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August 28, 2013

Natural mood and whites | because we do not need colour

It is something really personal of course ... The use of colour! But no colour for me please as I am totally happy living in an interior as the one above. It might be the cool wall or the use of my favorite couch | Ghost designed by Paola Navone for Gervasoni | or my all time favorite lamp | Z1 by Nelson Sepulveda for Ay Illuminate | but I love the neutral and calm atmosphere of this home shot by Hannah Lemholt.

She always shoots the most dreamy pictures for Love Warriors. And if I had a few thousand euro to save up or just to spent like that.... I would run to the nearest shop and buy the couch!! Just a normal one for my small living and not like all like the huge one Paola Navone has in her Parisian home: Parisian home of Paola Navone which comes pretty much to my dreamhome.
Chair and wooden stools with Peace sign via : Love warriors shop

So no colours for me but I DO love a good amount of black and I love these picture of the home of
Elisabeth Heier who has the Ghost couch combined with a black table, I guess we have a bit of the same taste because in her really cool home I also noticed another favorite of mine... The koushi lamp by marc Eden Schooley

I guess both the sofa as these lamps are just a really good combination to bring some natural softness to a home... Would you go for it in your home?

August 26, 2013

Black and White with a touch of copper in Denmark | All new TineK

In my latest newsletter I shared a DIY project via Hitta Hem with brass (yellow copper) Copper is still hot and happening and we will see lots of new decorating items (and Christmas decoration) in copper this fall, as most brands have some of it in their new collection.

These are pictures from the new TineK collection. if you like copper have a look at my Pinterest 'copper' album for more ideas. And have a look on this copper Moodboard over at Bodie And Fou that caught my eye.

Enjoy the pictures! And have a look at the black painted part of the wall Ain't it amazing!

Pictures via TineK
August 23, 2013

Yaya Flagship store | Fashion Friday

I already showed you a sneak peek yesterday on my Instagram account of my latest purchase at the new Yaya Flagship store that opened it's doors this last week. I visited the store two days ago and I couldn't stop looking around and feeling immensely proud! Proud of my friend Anouk who made the concept and designed this first Yaya home fashion store.
August 22, 2013

47 Parkavenue | New workspace covered in wood

I showed some pictures of this apartment with it's many gorgeous black accents before: Really cool stairs with an industral workspace and thought it was fun to show the new workspace Michael and Jonathan made this time... same stairs, same lamps but with te walls covered in wood. 

August 21, 2013

An Italian villa renovation

A renovation project in Italy where an old building was converted into a bright home with original details... I love the use of glass on the mezzanine and the stairs. How do you like it? 


August 19, 2013

ANECDOTE | A brand with a story | New Boutique in Amsterdam

Anecdotes! It’s the things that happen to us, the stories we share with friends and family. ANECDOTE is also the name of the brand Jet van Beuningen started in 2009 and every Anecdote collection is based on one of such story's. 

August 16, 2013

A Dutch villa near the seaside | concrete and wood

This amazing home close to the sea, designed by Paul de Ruiter architects, offers the inhabitants lots of space. large expanses of glass result in maximum day lighting and the feeling in and outdoors are one space. i29 interior architects are responsible for the beautiful interior and created large surfaces of Pine wood through the whole house to connect the different areas.

Images i29 architects Via

August 15, 2013

The Pin Gallery | A pop up concept

In case you are in Amsterdam this weekend, have a look at The PIN gallery. 
A pop-up exhibition inspired by Pinterest and initiated by Studio Sjoesjoe who asked several pinners from The Netherlands to select 5 images that match the theme Eye Candy. Some of my favorites, pinnend by April and May and AnoukB

The PIN Gallery August 12 - 18 from10.00 - 18.00 | Lauriergracht 154 Amsterdam
August 14, 2013

DIY for your home | How to attach a moodboard to your wall

For many of you it may be clear, but believe me I get many emails with questions on where to find images like I used here: Inspire and even more on how to attache them to the wall. So if you sent me a email about this, you were not the only one wondering...  

Japanese masking tape is great to vary with and play around with in our homes! And I do still love it but for me personally the big masking tape hype is a bit over as I have made so many boards with them. I still love to use a little black tape to maybe attach one or two simple images to the wall. But with making large picture walls I am back to where it all started, a simple tape loop on the back.

If you are looking for cool pictures to print out have a look at these black & white pictures I collected of people. Or maybe you also like to add a few nice quotes like these and some light pictures like you find here Anyway follow your feeling and add what you love most. Then make little loops with masking tape as showed below. Stick them to the back of the picture and start creating your own moodboard.
If you print the pictures on A4 sized paper, try not to use paper that is too thin as you might see the tape shine through like you see at some on the pictures in the moodboard in this post (I used black tape there) Enjoy and keep sending me your moodboards!
August 12, 2013

New pictures of my studio | Something black & Industrial

I had my eyes on this little cabinet for ages... ever since it first appeared in one of the offices at my day job many years ago it was love at first sight. And now I finally could bring it home as it was not really used anymore.

August 9, 2013

Longing for summer beaches

It's holiday time! Off for a few weeks from my daily job.... I am really enjoying my time off, meeting people and eating outdoors in the sun a lot.... but still like always I kinda miss that wonderful feeling of beautiful beaches, sand and lots of sun somewhere in the south of Europe...

Summer holidays are just made for beach life!   
enjoy your weekend! 
August 7, 2013

Dark performance | stylist Ellen Af Geijerstam

Some amazing styling by Ellen Af Geijerstam for Rodeo Magazine. I love the darkness, the strong Black and whites and the mystic feeling in these pictures. Photography by John Scarisbrick 
| via Lund Lund