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September 29, 2013

Atelier Sukha presents | blankets for cozy autumn nights

Autumn is slowly starting up and with this maybe last warm weekend , I was enjoying the sun all day yesterday and exploring some of Elle Inside design. |see some pictures here: Amsterdam Next| Sukha, one of Amsterdam's most loved concept stores is one of the hot-spots on the Elle inside design route through the city.

If you are in Amsterdam, this store is definitely worth visiting and for everyone else there is The web shop with a beautiful new collection of Atelier Sukha can be a solution: Sukha Webshop 

September 28, 2013

Elle Inside design | Amsterdam 2013

A little impression of some graduation work and design I saw today. Read the story behind this curtain by Fee Kokke (You will love it!) And see some pictures of the work of Studio Pepe Hueykoop in his Amsterdam home in a former horse stable at my other blog Amsterdam Next Enjoy!

September 27, 2013

My Kitchen inspiration | more of my favourites

How do you like these pictures! I was really surprised when finding them on Dailydream decor as it are more pictures of the kitchen that was one of my main inspirations for my own kitchen. It is a Parisian home renovated by architects Murraciole & Perroy. I love it's simplicity and the fact it combines all materials I love most such as concrete, wood metal and some textiles. {Still think that the last picture is the best out of the three of them}

When making my kitchen plans I had these few pictures that represented the best the ideas I had about my new kitchen |see below| I have always seen them as my main inspiration and always came back to loving those few pictures most of all out of my Pinterest Kitchen inspiration album.

Pictures 1-3 by Jean-Marc Wullschlege Last picture: see here
September 25, 2013

Cool ideas to store your shoes | Inspiration for your home

I love the clean black and white styling at the home of my favorite Dutch Fashion blogger Cindy of COTTDS! The graphic sneakers are displayed on a small picture ledge on the wall together with a black leather jacket, my all time favorite fashion item!

It made me think on how people store their clothes and shoes...  Here are some more ways to display your favorite shoes.

Another small rail to display shoes against the wall, found on Nina's blog  Stylizimo 

My kind of style! A simple corner with a stool and your favorite boots!

Such an amazing picture, found on the blog of Lotta Agaton and shot by the talented Petra Bindel (styling by Emma Persson Lagerberg) a combination of clean whites with some raw edges that I love to see combined together. Of course I love the clothes rack, it is something I like in general. And how do you like the white 'shoe'boxes?

Shoestorage for your hallway by IKEA found on stylizimo

Cool styling with this black wall, boots and black Lundia shelves system |I had a wall full of Lundia in our first home and seeing this I can't believe I throw them away| Seeing this picture I feel like painting another wall black at home!

When I was in Muuto's showroom in Copenhagen I loved this stacked shelves system
pictures 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

September 23, 2013

Vosgesparis in a book | A blogger collaboration | Get a free copy

So here it is ... The book I worked on with 14 other well known Interior Design bloggers such as Nina|Stylizimo, Line tith Klein, Holly Becker|Decor8, Igor|Happy Interior blog Jeanette|By Fryd, Yvonne|Yvestown, Ricarda|23qmStillWe did everything ourselves, from writing the text to making our own pictures. All collected in one book and published by D. Callway. It is in German, so I can't even understand everything myself but the pictures speak for themselves. 

September 20, 2013

Trends | DIY with copper and wood | Candlesticks + coatracks

Another DIY project found on Weekday carnival. This coatrack in copper and wood is really simple to make and with its clean lines it adds a wonderfull scandinavian touch to your home. You can find all instructions here: DIY coatrack

Jorge de la Cruz and Veranza Gonzenbach created a modular candle holder called 'Candelabro' that was presented earlier this year at Salone Satellite in Milan. 

The candlestick of Jorge and Veranza was also the inspiration for Helena to create a candlestick herself, shown at Skone Hem. Taking inspiration from the Kubus candleholder, designed by Lassen, she made this candlestick of which you can find all instructions here at Skone Hem

pictures 1|2|3|4|5 with thanks!

September 19, 2013

Designerbox | Unique design as a gift object & A giveaway !

Designer Box has launched a new way to promote international design talents through membership. Every month another international designer creates a unique and original object that you will not find anywhere else. I was really happy to receive Box nr.3 containing a precious object from Dutch designer Aldo Bakker. Not only do I love the selected porcelain designer piece, I was surprised by the beauty off the box itself as well. I think it is really looking nice and minimalistic. Read more about the concept here at Designer Box

If you are up for a giveaway I would love you to check out House of C! To celebrate the new design they are having a giveaway this week and you can win different Oelwein goodies... go here to join the giveaway: Lets celebrate

pictures 1|2
September 18, 2013

Merci Conceptstore | Friends & Partytime

The ever changing themes at Merci make it always surprising and different when visiting. As I wrote in my last post I visited the annual party at night and it was a great occasion to meet up and have a drink with some friends ;) But of course I had to have a look at the store and make some pictures, before lunch at the cinema cafe. 

At night it was time to party with the girls and I met up with Valerie who kindly offered me a place to sleep, merci encore Val! Karine, Lau, Cez and Anna who joined us later. Nothing can beat a good night with friends and it was a real pleasure to see everyone again.

I loved this table where at night they demonstrated how to make the lamps you see in front of the wall.

September 17, 2013

Opening of Paris Designweek | Meeting VIPP in Paris & Some news for my Dutch readers |

On my last night in Paris I went to the annual Party at the Merci store for the opening of the new design season and Paris design week. See some pictures of last years party here: Merci Y Design party & Meeting Paola Navone i will sort out some more pictures from the party gang tonight

I also met one of the lovely ladies from VIPP there who I previously met in Copenhagen, when we had the great styling challenge at their flagship store. You might remember the styling we did with the new bin VIPP launched in cooperation with Concept store Merci. 
So of course while being at Merci I had to have a closer look as there were even more sizes to admire. 

Next to being a super cool concept store, Merci is know for the its graphic design by studio be-pĂ´les on many of their items. Being a huge Merci fan, I have quite a collection of Merci goodies myself. This bin comes in a limited edition of 40 only! 

VIPP Online store in the Netherlands is now open! 

Good news for us who are in the Netherlands, the online shopping site is now live to customers and fans throughout the Netherlands. The full Vipp product family of kitchen and bathroom accessories including the iconic Vipp pedal bin will be available to ship to anywhere in the Netherlands.

"Since 1939, Vipp has opened many new chapters in the company history. Making our high quality products available to the entire Dutch market is another important chapter in our journey that began with a single pedal bin in a small town in Denmark more than 70 years ago” says Jette Egelund, daughter of Holger Nielsen, who created the Vipp pedal.
Vipp specializes in functional tools for the kitchen and bathroom. Check them out!  

September 16, 2013

A first look at the new MENU design | Maison & Objet

At Maison & Objet many Scandinavian Brands I got to know better during our Designtrade blogger tour this last June. Or worked with for DesignTrade in our blogger zone were also present in Paris. It was a pleasure to meet some of them again. But as this fair is huge, the brands are very busy and I only had a few hours it was impossible to see all. 

I did promised myself though to have a look at the stand of Danish brand MENU as I am totally in love with everything the do and wanted to see the Flip around table. As you might remember we were invited for a dinner at restaurant Host with them. I just got an email from Menu saying that the restaurant is the winner of the 2012/2013 Best Design Restaurant of the world Award!

By then... we never got to meet them in person by then as they were working towards a deadline for their brand book. If you have the time you should have a look at the amazing pictures here: MENU brandbook. (not online anymore)

At the fair I also noticed the little teaser they gave of the new table designed by MENU which will soon be launched and was firstly presented here. The table has nice accessories, such as this lamp. I had the pleasure to have a nice chat with Bjarne Hansen himself who told me the wonderful story behind the design. More info will be coming soon. So how do you like this new table!

September 13, 2013

Styling workshop | A masterclass by Meet the Blogger

Some pictures of the Meet the Blogger Masterclass I attended yesterday given by AnoukB | Styling and Wendy | Photography. We were with about 40 people who all were there for other reasons. After splitting up the group and a short introduction Anouk gave us some summer magazines and a winter hat and let us made a winter mood board, so we had to improvise.

This as an example on how a stylist is often asked to work in advance |think of styling and shooting a Christmas homes with a tree in July| After lunch the groups changed and I attended the photography class by Wendy from Beeldsteil.

With the mood board in mind we went looking for a corner where we could build our winter set. I thought this corner had a nice winter feeling and the colors I used in my mood board.

I loved going through the Toonkamer and picking up some furniture. We also brought one thing we loved | I brought one of my favorite black and white pictures | had to use the hat and we got one prop chosen by one of the others for our set | I got the black vase|

It was a pity I brought my camera with recharged battery, but I forgot to take my photo card out of my laptop... happily enough I had my iPad with me and managed to make some pictures. Seeing it on the laptop now I see some things that I would have loved to move. But I had a great creative day and loved to see some familiar faces again. Thanks to Liselore and the girls of Meet the blogger and Yaya, HK Living and Uashmama for sponsering.

Loved to also use my cute little TineK bag in my winterset

Such an amazing location for a workshop and photo shoot... don't you just love the walls... Happy weekend all of you!

Pictures (C) Desiree | Vosgesparis