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December 31, 2013

2013 in 40 pictures

Thank you 2013 you have been so good to me...

Thank YOU! for your friendship
 love and kind words 
have a wonderful 2014!
December 30, 2013

Happy Lights winners | Congratulations!

 Happy lights selected not 5 but 6 winners!  Congratulations!
Michele at Rouge Atelier | Cultclash/Instagram | Jennifer at Love and respect | Net/Nicolette | Nina at Pinspiration | Sabina Meerdink |  
Please contact me with your details
Happy week all! 
December 27, 2013

Guestpost | Discovering Fashion & Design in Arnhem with C-More

Thank you Desiree for having me on your blog for this guest post! Let me introduce myself. I'm Iris, Interior designer and also a blogger at C-More. Since I love to visit cities I took the opportunity to show you around in the city Arnhem, where I studied Fashion Design at the Artez Academy and still live nearby. I visit this city often, but for a lot of people out there it's a bit of an unknown city...and that’s a pity!

Arnhem has a lot to offer on Fashion and Design. For example there is the Fashion Hotel Modez, every two years the Fashion Biennale / MoBA, there is a special neighborhood named “Mode Kwartier”  in Klarendal, with a lot of little shops and studios where you can actually meet the designers. 

In the city itself there are a lot of high quality, creative and inspirational shops as well. It isn’t a big city, but you definitely can fill a couple days with, fashion, design, nice cafĂ©’s and restaurants, great green surroundings for long walks in the park, and beautiful houses. So, I’ll show you around!
December 26, 2013

A white Copenhagen home with an industrial touch

While coming across another beautiful home I wondered how many times one can fall in love with athlse Scandinavian white homes with industrial windows and shiny concrete floors. This is a converted former fishermanshome near Copenhagen. It simply has all the shades I love most.. From white to black, different greys, some natural and a little copper. Enjoy your day! 

December 23, 2013

A white home in the Netherlands

What an amazing space, I can imagine the home owners call this their dreamhome! XL doors, a white floor and a very special closet with a transparant metal 'bridge' along on the first floor. Thanks to this smart invention there was an extra long closet while the light still comes in from all parts. I love the combination of white, wood and a bit of black.

December 21, 2013

Christmas inspiration by Norm Architects

Christmas inspiration by Norm Architects and I am loving the simplicity... Candles, warm blankets and some branches. Taken behind the scenes of a photoshoot for Bo Bedre magazine and kindly shared on Facebook.

December 20, 2013

Styling challenge at Fashion for Home | Blogtour Berlin #3

Remember my first blogpost about our Bloggerteam visiting Berlin. |see here if you missed it: Berlin blogtour and see the second post here: Design & Wodka Today as promised some pictures made of our styling challenge at the Fashion for home showroom in Berlin! 

We had such a fun morning at the showroom and a really delicious breakfast with a beautiful table setting in mostly black and white |I loved the
tea lights | It was great to see some familiar faces of the team, whom I met before and to chat with them about the idea behind Fashion for Home and on how looking after the environment is priority to them.

After breakfast we were divided in two teams to create a setting that was photographed by their photographer. I was in a team with Igor, Emma and Anna We made our choice from their range of furniture and accessories at the showroom and made the setting in the picture above. 

December 18, 2013

X-Mas at home

Last week I gave you a sneak peek into my Kitchen and this years X-Mas decoration. This week I also did a small DIY project and made a quick solution for a rod to hang above my table. I wanted to make it for ages in a proper way like I designed my clothes rack, but somehow I never seemed to find the time. So I got myself an iron pipe and chain and painted both the pipe and chain black. 

December 16, 2013

GIVEAWAY | Design & Win your own Happy Lights

Happy Lights is our new sponsor and today might be your lucky day as we are giving away five Happy Lights! The Happy Lights concept lets you design your own colourful light string.

The small balls are hand made in the Happy Lights workshop in Thailand. Yarn, mixed with glue, is wound around a small balloon, which is deflated and removed after drying, leaving a nice round textile ball. It's a simple, yet incredibly process. I love the black ones but the good thing is you can design your own light string in your favorite colours.

                                                                   Photo:Sjoerd Eickmans

You can choose out of a total of 55 different colours and make a choice of 20, 35 or 50 coloured balls on a light string. You can also choose out of ready made colour combinations which Ruth and Hendrik, owners of Happy Lights, developed, based on impressions from their worldwide travels.

Apart from selling light strings, Happy Lights also offers large ball lamps. You can combine two or three large balls as a hanging lamp. Or use them as a table top standing lamp in many different colours.

We are giving away 5 Happy lights and here is how you can join

Design your own happy light of 35 small balls by following this link: Create your own Happy lights or choose your favorite ready made Happy light here: Favourites 

Leave a comment under this post telling us your favourite colors |no need to name them all 35| or the name of the ready made Happy lights you would love to win.

This giveaway is closed and here are the winners 
Happy lights selected not 5 but 6 winners!  Congratulations!
Michele at Rouge Atelier | Cultclash/Instagram | Jennifer at Love and respect | Net/Nicolette | Nina at Pinspiration | Sabina Meerdink |  

December 12, 2013

Design & Wodka | Blogtour Berlin # two

While being in other cities I love to shop for inspiring items. And the one shop I had to go back to in Berlin was Modulor. Luckely we ended our Green Design trip with a lunch next to the Modular store at Moritzplatz and had lots of time to check out this great DIY concept. I got myself some really simple things such as nice velvet band..copper plates and wrapping paper.

Yeah, I know I like unusual things ... But walking around with fellow bloggers make you realize once more that inspiration comes from everything. No better excuse then a snowy town and Christmas coming up to treat yourself on a warm coat or an extra pair of jeans as well... So in case you wonder, yes we had the usual shopping trips too. 

December 11, 2013

Painting it Black | A sneak peek at X-Mas

After our shopping adventure at Intratuin I came home with so many ideas that I started working on them as soon as I could... For this year I thought of focusing on my kitchen for X-Mas and you might remember I have a black wall in my kitchen already!.... 

I really love it and I thought it would be great to make another wall completely black as a background for the copper ornaments I selected. As much as I love my white home during Spring and Summer, I love a bit of dark colours, winter images, candles and blankets when it is getting colder.

December 9, 2013

GIVEAWAY | Humanoid shawl

Hello again.. back from Berlin and back to blogging again... Do you remember I introduced you to our new sponsor and blog friend Soulsister the other week! I really love their combination of tough clothes, knitted items and basic pieces. They sell some of my favorite brands such as Humanoid and Studio Ruig... I recently bought a big black bag made by Studio Ruig and I am deeply in love with it!

For today's giveaway we are giving away a Humanoid shawl, size 100x200 and made out of 100% wool. Want to join this giveaway?

1. leave a comment under this post
2. like Soulsister on facebook or subscribe to their newsletter on the Soulsister website..... (or do both to have an extra shot :-)

We'll do the rest... and will pick a winner next week
Congratulations to Louise from Denmark, Soulsister choose you to be the winner.

December 7, 2013

Berlin Blogtour | #1

We are at Berlin at the moment with our group of Bloggers and enjoyed a great day in a cold and snowy Berlin where we visited the Fashion for home store for breakfast and did a cool styling challenge! Of which I will be showing some pictures as soon as we get them back from their photographer. Next was a visit to the Etsy headquarters and Fantastic Frank !

It's getting dark really early in Berlin and we enjoyed the afternoon shopping in Mitte exploring some of the cool shops and buying warm sweaters and stuff. Right now we are having a delicious dinner at the Supergrau apartment, where I fall in love with their black magazine rack. There is a white one as well! We ended the day with some bottles of wine in the Michel Berger Hotel .... just a perfect day! Hope you have a wonderfull weekend, see you back on Monday with a new giveaway !

December 5, 2013

Stars & Paper Art at Sukha Amsterdam

All new pictures from Sukha Amsterdam Did you notice there is no colour at all beside all the beautiful shades of white, grey, a little black and naturals! Just how I like it... what also caught my eye are the cute paper garlands, did you made those paper cuttings as well when you were a kid? I really loved making them and I think I will give it another try!  

December 4, 2013

X-MAS shopping at Intratuin


Two weeks ago I had a fun evening with fellow bloggers Interiorator, April and May and Yvestown and Caroline, the winner of this former blogpost: Intratuin challengeDutch gardening center Intratuin invited us to their store in Zevenhuizen, where they have a huge Christmas show. 

I visit the Intratuin Christmas show every year and have great memories of going to the shows with my kids when they were small... Each year I let them choose some ornaments for our big Christmas tree and for the little trees we set up in their rooms. Always ending our trip with hot chocolate in the little cafe.

Together with Caroline and a friend she brought with her I made a selection of ornaments, in greyish, shiny and matte copper for my own Christmas home. In combination with some black 'leather trees' and natural wood I will decorate my kitchen for Christmas. Here is a little movie made during our X-Mas shopping to get you in the mood!

Some of this years favorite items

December 3, 2013

Cold nights and large sweaters | Soulsister high end fashion

Soft tones, warm greys, large sweaters, knitted scarfs 
and my favorite big black leather bag.

loving my new sponsor Soulsister ...a beautiful collection of high end labels, simple in design, exclusive in look and feel and comfortable to wear

December 2, 2013

Inspiration for your home | A fashion bloggers home

Remember I posted some inspiration on how to store your shoes some time ago, see here if you missed it | Cool ideas to store your shoes | Here is another great idea found on Cindy's blog. I love how she gave a second life to a piece of furniture that she plannend to throw out first. And turned it into a Rock&Roll display for her shoe collection.