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February 28, 2014

High contrast | Photo shoot by Holly for Decor8

Have you seen Holly's blogpost on Decor8 ? Some time ago Holly of Avenue Lifestyle asked me if she could make some pictures for her blogposts on Decor8 and so she spent an afternoon with her camera at my home.

February 26, 2014

African interiors | Black brown and Bamboo

Loving these pictures for Elle Decoration UK and the Black and White, African vibe the stylist added to them.... I would not use dark brown and black together in my own home but I do love the Etnic feeling and moody colors. Do you like this combination of colors?

pictures via Brunotarsia with thanks
February 24, 2014

My home in vtwonen magazine | Blogtalk

After winning the vtwonen blogger award at Meet the blogger Amsterdam 2013. vtwonen invited me for their new series Blogtalk. One afternoon Flory from vtwonen came to my home and ask me all about blogging life. She wrote pages full with my answers and wrote a really nice and honest 'behind the scenes' article and a sneak peek into my daily life.

February 23, 2014

Asplund | Blog tour Stockholm #5

I am a huge fan of styled corners and also in my own home I like to add small objects together to make little still lifes. The thing I love personally is to have a little starting point as a base, like a marble plate, a bunch of magazines or as in the picture above adding objects together in a mini vitrine. A cubistic form designed by Eva Lilja Lovenhielm for Asplund in lacquered metal with a thick crust in wood or like here in Carrara marble.

They caught my eye when we visited the store during our Blog tour in Stockholm recently, where we got a tour through the shop. And Johan Ridderstråle, who together with Mats Broberg designed the Tati tables one of Asplund's big success stories, took us through their collection. The Tati tables are available in a variety of colours, including lilac, white, grey and green. This year the series is extended with a mirror, coatrack and two different tables — a rectangular and a circular dining table. 

After our tour through the shop we had a delightful Turkish dinner together with the lovely people from Asplund, designers, stylists and our group of bloggers at these minimalistic tables surrounded by great design. I loved to see the huge suspensions by Petite Friture and eating from the minimalistic elegant Frame tables. Thank you Asplund for the great reception and wonderful night!
Pictures headphones by Riikka Kantinkoski | Vosgesparis
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February 21, 2014

Stockholm souvenirs | Blog tour Stockholm

Kate Moss poster | Granit handcreme with Sandelwood smell | Cushion cover by Asplund | black net from Granit | more posters | slinky from Granit  
lovely items from Sweden 

These beautiful personalized BeoPlay H6 headphones were a present from our sponsor Bang & Olufsen who was really generous to offer to every one of us a pair of these really cool headphones. Thanks so much! 

Pictures headphones by Riikka Kantinkoski | Vosgesparis
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February 20, 2014

Kids Work spaces in Black & White | Ferm Living

During our blog tour to Copenhagen last august where we styled the Bloggerzone at the first DesignTrade fair, we also had the pleasure to meet the people behind Ferm Living. A Danish brand with a wide range of interior products including wallpaper, textiles, decorative objects, wall stickers and designs for the kitchen, bathroom and office space. 

I loved to see two of my friends working together on a serie of new pictures in Riikka's home for Ferm Living. You can see more of their work on their blogs, here on Emma's designblog and here on Weekday Carnival where they show the pictures they made mostly focused on the kids products. Next week they'll show some more grown-up spaces so keep checking back.

pictures via Emma's with thanks
February 19, 2014

Creative with BEMZ | Blog tour Stockholm #4

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I would love to exchange my current grey sofa for a white and linnen copy |here in this post| and I think a white linnen sofa might be even closer than I thought. During our Blog tour in Stockholm we visited BEMZ on our first night in town. 

If you have a piece of IKEA furniture at home and you are bored by the look of it just like me, this is where BEMZ come in handy. They provide custom designed covers for a large range of IKEA chairs, sofa's, cushions, bedspreads and many more. Big chance they can make a brand new cover for your couch as well. 

We visited their flagship store in Stockholm |Odengatan 22| where we could see examples and fabrics. After a few bits and bites we were challenged to design our own cushion cover... we could choose any fabric or paint as some of us used| from their huge samples table in the middle of the store. 

In case you would love to design your own cover, they provide free fabric samples for those who are not able to come to the store! See many examples here on the Bemz website. 

With this sofa and it's designer still in mind I chose to work with black and white linnen and to keep the stitches visible on the outside. The pattern is somewhat predictable but I liked to work with this technique and the super soft linnen. 

Here are some more examples in white of IKEA furniture transformed with BEMZ covers. I had a wonderful first evening and would love to thank the girls over at BEMZ!

Bemz cover for Tylösand 2-seater sofa with 1 armrest, fabric: Absolute White Panama Cotton.Bemz daybed cover, fabric: Absolute White Panama Cotton | Picture by Bemz
Bemz daybed cover, fabric: Absolute White Panama Cotton | Picture by Bemz

                      Pictures Riikka Kantinkoski | Vosgesparis |Bemz 
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February 18, 2014

Inspiration for your home | Daniella Witte's home

Have you seen Daniella Witte's new blog yet, all fresh and crispy just like the pictures of her office she showed this week. I love how her Origrami pictures on the wall colourwise match with the rug on the floor. I printed out some Origrami prints from my instagram as well a while ago, in black, see it here A collage on the kitchen wall I think I used the smaller polaroid size though.

When reading her blog, I came across another great DIY idea in her home. I loved to see the 'pimped' IKEA cabinets in her living. We see it in many homes now, customized IKEA cabinets with a wooden, marble or plywood top and I did it myself three years ago here: An IKEA besta makeover and still love the idea.

Daniella used some thin cement discs she had used on the outside of her home to bring back a concrete touch, I think it looks great, especially as she also added them to the wall and under the hanging cabinets. Great inspiration! 

 Pictures by Daniella Witte with thanks 

February 17, 2014

Industrial pieces and Black & White prints in a Swedish white home

Sometimes a home is to good to not share on the blog... although this home was published in Residence magazine years ago and I have seen several snippets of it online over the last years. I never saw the whole home together until now and I love to share it with you today. This home is situated in Falun, Sweden and owned by Susanne Gillerås and family, she loves to combine older furniture with industrial pieces and contemporary art prints. 

I remember the styling of one of the first collections of Therese Sennerholt's prints by Lotta Agaton where she combined an old brown leather chair with one of my favorite posters. I had to think of it seeing the picture above of an old leather chair in the living. Looking stunning in my eyes with the white floors and black and white prints.

pictures via Residence Magazine
February 16, 2014

Stockholm Furniture fair | Blog tour Stockholm #3

It was the first time I visited the Stockholm Furniture fair during our Blogger tour in Stockholm and really enjoyed the atmosphere. I always love to see how the various brands show their new collection and I was especially happy to see the stand of Danish brand by lassen. I am a huge fan of their designI think it is the iconic kubus form that I am attracted to most, as I have always loved square shapes more then any other. 

By lassen is a family business whose simple mission is to carry the Lassen legacy forward and I loved meeting the great grand daughter of Mogens Lassen who kindly showed me around in their stand. I also choose their 'Twin' table as my favorite item from the Furniture fair |more about that at the end of this post| because I love its versatility and shape, it will be available from April 2014. 

The same shape and color pattern is used in the stand - white - wood - grey and copper. The art prints are from Kristina Dam, I wrote about her work last month here: Kristina Dam studio | Graphic objects 

Due the short time we had, we mainly focused on Hall A and the Greenhouse area where our blogger team collected favorite items and booths for the Furniture & Light Fair blog. We thought Menu, String and by Lassen  really stood out.



Gerard also wrote a review on the Greenhouse area, the area for young designers where we spend a lot of time talking to many of them | I will link it here as soon as it's on the Furniture & Light Fair blog | meanwhile check it here on the Mr. Walnutgrey blog. I think we all loved the secretaire by Karen Toft in this area and I loved the work of Hanna Dalrot who showed here graduation project for Product design at Beckmans College of design.

Karen Toft Secretaire

Graduation project of Hanna Dalrot

We only had a few hours to walk around and as always... it's a matter of too little time and to much to see at fairs like this. We had a little break at Maze and they kindly invited us to have lunch with them. It was also great to talk with some people I met in Paris and Milano before, and of course, the most important! to have a look at the brands presenting their new collections and meeting new, young and talented designers.

Pictures by Riikka Kantinkoski for 
Thanks to UBER for driving us to the fair and around in Stockholm

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February 14, 2014

A white home in the Haque with a French touch

The color scheme on the walls in this bedroom caught my eye in this home in The Haque. I am a fan in general of accents like this on walls. And if the home has high ceilings the impact is even bigger. Think of Renee's loft in Eindhoven with the contrast between the white walls and concrete, a beautiful raw version. Or the concrete and white walls in my own home. 

The original layout with the characteristic living room and the original ornaments have been maintained by the French homeowners in this more then 100 year old building. Here are some more pictures of the ground floor and the beautiful white staircases.

pictures via Remy Meijers