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June 30, 2014

Elle Festival | Pavilion favourites & A Slideshow

My last weekend was marked by Elle festival taking place in Amsterdam. A selection in the field of interior design, fashion and food made by the three Dutch Elle magazines, Elle fashion, food and Elle decoration was presented in shops, offices, gardens, garage and private houses throughout the city.

The opening took place Thursday evening at the Elle pavilion on Looiersgracht. Which was also the starting point of the route through town and the place where lectures and workshops took place. I followed an interesting workshop by food photographer Jan Bartelsman.

In the pavilion, a magnificent collection of design, fashion and the latest trendy drinks, I totally fell in love with South African Ice tea brand BOS. The cabinets for Molteni by Elle Decoration International design award winner Ron Gilad were one of my favourites. Beautiful displayed under the huge installation of Bolt lamps by Tonone

The Elle Pavilion

To give you an impression of the pavilion I made a click through 'slide' show. Watch it in this post or full screen. Some of my other favourites can be found in the rest of the post, I would love to hear how you like it all! More on the festival following soon! Did you visited Elle festival? what was your favourite spot?


The pavilion was really my taste with it's raw concrete walls and white floor, and lots of light coming in through the roof windows. A beautiful background for one of my other favourites. Another light installation, Radiolaria by Bernotat &Co. A collection of lamps made of 3D-knitted textile with glow-in-the-dark effect, inspired by microscopic organisms

June 27, 2014

Wall projections | The work of Nathalie Schwer

I think the soft tones in these pictures fit very well with the colours of my former post.... The pictures are from an editorial Nathalie Schwer did for Elle Decoration Denmark, where she tried to describe the feeling of a French woman in love, the beauty and self reflection of love. And the melancholy and loneliness that sometimes comes with it as well. If you are curious how Nathalie's own home looks like then have a look at these pictures from when our bloggerteam visited her home for an intimate dinner |The Nordic way of dining|

I personally love the projection of the pictures on the wall, something I worked with as well during a portfolio project and I will try to show you next week.

photos by Line Thit Klein 
June 26, 2014

Moodboards | Feathers & Nomad details

I wrote about the styling work of Karin Meyn before, see my post about her book and styling work here| Styling by Karin Meyn | Karin makes some of the most beautiful moodboards I have seen. In this one she used nomad details in fabrics and other objects inspired her to make the moodboard above where she also added chains with beads from clay and other natural elements.

On the second moodboards graphic lines and organic shapes are used. The contrast in objects makes things interesting, just like new color combinations. On this board thin threads create the graphic style while the feathers are more organic which creates the contrast in this composition.

pictures via Karin Meyn
June 25, 2014

SPRMRKT X WDSTCK | SPRMRKT concept store Amsterdam

When Nelleke Strijkers first entered the space she knew she had found the raw and unfinished area where she could do whatever she wanted. Her concept store SPRMRKT has a perfect raw and honest emotion that she is really comfortable with. At SPRMRKT you will find wearables, interior, exhibitions and more.

June 23, 2014

Etnic vibes in a black and white interior | Sponsor spotlight

The Hardoy butterfly chair has been around since 1938. And with the black frame and white cover in cotton or linen I can easily see this iconic chair in my own interior. At this time of the year, when lots of sun comes into my home it feels all light and sunny. And I love to add some natural elements next to the black and white colour scene. 

The owners of Couleur Locale love to travel and search for beautiful items all over the world. In Senegal they fell in love with these authentic wooden gourds, when they found them at a local market. For years they were used in the bush in the kitchen. Handmade, some cracked and reconnected with iron plates, each one is unique and has it's own story.

If you decorate your home with black and white accessories like me, you might love the graphic pillows from Mali, and soon there will be some brand new black ceramics available at the webstore. Adding some natural elements such as wood and bamboo will add a soft touch to your home and at Couleur Locale you will find many of my personal favourites.

pictures via Couleur Locale
June 20, 2014

Boffi Flagshipstore | Fuori Salone 2014

While visiting beautiful shops and showrooms I often get distracted by the design of the store itself, especially when it has a bit of raw edges or some old elements I can easily wander around for a while... Visiting the Boffi flagship store in via Solferino this year, definitely was another highlight of the fuori salone. 

Located in the historic Brera quarter of Milan 'Boffi Solferino' offer a complete range of kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe furniture. This huge store presents the entire collection with a great visual impact and way of communication on the viewer. The architecture has been specially designed and created by Piero Lissoni, in collaboration with Boffi, in order to preserve the original character of the building. More pictures in my Pinterest album And yes! this will be the last post about Milano and the Fuori Salone ... hope you love the pictures ;) 

pictures (C) Vosgesparis
June 19, 2014

From courtyard to courtyard | Fuorisalone 2014

After visiting the ever fabulous Corso Como we walked further into Brera and discovered a little sign directing us into some hidden alley's. These unexpected places is what I love most when walking through Milan during the Fuori Salone. Here we were invited to walk the 'Di cortile in cortile' Meaning from courtyard to courtyard. A little oase of tranquility of some connected courtyards with different exhibitions and Big pop up figures to guide us through. 

June 18, 2014

10 Corso Como | Rooftop terrace in the sun

Corso Como is one of those must see places while being in Milan. Before entering the actual store or restaurant, there is a beautiful courtyard filled with plants. If you haven't been there, have a look at my other post to see what I mean 10 Corso Como | calling all hipsters

The last time I was in Milan for the Salone del Mobile and visited the shop I didn't noticed the stairs to the rooftop terrace. But this time I went up the spiral stairs to have a look. The place was dressed up with several sculptures and installations and walls of white tiles with the typical Corso Como motif. 

pictures (c) vosgesparis 
June 16, 2014

A Japanese moodboard

How do you like these Japanese home with this mix of pictures

June 13, 2014

Slowwood | Dutch design with a Scadinavian touch

Dutch designer Christien Starkenburg lives and works in the Northern Province Friesland. She has her own furniture line 'Slowwood', timeless pieces of quality furniture with a raw natural elegance. Her collection of tables is simple, pure and uncomplicated. Each piece is unique, handmade with love and attention by local craftsmen in Fryslan, using solid wood, 100% natural finishes and mineral paint.

I met Christien during Elle Inside Design some years ago and seeing her sober collection was love at first sight. Especially the soft blond wooden table with black painted legs from the MUN collection (wooden tabletop and wooden legs) stole my heart. There is also a series of wooden tabletop and iron legs tabes.

June 11, 2014

COISA |Soft scarfs made out of natural materials| Sponsor spotlight

Today I'd love for you to meet Coisa. Her passion for design and fabrics inspired Kim van der Wel to start her own label. Beautifully colored no-nonses scarfs. Scarfs made from long lasting materials that will last beyond one season. I simply love the look and feel of the scarfs Using materials such as alpaca, cotton, silk and lambswool, all scarfs have a soft feeling!  

June 10, 2014

Vroege vogels X Hutspot | Amsterdam Next

Photographer Marjon Hoogervorst showed her work on the 2nd edition of Vroege vogels | Early birds| last weekend. See more of her work and a cool video to get a sneak peek of this platform for young and upcoming talent at Hutspot on my city guide Amsterdam Next

June 9, 2014

Today's mix #1 | 3x wood for your home & fashion with attitude

A collection of beautiful pictures by my dear friend Deborah

Lets bring back the good old list! .... I love lists and I though it was a good way to show you some of the favourite blogposts, gadgets DIY ideas, friends stuff or just stunning work I come across. 

Doing this is also a good way to bring back the new blogs list I had on my blog before!
I loved this list, where I showed a selection of fresh blogs I liked every week. And... because you told me, I know it gave many new blogs an audience to start with. With the hundreds of blogs, Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards starting every week, it is
 difficult to get noticed in the mass and connect with others! The other thing is that making this posts also is a way to force myself to read more blogs. I realise it is hard to keep up with everything and I miss reading your blogs. So these posts should all be about you! If you have anything to share that would fit my blog, or should not be missed... drop me an email. 

3x wood for your home

Great idea to give a marble touch to an ordinary IKEA tray

Another piece of Dutch design 


1x Fashion with attitude

I like her style, non colour and a bit androgyny 

thats my 5 links for today.... 
I guess everyone is still enjoying a nice day off but It's monday and it's blogday! Enjoy the little break! 
June 6, 2014

Inspiration for your garden | using concrete

I think collecting pictures in a Pinterest album like I do in this one |Outdoors| is a good way to refine your taste and to understand what it is you really love. I told you about my garden plans already in a former post. And I decided on grey concrete tiles, just like the floor throughout my home. Hurray one decision taken!! 

Now my search continue and I am on the look for even more pictures of concrete and how it has been used in gardens. These pictures all have concrete floors, love them!

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