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July 30, 2013

Design and the city | from Iceland to Germany

Hello on this sunny Tuesday morning! Today I 'am' in both Iceland and Germany at the same time. I am guest posting at the blog of my fellow NY Blogtour blogger Ricarda who is enjoying some days off with her family.

And you can find me in the latest Icelandic Home & Delicious magazine. It was a pleasure to answer some questions for the magazine that is filled with beautiful homes from all over the world, crafting, design, decorating ideas, food stories and many more discoveries from foreign cities and countries. Here are some of my favorite pages from the magazine and if this makes you curious find the magazine here: Home & Delicious Enjoy! 

Design and the city

What a great title for a series of guestposts from bloggers from different city's!  Ricarda of 23qmStill asked me to give some tips from my hometown for her Design and the city series. A great way to connect with her readers and showing them some of my favorite spots in my hometown. See the post here: Design and the city 

But don't go yet as I want to tell you something about my other blog too and show you some new pictures made at Droog! 
For you who are new to my blog, I live in Amsterdam and next to Vosgesparis I have a second blog -and city guide, called where I share my favorite spots. For Design and the city I made some new pictures at the amazing Droog Designa special place for contemporary design lovers. I hope you want to pop over and have a look at them, because Droog rocks!

I still have tons of pictures to add to the blog, but it is hard to find the time. Anyway if you are coming to Amsterdam, maybe for the meet the blogger meeting in September! Be sure to have a look at it as it has lots of nice places for design lovers. So one of the places I love and mentioned in my guestpost over at Ricarda's blog is Droog. See the post here: Design and the city Amsterdam and be sure to pop over to for more Droog design pictures.

Have a great summer day!

July 28, 2013

A mad girls love song | Hannah Lemholt for Love Warriors

How can I not fall in love with these pictures! Not only is the new series of pictures by Hannah Lemholt for Love Warriors really amazing again. But as shown in here with the beautiful white Ghost sofa designed by my design hero Paola Navone and my favorite lamp from Ay Illuminate it just all feels perfect in harmony.

The new series come printed on modern material, loved by all the stylists; one with a bit of both;sheen and sturdiness, ~ & the prints will come with two clips for hanging casually cool.

LW photo art volume two | for original & details ➸♡➸ love warriors love log / blog | © hannah Lemholt photography

July 27, 2013

EST Magazine | New issue out this Monday!

EST magazine is releasing its next issue, number 10! this Monday. Here is a sneak peek with a beautiful picture of one of the homes shown in this next issue. A white and neutral home in the suburb of Sydney, called Mosman, photographed by Rick Carter 
Read the new copy here: EST Magazine 
July 26, 2013

Inspired by the color brown and these hats

 Today I am inspired by the color brown and these hats.... 

*Photocredits in the picturenames
July 25, 2013

A book project | Inspiration from the best Interiorbloggers

Over the last few months I have been working with German Book publisher George D.W. Callwey and several other bloggers on a book with our best ideas, tips and tricks on decorating. It will be the second book my home is in. As you might remember my home is in Decorate workshop. And next week a phototeam will come over shooting another hometour to be published. It is all about books suddenly :) 

For this book I
 did all styling and photography myself  so I am pretty curious how it will look together with the text and all. It will be huge with over 400 pictures. Some of the other bloggers are Nina from Stylizimo, Holly from Decor8, Igor from Happy Interior Blog, Ricarda from 23qmStill and ten more bloggers. 

It will be released in Germany and written in German. But hopefully in other languages as well some day soon, so I can even read it myself :) Looking forward to the actual book! And of course I will give away a few copies!

Text from the site (translated into English)
Trendscout, trendsetter, Blogstars. For several years, bloggers are on the rise. They report on trends and thus become trendsetters. Especially blogs about interior design, living and cooking are very popular. Design blogger Holly Becker was already a blogstar and best-selling author ("Decorate" and "Decorate workshop").

We brought the best interior design bloggers together in a large book to ask the experts for their personal tips and tricks. The book presents them and their favorite interior photos with hundreds of ideas and inspiration. This involves setting up and designing around with exciting room-by-room tours, interviews, personal quotes and short explanations.

Release date Septemer 20 2013 | Wohnideen aus dem wahren leben | Living ideas from real life.

July 24, 2013

Beautiful naturals | Rugs by Gan

Beautiful rugs by Spanish company Gan found on Pinterest. This pictures prove the importance of searching a great product location. I love the building, the natural colored rugs and structures.

Pictures via Gan

July 22, 2013
July 19, 2013

Marble and Milk | New &Tradition lamp

With this cute new little lamp from &Tradition (It's the Milk lamp in case you wonder why I called this post marble and milk ;) it was a good moment to add a bit of marble to my besta's. There are many marble trays for sale lately and I like them because they are great for styling. I thought it was fun to use the large piece I have. And am using it it here as a backdrop for some black accessories. I actually love this piece of marble.... it is heavy and I have it for ever

July 17, 2013

Easy DIY project for your home | origami book art

Did you noticed the 'comeback' of the origami book art again lately. Stylist Lotta Agaton used them in her styling work and we saw them earlier at the home of Therese Sennerholt, where Lotta did the styling. Origami isn't new of course, it has been there for ages. Sweet Paul did a project with books years ago, folding vases out of them. But I kinda like them when used in a contemporary interior or styled picture like the ones I am showing here.

Elv from the picture below told me she and her niece folded the pages of a book starting with the top and bottom of the pages and ending with folding the page in the middle of the book.? It's a nice way to decorate, to add a natural accent and to show something different to your bookcase or styled corners. Would you like to make one yourself? Facing North is also showing a nice tutorial for a different origami project. 

Pictures by Henrik Bonnevier (1) Kristofer Johnsson (2) Elv's (3) Annie Lindgren via  Hitta Hem (4/5)

July 15, 2013

A natural home with matte whites

I am totally blown away by this picture I just really really love!!! it The colors are so light and soft and the beautiful large Muuto Under the bell lamp just goes amazing well with it! When reorganizing this last week I filled two large Merci Paper bags with accessories I want to keep for decorating. I like to change from black to natural. And like to keep all little accessories together.

While adding one little thing after another in the bags, I realized that I have nearly no white accessories except for some white candlesticks and one ore two small vases, but the are shiny and I would love to have a collection of white ceramics with a matte surface like these. Ohh and please bring me some of these Hay chairs as well, I am wanting for ever.

If you like this home, have a look at A merry mishape where You can find many more pictures.

July 12, 2013

Back at the superordinary

Were back at Mia's blog The Superordinary I wrote about her blog before. I am loving these black and white pictures she made at her home. One of my favorite Therese Sennerholt posters on the wall and a classy moodboard.... What do you think of the black Coco Chanel nailpolish on the wooden hand :)
All pictures by Mia