Piet Hein Eek | Histor challenge update

Today I posted this picture on Instagram, my Piet Hein Eek cupboard is nearly finished! A few more things to do and I can finally show the result. There were so many colors to choose from, but I think it is always best to stay close to yourself so I choose Black, tin and a […]

Ceramics in Black and White | Andrei Davidoff

I instantly fell in love with these black and white ceramics by Australian ceramist Andrei Davidoff. Beautiful handmade shapes, different forms and calligraphic brush strokes. All pieces are wheel-thrown and are made from local clay in Andrei’s Melbourne studio. Do you love them as much as I do? Images copyright Clare Plueckhahn | with thanks  

Out of the Blue conceptstore | Dutch Design week

Last week I was in Eindhoven for Dutch Design Week. Instead of running from one part to the other side of town we decided to just go with the flow. It was such an amazing nice and sunny day that we didn’t even used the Mini’s that were availible for transportation as we prefered to […]

Industrial mood

Today I am in love with this pictures from my Pinterest Album Happy Sunday! pictures 1|2|3|4

A spacious family home

This is the  home of Ulla Koskinen, it’s her family dream home in the middle of the countryside! These pictures were taken during winter … if you have a closer look you can see some snow outside. I love the simple and basic feel of it and the fireplace where the family enjoy their evenings […]

Black + Iron | Iron cast candleholders

Love Love Love !!! I instantly fell in love when I saw this candle-holder at mia’s blog the Superordinary. I have a small collection of Black Iron cast candle holders. After I cleared out most of the candlesticks that over the years cluttered up at my home, I decided to only keep the black metal ones as […]

Black and androgynous | Studio Ruig |Fashion

Looking at the program of Dutch Design Week I came across Klere club a pop up initiative by studioRUIG. studioRUIG captures the zeitgeist in unpretentious designed collections with an androgynous sensuality, pure materials and a strong use of color. I selected a couple of pictures of some former collections as I love the mood and rough feeling […]

Woonbeurs 2013 favorites weekend | Dutch Interior magazines

I am really really late with posting about one of my all time favorite subjects, but seeing the amount of bloggers that wrote about the woonbeurs homes of the Dutch Interior magazines this year, I decided to make a Woonbeurs 2013 favorites weekend and post all pictures on the same day. All other pictures I will […]

Woonbeurs 2013 favorites weekend | VT Wonen Barn

VT Wonen impressed all visitors this year with a huge barn with different areas and workshops and a beautiful attic with an all natural feeling |VT Wonen Barn part 2| I stayed in the home for hours and really loved it !  Find all other posts about the Woonbeurs on my blog under the hashtag #woonbeurs in the right […]

Woonbeurs 2013 favorites weekend | VT Wonen Barn | Part two

Let me take you upstairs at the impressive VT Wonen barn with lots of bamboo and natural colors and materials. A wonderful relaxing area with urban gardening, outdoor cooking and bathing areas. Find the downstairs area in the first post ||VT Wonen Barn| Find all other posts about the Woonbeurs on my blog under the hashtag #woonbeurs in the right […]

An all white home with a little patio | Norm architects

Loving this all white home in Copenhagen by Norm architects. But my eye also caught the little patio garden. Ever since there has been worked on the outside of the building I live in and my garden got more or less destroyed. I am dreaming off a little outside area in monochrome colors, grey tiles […]