De Strandhanddoek een ingenaaid zakje voor sleutels, geld en/of mobiel en is het opgerold een piepklein pakketje dat gemakkelijk in iedere koffer past.

Dit jaar zijn de neutrale kleuren nieuw en is de Soft er ook in de kids versie , wederom een slagje groter dan de original en in de maand juni te koop voor maar euro 19,95,

Schrijf je in voor de nieuwsbrief, "Like" De Strandhanddoek" op Facebook! en laat een zomers bericht achter dan maak je kans op een naar keuze uit te kiezen kleur van de soft. Wij geven er meedere weg!

Congratulations to Emilia, Annica and Mostly turquoise ! You all won a Soft Kikoy bathtowel, please choose your color from the SOFT collection 

June 21, 2013

Höst Copenhagen | Dinner with Menu

While being on our Design tour around the city of Copenhagen we visited so many places that we were glad to have two cars to bring us everywhere... I think we passed Restaurant Höst about four times during the first two days and it was great to finally be able to see it for real on our second night. Menu invited us for a dinner at the huge table in the private room at the basement. Great ambiance and great food. Thanks Menu and thank you Höst for making me a special meat-free menu. 

Ofcourse we all ran around wit our cameras as the whole ambiance is just amazing. We ate from Menu products and the whole evening was a great experience. After that cocktails in Likoeb's courtyard and another good night of sleep in the Andersen Hotel where we stayed during our Blogger tour.

I made so many pictures but posted the ones I loved most here on the blog... funny how my blog kind of replaces a photoalbum and become a special diary for the places I have been and love to share. Hope you enjoy it as well ;) 

Pictures (C) Vosgesparis

June 19, 2013

Moodboard styling | Inspired by Lotta agaton

Therese Sennerholt made some new notebooks for 
Lotta Agaton's shop and ofcourse Lotta did the styling for them. I love the picture above and looking at it it felt somewhat familiar as I have some of the same items.... The little old hammer, which was from my father, my mums scissor. The wooden measuring instruments and some more things. I thought it was fun to make my own 'moodboard' with them, although it looks a bit empty maybe.... Off now to theresa's shop to have a closer look at the books! Ohh and Lotta I am still waiting for that Styling classes !! 

Pics 1+3 by Kristofer Johnsson 2 by me 
June 18, 2013

Rock and Roll elegance | Fashion - Tiger of Sweden |

I personally can't think of any other color being the coolest of all then black... Just like my blog and home, which are both all black and white whith different shades of grey. My wardrobe is overall black and white..... Ofcourse there are little touches of 'color' in my home, but nothing really present... Looking around from where I sit now "hanging on the couch" I can only spot a bit of gold in a concrete bowl and some color from books and magazines. 

June 17, 2013

GIVEAWAY | Alpaca plaid from Basic Goods

We had so much response on the last giveaway from Basic Goods We decided to give away one more Alpaca Throw! 

Join by leaving your comment in this post, let us know which color you prefer: 
Choose between Anthracite, Beige or Light Grey. If you can't wait to be a winner, please subscribe to the Newsletter and receive a 20% discount on the Alpaca plaids in the webshop. For an extra entry and to keep you posted on the latest updates Like the Facebook page of Basic Goods. 

Win een Alpaca wollen plaid

Na de vele reacties op de laatste Give away van Basic Goods
Hebben wij besloten nog een Alpaca Plaid weg te geven. (150 x 200 cm 55% alpaca en 45% wol)  Doe mee en win 1 zo’n prachtig Alpaca wollen plaid. Maak een keuze uit Antraciet, Beige of Licht Grijs. 

Als je niet kunt wachten om te winnen, schrijf je in voor de Nieuwsbrief en ontvang een 20% kortingscode voor een Alpaca Plaid in de webshop.

Like Basic Goods Fanpage op Facebook voor een extra kans en blijf op de hoogte van het laatste nieuws

Congratulations to Stephanie Koster for winning this giveaway!

Design Trade Blogger Tour | Vitsoe

Day two of Design Trade Blogger tour started with our Styling challenge at VIPP, in case you missed it, see my pictures here: Vipp Styling Competition. And after a tour through the old silversmith Georg Jensen we were off for a working lunch at the Bella Sky Hotel where we discussed the plans for te forthcomming Design Trade Faire and our Blogger zone. 

Before heading of of to Host, the restaurant I wrote about when it opened here we visited Vitsoe in their new office with an amazig view over the roofs of Copenhagen. I made some picture of their Shelving system but I thought these pictures, which I found via Pinterest, give a better idea of the many ways to use the system. More info and ideas on the Vitsoe website.  

Pictures: J.Ingerstedt
June 15, 2013

Another Blogger challenge | Montana | Copenhagen

Montana has a beautiful showroom with concrete floors and an amazing view over the water. Although I am more into softer colours I really loved the cupboards in the many different colours and the Tivoli chairs that reminded me of my holidays in Italy. 

Chairs in beautiful whites and greys, I loved the mini sized Tivoli ones! And what do you think of this storage system in overall white?! There are speakers integrated in this storage which I think is really cool , because speakers are not something I like to have in sight all the time. At home I listen music through my telelevison because I can't be bothered to put the ugly speakerset back on...

After a nice chat with Joakim Lassen who took us trough the world of Montana and their latest design. He had a little challenge for us and asked us, referring to the 'The Bachelor' chair: “Who is Mr. Bachelor?” Emma (Emma's Designblogg) and me wrote a fictive story about 'our' bachelor and made a little styled corner with the chair inside the shop that represented our story. 

We chose the dark grey chair. And our bachelor to be a street photographer who likes to chill at home with a nice glass of wine before heading te streets again at night, to party with his hipster friends, ohh and of course he has a girlfriend who is a model! You know the general cool guy ;P We ended our visit with a nice glass of wine in te sun... Blogger life can be good ;)

Bachelor chairs